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    Closed or Expired Job Posting This job posting is closed or has expired and is no longer open for applications.

    Biomedical Engineer

    Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Ref. JB1209693

    Job Description

    Duties & responsibilities:

    1.Responsible for editing, reviewing & maintaining the quality manual of the department.
    2.Monitoring & evaluating service contracts for the hospital's medical equipment.
    3.Keeping track of all calibration certificates & due dates.
    4.Participates in the internal audits done by different committees as the biomedical engineering department representative.
    5.Ensures new products reliability.
    6.Controlling of spare parts procurements needed by the biomedical engineers in the department to fix the hospital equipment.
    7.Do / supervise Quality control test to check and evaluate the spare parts needed to fix the equipment under service contract.
    8.Responsible to check and evaluate the performance of each equipment repaired by other contractor.
    9.Responsible for Reviewing the P.P.M. procedures for hospital equipments to ensure that they follow all standards required by a healthcare facility.
    10.Supervise the P.P.M. for hospital equipments mainly like X-ray, Angiography, Cath-lab, MRI, CT scan, Gamma camera, Linear accelerator and Lithotripsy systems
    11.Reviews randomly the system logbook for each medical equipment to ensure that all logbooks are complete & accurate.
    12.Supervises, directs and trains the bio-medical technicians in the area of safety & quality control, enforces practice of hospital policies and procedures in his department
    13.Reviews biomedical engineers prepared reports about old equipments need to be replaced, also responsible to submit and discuss these reports with biomedical manager.
    14.Revise different quotations from different manufacturers for new equipment purchasing and ensure they contain the required quality & safety standard as suggested by ECRI.


    1. Ability to perform presentations for his work in English
    2. Good communication skills
    3.An experience in project management / Team leadership
    4.A good experience in CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems)
    5.Can comply with medical equipment standards for PPM & Repair
    6.Knows who are ECRI . “preferably had worked by their standards before”
    7.Knows how to read & implement standards requirements’ for the biomedical work
    8.Have a good experience for equipment repair of of ICU dep, ER dep, OR / CSSD)
    9.Experience in Cardiology equipment (ECG, Angiography, patient monitoring, Telemetry, cardiac ultrasound) “will be an asset”
    10.Have worked in the field of testing & calibration of medical equipment.
    11.Knows the term uncertainty of measurement & can perform analysis based on that criterion.
    12.An experience in quality control test for the selection of the best accessory to be operated on the medical device.


    1.Graduation from an approved faculty of engineering in the biomedical field
    2.6 years of experience in a recognized establishment in the field of biomedical equipment
    3. 3 years experience in the quality management of biomedical equipment is needed
    4.Over all 7 years experience in the field of biomedical equipment is needed
    5.Good physical and mental conditions
    6.Good command of oral and written English
    7.Affirmative recommendations


    Graduation from an approved faculty of engineering in the biomedical field

    Job Details

    Job Location:
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Company Industry:
    Company Type:
    Employer (Private Sector)
    Job Role:
    Employment Status:
    Full time
    Employment Type:
    Monthly Salary Range:
    Number of Vacancies:

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level:
    Mid Career
    Years of Experience:
    Min: 7
    Residence Location:
    Bachelor's degree / higher diploma

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    About This Company

    EBH ( Erfan and Bagedo Hospital) is one of more than seventy Jeddah and Makkah Area hospitals participating Contingency Hospital System, to utilize civilian hospitals and physicians for casualties in case of major civilian emergencies or war emergency. The plan has been expanded for the purpose of efficiently managing a situation in which patients returning from a casualty zone exceed the capability of military and governmental Hospital System, EBH has agreed to make available up to 40 hospital beds (20% of its capacity). EBH shall be an active member of the community activity through sharing in national and international activity to be held in Saudi Arabia (e.g. National Diabetics Day, National Asthma Day…..). EBH through its leading position in Saudi Healthcare private sector, organize more than five yearly National Symposia covering different fields of medicine (e.g. Psychiatry Topics, GIT Endoscopy, Cardiology invasive and noninvasive diagnostic maneuvers, Radiology new modalities and new interventional techniques ……….) EBH Leaders (Dr. Mohamed Erfan) are active members of Makkah Region Committees in relation to Healthcare: - Member of Health Development Council, Makkah Region - Member of the Executive Committee for Makkah Region Health Development Council - Vice-President of Cardiac Society - Board Member of Prince Majed Society - Member of the Ministry of Health Quality Committee Customer Focus: The Hospital have established the following to ensure realizing customers requirements and improve their satisfaction: When a client visits the hospital, staff members’ proceed first to find out the reason the client is there. The initial assessment of a patient is to identifying his or her needs and starting the care process according to that need, in appropriate time frame with consideration to local law and regulation, patient efficient flow of services and appropriate transfer or discharge of patient.