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      Dania Hamwi Success Story de Dania
    Dania Hamwi

    I have applied to a job on Bayt.com and after 3 weeks Platinum CWK called me for an interview, then I did another 2 interviews and after one week they sent me the offer letter.

    Dania Hamwi
    Nom de la société: Platinum CWK - UAE
    Fonction: Autre
    Date de publication: 18 May 2014

    Ramzan Tufail Success Story de Ramzan
    Ramzan Tufail

    First of All, thank you very much Bayt.com for giving me opportunity to stand in front of employers.

    Before 2 days, I have an interview. That company connected me through Bayt.com, and Alhamdullilah, I got the job. This is all due to Bayt.com.

    I have a very good experience of using Bayt.com. For Professionals, Bayt.com Platform gives and create a hope to do something different and be a part of Good organization.
    Before knowing Bayt.com, i have a very difficult to search an employers and contact them. But this Platform give me hope to connect with employer.

    Thank you again Bayt.

    Best Regards,
    Muhammad Ramzan Tufail

    Ramzan Tufail
    Nom de la société: Ras Al Khaimah Oil Services General Trading L.L.C
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 17 June 2015

    User Here Ranjan Borgohain Success Story de Ranjan
    Ranjan Borgohain

    It is a wonderful experience to share here with all those opportunists opting for a better future and career in their fields.I feel most delighted to reveal that I am presently working in a Govt. Engineering college in Sultanate of Oman as a Mathematics lecturer. In the teaching field today, there is a great demand of good teachers and one has to wait for the right time, right place and the right opportunity. Patience and choosing the right job search portal is really important. Patience for the right call, adapting to the new environment, up-to-date with the latest information could be one's ladder of success. I used to get up-to date with the latest information published in the leading web portals like Bayt.com each day which really helped me in getting interview calls from various leading reputable institutions. I was a fortunate person to be called for interview where I did submit my resume in one of the leading job portals available today. I thank Bayt.com for considering my resume and distributing my resume to various job agencies. I am really happy that this really works and it changed my life. I would appeal to all those job opportunist to register on Bayt.com and get notified and get selected soon. All the best!!

    Ranjan Borgohain
    Nom de la société: Ibra College of Technology,Ibra, Sultanate of Oman
    Fonction: Enseignement/Formation
    Date de publication: 17 February 2014

    Asif Kulangarakath Success Story de Asif
    Asif Kulangarakath

    Many Thanks to Bayt.com. I got a placement through Bayt.com as an accountant at PD Vivat, Qatar.

    Asif Kulangarakath
    Nom de la société: PD Vivat Project Development - Qatar
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 07 December 2014

    Elliefe Bernados Success Story de Elliefe
    Elliefe Bernados

    One month after I arrived here in Riyadh, I register on Bayt.com since I was looking for a job opportunity. I notice immediately on Bayt.com that the website was very user friendly and flexible with job preference you want. Just two days after submitting my resume to AFTA through Bayt.com, I was invited for an interview. After Ramadan, they gave me the job offer. And now, I will be working officially with them starting next week.
    Thank you Bayt.com! Your website is the main key to success.

    Elliefe Bernados
    Nom de la société: AFTA ADHD Society and Support Group
    Fonction: Administration
    Date de publication: 24 September 2012

    Khaled Kamal Success Story de Khaled
    Khaled Kamal

    In 2009 I was working as a senior software tester in a leading software company in Egypt and I was looking for a good vacancy in the Gulf. I submitted my CV on Bayt.com and applied to a posted vacancy in the Ministry of Interior, Qatar. I got an email on the same day from the Ministry of Interior and had a phone interview the next day. Later in the day I got the job offer which I took. I got married after one year of joining the Ministry of Interior and was blessed with a baby girl later.

    Thanks Bayt.com

    Khaled Kamal
    Nom de la société: Ministry of Interior - Qatar
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 23 October 2012

    Basma Sapry Success Story de Basma
    Basma Sapry

    Actually all the jobs that I got were through Bayt.com, and that's why I recommend Bayt.com to people who are looking for their dream job.

    I loved my work a lot as a call center agent and I loved helping and guiding people on the phone, as I felt very satisfied. After the birth of my baby I had to leave my job, and I am confident that I will find my dream job through Bayt.com again.

    Basma Sapry
    Nom de la société: Government of Dubai
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 12 February 2012

    Muhammad Ahsan Success Story de Muhammad
    Muhammad Ahsan

    Hello readers,

    I am more than happy to share my success story, credit goes to www.bayt.com

    I was experienced in the field of health and safety and been working in Pakistan for 4 years when I updated my profile on this success guaranteed website. Thanks to its multi-dimension profile option, I was able to update my achievements and experience in real spirit.

    Then Oman's leading and the largest company in education and training field contacted me only because of Bayt.com CV platform. I haven not even applied to that job nor was I aware of the company in which I am currently working. So I received interview call in Pakistan and even without having any GCC experience I was successful and grabbed this job.

    I will recommend every experienced person to share his/her profile properly so that Bayt.com team should be able to share you with thousands of employers desperately searching for professionals.

    One thing I want to add is that some people feel bad when they do not receive any call even after uploading their profiles. I want to suggest them to review their profiles because sometime the real reason lies inside their profile as they have not shared their experience, education and achievements properly.

    In the end, again I want to say thank you to Bayt.com team.

    Best wishes,

    Muhammad Ahsan

    Muhammad Ahsan
    Nom de la société: Rusayl Institute
    Fonction: Sécurité
    Date de publication: 21 September 2015

    JOSE MARI SANCHEZ Success Story de JOSE

    Thanks to Bayt.com, I was able to find a dream job in National Food Products Company & hoping that this would be a career for keeps.

    Nom de la société: National Food Products Company
    Fonction: Administration
    Date de publication: 19 March 2014

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