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    What is the maintenance daily schedule?

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    Ahmed Kotb
    by Ahmed Kotb
    Reliability Data Management Team Leader - 2 years ago

    Maintenance daily schedule is a means for coordination between Maintenance and Production to accomplish the required daily maintenance work.  Also it is a means to allocate the required maintenance resources to the required work in a planned manner to cover the required maintenance work according to priority

    The daily schedule is prepared by the scheduler (from the planning team) in coordination with Production and Maintenance functions during the weekly coordination meeting for next week. 

    The daily schedule will contain jobs/tasks for planned maintenance (e.g. Preventive Maintenance, Major Overhauls, Plant Modifications, etc.) and unplanned maintenance (such as breakdowns).

    The daily schedule will include also work that was planned to be done during this week and other work that has been carried over from previous weeks (backlog). The daily schedule has to be agreed ahead by both Production and Maintenance functions to allow the planner to prepare the required materials, scheduler/maintenance to prepare the required recourses, and Production to prepare their production plans to accommodate for the required work.

    The daily schedule progress will be tracked by the scheduler during the daily coordination meeting between Maintenance and Production and changes my take place in the daily schedule for next day(s) according to emerging jobs and work priorities.

    Ashfaq Hussain
    by Ashfaq Hussain
    Dy. Chief Engineer - 2 years ago


    Maintenance management of any plant/process industry comprises of1) Routine/daily inspection2) Preventive maintenance3) Break down maintatenace4) Medium overhauling5) major overhauling. The maintatenace manger plan all these stages of maintatinance according to equipment condition and standards recommended by the manufacturer.

    Mamdouh Ahmed Elhanafy Ismail
    by Mamdouh Ahmed Elhanafy Ismail
    Mechanical Maintenance Engineer - 2 years ago

    At first you will create a daily check sheet for you facilities (by any styel you need & you can update it later) .

    this checking At the beginning and end of shifts (like pumps is working properlly   Good.......        Not Good........)

    Maher Alasli
    by Maher Alasli
    service engineer - 2 years ago

    Thanks’ for the question,

     The equipment (electrical – mechanical) failures account for millions of dollars in damage and lost business every year.  this problem is only going to worsen unless active steps are taken to counter the trend. Ironically, more than two-thirds of system failures can be prevented by daily a routine preventive maintenance program or (daily maintenance schedule)

    at first we must  made check list for the equipment’s which has high rates of failure and the reason for failure depending on studies and tests for these equipment’s by visual inspection or noise inspection or using testing tools then time to perform this check list morning or evening at certain hour in the day  or in certain work shift or some points in the check list do it in certain days and the another points in other days

     Program allows the equipment owner to schedule the system outage at a time of their choosing rather than having to correct major problems resulting from an always untimely failure.

    The purpose of this standard is to provide the insured with recommended practices and frequencies that would form the core of a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program. All work associated with systems and equipment should be performed in accordance with accepted industry safety standards and work practices.

    Also the daily maintenance schedule make the emergency maintenance periods longer and more easer

    And we can take example for daily maintenance schedule we can take Operating Mechanism this daily check and in every work shift

    Inspect for loose, broken, worn, or missing parts (consult manufacturer’s schematics for required parts). Examine for excessive wear of moving parts. Observe that operating mechanisms function properly without binding, hanging, or without delayed action. Ensure any lubrication is done according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Ensure mechanisms are clean, properly lubricated, and all bolts and screws are properly secured. Repair or replace as necessary

    Mohamed Saeed
    by Mohamed Saeed
    Mechanical Section Head - 2 years ago

    It is the schedule which indicates all of of maintenance tasks should be done on daily basis such as systems (hydraulic, penumatic, steam, ...etc.) check up reports, machines (according to machines manufactiorers) check up reports, maintenance tools cleaning...etc.

    Also it should indicate the starting time of each task and how much time it will take.

    ali tatavinejad
    by ali tatavinejad
    Mechanical Maintenance Engineer - 2 years ago

    Always daily checking is for critical point. For example the temperature or pressure of a lubricant or … in a sensitive equipment or very expensive equipment or important equipment due to what it is doing.

    Some times daily checking shod done because of frequent frailer. And sometimes it needed for a short time after some major overhaul reparation.

    sam mathew
    by sam mathew
    Instrument Technician - 2 years ago

    Report at the work site.Do enquire about the production.check various parameter according to their information as safety facters

    ahmed fathy
    by ahmed fathy
    Factories Manager - 2 years ago

    its the points whitch you have to check it daily as the reading of tempratsure , pressure , flow rate and etc...

    also some applications need some lubricants some cleaning depend on type of machine and inviroment .

    Paul Bryson
    by Paul Bryson
    UPS Service Engineer - 2 years ago

    A maintenance schedule will ultimately depend on the requirements of the customer/equipement and manufacturers warranty and service guidelines.  

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