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    What are the top business processes and applications that need master data management?

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    Muhammad Nadeem
    by Muhammad Nadeem
    Head of Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse - 3 years ago
    An MDM system can act as the source of truth for any given entity that might not necessarily have an alternative "source of truth" in another system.
    Typically the MDM acts as a hub for multiple systems, many of which could allow (be the source of truth for) updates to different aspects of information on a given entity.
    For example, the CRM system may be the "source of truth" for most aspects of the customer, and is updated by a call centre operator.
    However, a customer may (for example) also update their address via a customer service web site, with a different back-end database from the CRM system.
    The MDM application receives updates from multiple sources, acts as a broker to determine which updates are to be regarded as authoritative (the Golden Record) and then syndicates this updated data to all subscribing systems.
    The MDM application normally requires an ESB to syndicate its data to multiple subscribing systems
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