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      Mostafa Mahmoud Mostafa's Success Story
    Mostafa Mahmoud

    After my graduation I moved to the Gulf Region to search for a better job opportunities, i already joined medicare group (Al-ahli hospital) and i was registering on Bayt.com already and i continued looking for a better job until I received a call from Imdad, it's a subsidiary company from (Xenel Holding), it has many branches in all GCC and they told me that they picked up my CV through Bayt.com. I passed the interviews successfully. I am now an Accounts officer under Qatar branch capacity with the company. Thanks

    Mostafa Mahmoud
    Company Name: Imdad
    Job Role: Accounting/Banking/Finance
    Date Posted: 20 March 2015

    Mohamed mohamed Bayoumy Mohamed's Success Story
    Mohamed mohamed Bayoumy

    انا محمد بيومى من مصر ..سمعت عن موقع بيت كوم من قبل ان ابحث عن عمل وتخرجي من الجامعة ..وعند تخرجي من الجامعة االقاهرة ..لم اثق للبحث عن عمل الا من خلال اروقة موقع بيت كوم..وعملت من خلالها بشركة مرسيدس بالقاهرة ..ومن خلال موقع بيت كوم وصلت السيرة الذاتية للقسم المعني بشركة مرسيدس وتم من خلالها توظيفي ... شكرا بيت كوم

    Mohamed mohamed Bayoumy
    Company Name: MERCEDES - BENZ) – (MCV)
    Job Role: Sales
    Date Posted: 26 October 2011

    User Here Maria Cristina Caringal Maria's Success Story
    Maria Cristina Caringal

    I had posted my CV on Bayt.com to see if there were any better opportunities available for me.
    Second year into my previous job, I received an offer from a new company which offered me double my salary. I am now an Executive Assistant to a German businessman.

    I always share my success story with my friends looking for a job or with those who are-looking for a career change. My advice to job seekers- upload your CV on Bayt.com, refresh it everyday and soon you will find success. You can trust Bayt.com!

    Maria Cristina Caringal
    Company Name: Management Partners Consultants
    Job Role: Administration
    Date Posted: 10 October 2011

    Muhammad Shahrukh Anwar Muhammad's Success Story
    Muhammad Shahrukh Anwar

    This is Shahrukh a Pakistani national.
    There were some days when finding the right job was a tough task, first time I came to Dubai for job search was in June 2008, at that time I didn't know how to search for a job. I had no help from anyone and still I didn't loose hope but eventually I had to go back to Pakistan. After that I got to know that there are some recruitment agencies who forward candidates to employers. I started hunting for jobs again in June 2011 and this time I directly stroked Bayt.com & other recruitment sites. I didn't get any positive reply from other job sites but through Bayt.com I got a call from one of the best companies in the UAE, yes "AL Rostamani Group"
    When I asked them from where they got my CV they replied from "Bayt.com"
    at that time I realized in order to get the right job, we have to go to the right place & Bayt.com is the right place for all job hunters.
    I had been exposed to great experiences with my current employer and I am always thankful to ALLAH that I got a v.good job.
    Bayt.com is something very special.

    Muhammad Shahrukh Anwar
    Company Name: AL Rostamani Group
    Job Role: Sales
    Date Posted: 25 January 2012

    Mohamed Farag Abu El-Ezz. Mohamed's Success Story
    Mohamed Farag Abu El-Ezz.

    Bayt.com gave me and my family another life of security and prosperity. I was living in South Africa since 2003 and one day UAE University called me in my office at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Pretoria asking me for an interview based on my CV and qualification posted on Bayt.com. After my application went successful my family and I re-located to the beautiful city of Al Ain and we are enjoying now the safety of UAE since 2008. Thanks Bayt.com for giving me the chance and exposing my CV to top quality employers who still keep phoning me for possible placements. I am short of words which describe my gratitude to you and what you have provided me in my career and the future of my whole family.

    Mohamed Farag Abu El-Ezz.
    Company Name: UAE University
    Job Role: Administration
    Date Posted: 27 March 2012

    خميس محمد عزت خميس's Success Story
    خميس محمد عزت

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    كنت ابحث كل يوم فى وظايف بيت دوت كوم على الموقع على كل ما يناسبنى من والوظايف وكل ما هو جديد وانا الان بفضل من ربي وجدت عن طريق هذا الموقع الجميل على وظيفة وانا اعمل حاليا فى شركة كبرى للتكييف فى الكويت وانا الان بالكويت بفضل الله ثم بيت.كوم
    تقبلو فائق حبى واحترامى و شكري لكم

    خميس محمد عزت
    Company Name: شركة هندسة وصيانة التكييف داسكوو
    Job Role: Other
    Date Posted: 05 August 2012

    Mohammad El Jammal Mohammad's Success Story
    Mohammad El Jammal

    Starting my career with no actual degree, with only an HR diploma and a good experience in MS-Office Bayt.com actually helped me get 2 jobs starting with 6alabat.com and now at TCC. I have been with TCC "the contractor company" as an HR officer-assistant for 9 months now and I couldn't have done it with out Bayt.com. The site really helps you improve your CV writing skills with the very simple logic of how to do it as simple as filling in the blanks and your CV will come up to be spectacular. Other then that it has it's own date upgradability to calculate your work time experience and how long you actually lasted at each of your jobs. I sincerely recommend it to fresh graduates and i recommend it for people who are truly looking for a job.
    Thanks Bayt.com!

    Mohammad El Jammal
    Company Name: TCC
    Job Role: Administration
    Date Posted: 26 January 2012

    Venu Gopal Muppy Venu's Success Story
    Venu Gopal Muppy

    I should thank Bayt.com, as many people are getting excellent career opportunities through them. 7 years back I created my profile and within 3 months I got many calls from good organizations. I found my current job in Kharafi National through Bayt.com. I would like to thank Bayt.com and their team for their professionalism.

    Venu Gopal Muppy
    Company Name: Kharafi National - Kuwait
    Job Role: Art/Design/Creative
    Date Posted: 18 May 2013

    Ghiaty Mohamed Magdy Ghiaty's Success Story
    Ghiaty Mohamed Magdy

    Searching for a suitable job to satisfy your ambition is a very difficult thing. But thanks to Bayt.com, my Resume have reached to HR staff in Al A'ali Engineering Co.and the HR officer called me to tell me about an appointment for an interview on August 27, 2014.
    On August 28, 2014 I have joined the company team as Civil engineer in one of the largest projects in Doha city.

    Since that time, I am advicing my friends to publish their CV on Bayt.com

    Ghiaty Mohamed Magdy
    Company Name: Al A'ali Engineering
    Job Role: Engineering
    Date Posted: 05 January 2015


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