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      Mohammed Abdul irfan Success Story de Mohammed
    Mohammed Abdul irfan

    Its a truly amazing job search portal, I have uploaded my CV just two days before i got my offer in hand at Unitrust Insurance Brokers... thanking the entire team of Bayt.com

    I highly appreciate your help and support...cheers

    Thank & Regards
    Mohd. Abdul. Irfan
    Relationship Officer
    Unitrust Insurance Brokers (Dubai)

    Mohammed Abdul irfan
    Nom de la société: Unitrust Insurance Brokers - UAE
    Fonction: Autre
    Date de publication: 04 November 2013

    Najma Ghuloom Ridha Nasser Success Story de Najma
    Najma Ghuloom Ridha Nasser

    In 2009, I received a call from Lebanon for an interview. I was living in Bahrain at that time, and I did not believe it, I thought someone was joking with me. Later, I went to the interview and I was surprised when I was told that I will be working as a business manager in one of the institutes I had dreamt of working with. I had applied to work with them so many times but never heard from them (this Lebanese company had a branch in this institute in Bahrain).

    My success story started when I joined this institute at triple my salary amount. Now, I’m working as a business development manager and lecturer for the same institute and my salary keeps increasing. I am thankful to God and to Bayt.com because if I didn’t get this job I wouldn't have achieved my dream which is doing my Ph.D. in the UK.

    I encourage all job seekers to register with Bayt.com, and I pass this message to them ‘If you don’t receive a call today you will hear tomorrow.’

    Najma Ghuloom Ridha Nasser
    Nom de la société: Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance
    Fonction: Enseignement/Formation
    Date de publication: 25 January 2012

    User Here Abdulghani Al-Shuaibi Success Story de Abdulghani
    Abdulghani Al-Shuaibi

    السلام عليكم

    بفضل الله ثم بفضل موقع ( بيت كوم ) هذا الصرح الحضاري المعد بالطرق العلمية الحديثة الراقية ،تم اختياري في احدى الشركات التعليمية العالمية التي تقوم بإختيار الكفاءات والكوادر المؤهلة علميا وانه لشرف كبير ان احضى بهذه الفرصة فلدي خبرة أكثر من إحدى عشر سنة في الحقل التعليمي والإدارة الأكاديمية. أنصح كل من يبحث عن عمل أو كوادر وخبراء أن يسجل في موقع (بيت كوم) لكي يحصل عن ما يصبو إليه بإذن الله. ولا يسعني الا ان انتهز هذه الفرصة لتقديم الشكر للقائمين على هذا الموقع الرائع.

    تمنياتي بالتوفيق للجميع
    د/عبدالغني الشعيبي

    Abdulghani Al-Shuaibi
    Nom de la société: Salalah College of Technology
    Fonction: Enseignement/Formation
    Date de publication: 18 July 2013

    Randall Mohammed Success Story de Randall
    Randall Mohammed

    At first I was very skeptical to leave my senior management position in telecoms in my home country of Trinidad and Tobago located in the Caribbean. It's an island located just north of Venezuela, very rich in oil and gas, white sandy beaches, host to the greatest show on earth known as carnival and a land of freedom where every creed and race have an equal place. My wife got a wonderful job offer in Dubai and we decided to make the move with my two kids. So far life in Dubai has been good and my family has settled in. The kids attended one of the best schools in Dubai and my wife is very happy at her job, so like a good husband and father I decided to stay. However i didn't have a job and I began browsing the internet for job sites looking for one when I came upon Bayt.com. I was very impressed with the site and immediately posted my resume and began applying for jobs. After a month and a half I received a call from Qatar Foundation, which is a very large and well recognized education foundation based in Dohar. The recruitment officer who happened to be from Ecuador said that she saw my resume posted on Bayt.com and offered me a senior position in Finance as a Risk Management and Insurance specialist, which was "right up my alley" having spent 18 years in the field and worked with one of the leading insurance brokers in the CALA region and international companies like C&W Plc. Although Qatar was not on my radar I was extremely happy with the offer and scope of work and I am now awaiting an interview.

    Randall Mohammed

    Randall Mohammed
    Nom de la société: Qatar Foundation
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 11 October 2011

    Helal Al-Shadidi Success Story de Helal
    Helal Al-Shadidi

    I recommend all my friends to please put your CV on Bayt.com. You will experience success very soon. Be positive, confident, and believe in yourself as well as Bayt.com. Inshallah, success will come your way very soon.
    I submitted my CV on Bayt.com and by the grace of ALLAH
    Beyout Investments Group Holding Company called me and they were interested in me.

    Helal Al-Shadidi
    Nom de la société: Beyout Investment Group BIG Holding - Kuwait
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 20 January 2014

    Felix Santhumayor Success Story de Felix
    Felix Santhumayor

    I was previously working as a Waiter in Doha. One day I came across a Bayt.com job ad on Kuwait Times classifieds page. Although all that jobs were for white collar professions like accountants, engineers etc. I did not give up. I logged onto the site and posted my CV.
    After completing 5 years with my employer I wanted to switched jobs. Once my previous visa expired I had limited time. That is when I got a an email from a company in Doha who saw my CV on Bayt.com. My friend persuaded me to take this chance because the salary package was good. Within a month I reach Doha and accepted the job that turned out to be 3 times better than my last one. All my friends ask me how I did it and I tell them through Bayt.com.
    I take this opportunity to thank Bayt.com as well as to tell those people who don't trust job sites, you can rely on Bayt.com because it is not only a job site but much more. I am very happy with Bayt.com. Thank you.

    Felix Santhumayor
    Nom de la société: Jaidah Group, Doha Qatar
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 05 September 2012

    Kishwar Zia Success Story de Kishwar
    Kishwar Zia

    One day my friend sent me links of jobs on Bayt.com on my email. At that time I was not sure how it worked but I registered my CV. And you won't believe I got calls form five companies. At last I chose Al-Futtaim and now form last 3 months am working with Hertz Rant a Car. I am happy than thanks to Bayt.com.

    Kishwar Zia
    Nom de la société: Hertz Abu Dhabi
    Fonction: Services d'assistance
    Date de publication: 02 August 2012

    Abrar Salamah Success Story de Abrar
    Abrar Salamah

    I moved to Saudi Arabia since my husband got a job there. I was so depressed, as I thought I will not find a job that easily in Saudi Arabia. Surprisingly, after two months I got my first job through Bayt.com, and I got subsequent job offers also through this great jobsite. I was offered various positions like HR Officer and Compensation & Benefits Analyst. I feel lucky to be a member of Bayt.com, as it saved my life and gave me a bright future.

    Thank you Bayt.com!

    Abrar Salamah
    Nom de la société: Al-Arrab Conctracting Co.
    Fonction: Ressources humaines/Personnel
    Date de publication: 12 December 2011

    Gijo Ouseph Success Story de Gijo
    Gijo Ouseph

    I heard about Bayt.com through a friend, who recommended it as a great job hunting site. I was skeptical that anyone could find a job 'online'.
    Finally through Bayt.com, I got a great job with a great company. I am very happy in my current position as Layout Designer at Sultan Center, Kuwait.

    Thanks for this opportunity. I wish everyone else who uses Bayt.com the same kind of luck and success that I have had.

    Gijo Ouseph
    Nom de la société: The Sultan Center, (Kuwait)
    Fonction: Design/création
    Date de publication: 10 September 2012


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