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    What type of job do you prefer ? Office Administrative back-end job or interacting front-end customer service job ? Why ?

    Office Back-end job including data entry, document handling etc. or Front end job like customer service support , interacting with customer, greeting, serving them etc ..

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    P A Cariappa Appaiah
    by P A Cariappa Appaiah
    back office executive - 26 days ago

    interacting front- end customer, service job, makes good rapport, between , the company and me.

    Mridula Mridula
    by Mridula Mridula
    - 3 months ago
    As i have total 3 years of Work experience in back end profile. Therefore, i would like to prefer back office jobs.
    Rashad Hamza
    by Rashad Hamza
    Office Administrator/ Executive Secretary - 9 months ago

    Front-end customer service jobs are crucial in any office.They must possess the skills to identify the needs of the clients and must be hospitable in nature. The customer will narrate his demands or will customize his priorities and it is the duty of front-end staff to interpret and value them. 

    But the Administrative jobs measure the technical, financial and the brand value expectations of the client. And it is the job of the Administration which has to support the corrective actions and all other  inside jobs. The Administrative back jobs require attention to detail, accuracy, critical reading, management, time management,  and decision making skills.


    I would prefer the Administrative jobs because they offer a wider spectrum of work and space for an individual to expand his/ her career. 

    Frederick Ogbonna
    by Frederick Ogbonna
    Sales Manger - 1 year ago
    I prefer interacting front end customer service job because I like interacting. With customers/clients why because, in reaching their needs so fast and getting more ideas through their way of behaviour when communicating with them.
    Nisar Khan
    by Nisar Khan
    SR.FASHION RETAIL BUYER - 2 years ago

    You always have to look for a job that suites your carear. Where you can grow and reveal much more to add to your knowledge.

    Ritu Nemkul
    by Ritu Nemkul
    - 2 years ago

    I love doing admin jobs rather than the customer relations job.  I am more of a doer than a talker.  Also I am not a great extrovert.  If I am kept in a position where I have to continuously deal with customers/clients, I am afraid they may get an impression of me as a bit aloof and arrogant person which I am not actually but due to my ambiverted nature, I might appear so to people who don't know me well and closely.

    Jijo Mathew
    by Jijo Mathew
    Assistant Manager - 2 years ago

    I would prefer a front office job becuase I like to directly deal with the client.  :-)

    Fazlul Hoque
    by Fazlul Hoque
    Assistant Director - 2 years ago

    I like mostly interact to front end cutomer service job.Because this type of job allow me to know the cutomer need and their choice.Then I can easily analyse to reshedule my service to targeting their satisfaction.Most of the jobs are directly or indirectly targeted to customers/peoples satisfaction.

    Imran Khan
    by Imran Khan
    Document Controller/ Logistic Coordinator - 2 years ago

    I prefer interacting front end customer service job because this is my hobby to interact with new persons and if it is official then I will enjoy my job too......

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