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    What is the difference between Marine hull and marine cargo policies?

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    Boaz Abraham
    by Boaz Abraham
    Associate - 1 year ago

     Cargo insurance – Cargo insurance covers the interest of shippers, consignees, distributors, and others in goods and merchandise shipped primarily by water or, if in foreign trade, also by air. Most cargo insurance involves foreign trade across oceans, but the cargo may also be transported within a nation or between nations on inland waterways.

    Hull and Machinery( H & M) insurance – H & M insurance protects ship-owners and others with an interest in vessels, and the like against the expenses that might be incurred in repairing or replacing such property if it is damaged, destroyed, or lost due to a covered peril.  Usually, hull insurance on pleasure craft and tugs and barges, is provided as part of a package policy providing both property and liability coverage.

    Usman Tariq
    by Usman Tariq
    Executive Officer - 2 years ago
    • Marine hull Insurance is basically the insurance of all types of  vessels including (Motor tankers, Bulk Carriers, Combe Vessels, Yatchs, Pleasure boats etc), and covers loss to Hull i.e. Structure of Ship and Machinery as well. Regarding Calculations of premium several things are taken in to account i.e. year of Built, Nature of Vessel, Useful life of vessel, Trade routes etc. 
    • Marine Cargo is basically insurance of Cargo on these vessels, aircrafts, locomotive etc. i.e. movement of cargo from one point to another through above mentioned modes. Premium calculations are based on a number of things, which includes Nature of Cargo, Delivery route, Mode and Delivery method i.e. whether by air, by sea or by road etc..  Many thanks.
    Mamoun elbaghir abdalla mhamad Eltayeb
    by Mamoun elbaghir abdalla mhamad Eltayeb
    agent \producer - 2 years ago

     The difference is in the interest insured. marine hull cover include hull and machinery of the vessel and the third party liability.In calculations of the premium  in respect to the marine hull we consider the age of the vessel.

    Marine cargo cover the goods carried in a vessel from the country (place) of origin to the final destination. In the calculations of the premium in respect to  the marine cargo we consider the level of cover and distance that cargo travels

    Thanking You.

    Waqayan Al Waqayan
    by Waqayan Al Waqayan
    Sharia Controller - 2 years ago

    Marine Cargo Insurance : covers loss of or damage to the goods carried in a vessel or aircraft, whether on domestic or international journeys

    Marine Hull Insurance : covers loss of or damage to a vessel or aircraft or its machinery or equipment

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