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Envoyez-nous votre histoire de réussite sur Bayt.com

Nous aimons avoir des nouvelles de membres qui ont été invités à un entretien ou qui ont trouvé un emploi à travers Bayt.com. Donnez-nous de vos nouvelles!

Si vous êtes parmi les personnes qui ont trouvé un emploi à travers Bayt.com, alors vous avez la chance d'aider d'autres chercheurs d'emploi dans leur recherche. Vous n'avez qu' à nous raconter votre histoire. La motivation et l'inspiration jouent un rôle important lorsqu'il s'agit d'aider les autres à accomplir leurs objectifs.

Prenez quelques minutes pour partager votre histoire de réussite avec nous et la communauté de Bayt.com

  • Comment est-ce que Bayt.com vous a aidé dans votre carrière?
  • Quelles stratégies avez-vous suivies pour obtenir un emploi?
  • Que représente pour vous Bayt.com?

Histoires de réussites avec Bayt.com


I got a call from Al Mana United Qatar for an opening. They got my CV through Bayt.com, I work there as a Restaurant Manager since September 2014.
Thanks to Bayt.com team for helping me finding my dream job.

Mohammed Navid Doctor
Nom de la société: Almana United
Fonction: Gestion
Date de publication: 2015-05-02

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Found so many opportunities through Bayt and selected the best for me and my career. Highly recommended to all, it is a powerful hub for both the employees and employers to get the best.

I work now at FNSS Middle East Co. as an Executive Assistant since November 2014.

Sadiq Khan
Nom de la société: FNSS Middle East Company Ltd.
Fonction: Gestion
Date de publication: 2015-04-26

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I found my better career via Bayt.com. I work now as a Secretary at Humaid Al-Arti Engineering Construction Est since November 2014.

Many thanks to the team..

Najmudheen Alath
Nom de la société: Humaid Al-Arti Engineering & Construction Est. Al Ain
Fonction: Secrétariat
Date de publication: 2015-04-23

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Thanks a lot for bayt .com for helping me to get a better job.
I work now at FNSS Middle East Company as a Senior Translator since October 2014

Yasser Sayyad
Nom de la société: FNSS Middle East Co. Ltd
Fonction: Administration
Date de publication: 2015-04-21

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I recommend all my friends to submit their CV on Bayt.com. You will experience success very soon. Be positive, confident, and believe in yourself as well as Bayt.com. Inshallah, success will come your way very soon.
I submitted my CV on Bayt.com, and by the grace of ALLAH Al Shaker LG Group called me and they were interested in me. i joined Al Shaker LG Group since the 1st of March as a Chief Accountant.


Mohammad khair Al Jamous
Nom de la société: SHKER LG GROUP
Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
Date de publication: 2015-04-20

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After my graduation in the year 2012, i proceed to seek for employment in UAE, i got a job in the year 2013 through Bayt.com as office assistant in Imdaad, and I 'm still with the current company, i believe Bayt.com will always help me to find a suitable employment opportunity that will make my life better in the future.

adedamola adebusayo adenle
Nom de la société: imdaad llc company
Fonction: Administration
Date de publication: 2015-04-19

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Right time Right Job from Bayt.com....

I was desperately looking for a better opportunity in order to stepping up my career, and the right opportunity knock the door through Bayt.com.

I applied in Bayt.com in the month of Mar'14 and with less than 2 months I got a call from this media company called "Integral" for handling the entire payroll function solely from my side.

Now, it’s been a year with the company with full of joy working with them. I would like to thank Bayt.com from the bottom of my heart who have open the doors in my career...

Mohammed Farhan
Nom de la société: Saudi Bells Communications Company (Intigral)
Fonction: Ressources humaines/Personnel
Date de publication: 2015-04-15

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I would like to thank Bayt.com team for this opportunity to make me one member for the best team in perfect company like imdad. i joined Imdad this month as a Product Specialist in Bahrain.

kareem mamdouh
Nom de la société: imdad Co.
Fonction: Santé
Date de publication: 2015-04-13

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I had left my job on 31st December, 2014. I had joined Bayt.com earlier in 2011 during the time when i was desperately hunting for a job. Unfortunately I couldn't get any help from the website and eventually landed a job but with the help of a friend.

In 2015 was in a slightly better position than 2011, so i thought why not give Bayt.com one more shot, I started applying for various applications. Luckily I got a call from an American based company on 27th of Jan, calling me to attend an interview on 1st Feb.

Hamdulillah I have got the job now and currently in Bahrain for training. Bayt.com has really helped me this time to get a brilliant job at a brilliant company. Most definitely recommended..


Samir Zahir Walele
Nom de la société: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Fonction: Ingénierie
Date de publication: 2015-04-02

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تعد شركة الأرجان العقارية من اكبر الشركات في مجال العقارات ، وقد تعرفوا علي من خلال موقع بيت.كوم ،وأعمل كمساعد تنفيذي منذ أذار 2015 وهذه ليست المرة الأولى التي يتصل فيها بي شركة كبيرة عن طريق موقع بيت.كوم .

Sameh Alber Amin
Nom de la société: ALARGAN International Real Estate Company
Fonction: Gestion
Date de publication: 2015-03-31

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