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    How do you calculate production efficiency?

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    Sachin Gupta
    by Sachin Gupta
    Assistant Manager in Plastics Division - 1 year ago


    It can be calculated with the following key factors. 

    1. Machine availability = Actual Hours / Planed hours

    2. Quality = Accepted Pcs/ Total Production 



    You will get production efficiency. 


    Elias Legaspi
    by Elias Legaspi
    Production Manager - 1 year ago
    Production efficiency = production time/(production time -unexpected stoppages time). Production time = operational time - routine stoppages time.
    Moez GHORBEL
    by Moez GHORBEL

    l'efficacité de production est valorisé par le respect des délais de livraisons des demandes avec la qualité demandé et se calcule par: (le nombre des commandes sortie dans leur délais de livraisons)*100\\(le nombre total des commandes), ce calcule peut se faire chaque6 mois par exemple ou par ans.


    Total number of labour hours / Total units produced = Productivity per employee hour 

    naga raju nirjogi
    by naga raju nirjogi
    manager operations - 1 year ago

    Line efficiency (in percentage) = Total minutes produced by the line *100 /total minutes attended by all operators. It is   depending on men, machine  and material optimization al utilisation

    Ahmed Mohamed Ramdan Ali Moussa
    by Ahmed Mohamed Ramdan Ali Moussa
    Warehouse and Distribution Manager - 2 years ago

    Regarding To Cost Perofrmance indicator And Schedual perforamnce Indicator ( CPI , CSI) . use earning Value calculation method 


    selvaraj ramajothi
    by selvaraj ramajothi
    graduate trainee - 2 years ago

    production efficiency= output/input

    Rami Assaf
    by Rami Assaf
    Plant Manager - 2 years ago

    to check on stream factor

    then to caculate production quantity divided by maximum capacity all related to on stream factor

    Mohamed Awad Elkareem Mohamed Ahmed Abdelrheem
    by Mohamed Awad Elkareem Mohamed Ahmed Abdelrheem
    Production Manager & Division Manager - 2 years ago

    To calculate the production efficiency you must calculate  the following and compare it with actual results.

    1\\Target  UPH (unit per hour) =  (Target Unit/Day) / Plan working hours

    2\\ Target UPPH (unit person per hour) = UPH / Plan Manpower persons



    Kuldeep Tanwar
    by Kuldeep Tanwar
    Sr. Manager - Engineering & Development - 2 years ago

    This is with example hope give you better clearity.

    OEE – Overall Equipment Efficiency is Comparison between “actual output” and “should-be output”.

     Availability Rate X Productive Rate X Quality Rate

    i.e   Scheduled Loading Time                 =60 Min X8 Hrs –40 Min =440 Minutes

          (40 Minute is break time)

     Available Time                                        =440 –80 Minute =360 Minutes

    80 Minutes lost due to changeover (45 min), Breakdown & Repair (25 min), Broken Tool Replace (10 Min)

    Productive Rate                                     =420 pcs produced X40 Sec/pc

    (40 sec/pc is engineered cycle time)     =16800 sec /60 =280 Min of Productive Time

     Availability Rate   = (Available Time / Scheduled Time) =360 /440 =0.82 =82 %

    Productive Rate   = (Productive Time / Available Time) =280 /360 =0.78 =78 %


    Quality Rate         = (Acceptable Quantity / Total Quantity) = (420 -30) /420 =390 /420 =0.93 =93 %

                                                     OEE =0.82 X0.78 X0.93 =0.5848 =59.48 % 

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