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Envoyez-nous votre histoire de réussite sur Bayt.com

Nous aimons avoir des nouvelles de membres qui ont été invités à un entretien ou qui ont trouvé un emploi à travers Bayt.com. Donnez-nous de vos nouvelles!

Si vous êtes parmi les personnes qui ont trouvé un emploi à travers Bayt.com, alors vous avez la chance d'aider d'autres chercheurs d'emploi dans leur recherche. Vous n'avez qu' à nous raconter votre histoire. La motivation et l'inspiration jouent un rôle important lorsqu'il s'agit d'aider les autres à accomplir leurs objectifs.

Prenez quelques minutes pour partager votre histoire de réussite avec nous et la communauté de Bayt.com

  • Comment est-ce que Bayt.com vous a aidé dans votre carrière?
  • Quelles stratégies avez-vous suivies pour obtenir un emploi?
  • Que représente pour vous Bayt.com?

Histoires de réussites avec Bayt.com


After posting my CV on Bayt.com, I received an opportunity for an interview from Marka Holding Company and when I went there, I was interviewed by really polite and friendly recruiters. After my second interview they told me that i will be informed within a week if i will be selected. I got a call from Marka in that week and was informed that i was selected.
I'm so grateful that Marka selected me to be part of its family and prove myself. It wouldn't be possible without the help of Bayt.com so thank you Bayt.com for helping my CV reach to Marka and thank you Marka for giving me the opportunity to prove myself and showcase my talent.

Thank you

Trecia Thapa
Nom de la société: Marka Holding
Fonction: Ventes
Date de publication: 2015-11-17

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I applied to a job offer at Labbaik Group through Bayt.com, it is a great experience with such a great staff, I get hired on October 2015 as an Administrative Secretary in Qatar - Doha.
I would like to thank Labbaik Group for hiring me and I am very happy for joining them.

Tamara Abu Qulbain
Nom de la société: Labbaik Group
Fonction: Secrétariat
Date de publication: 2015-11-15

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After about 6 years of using it ... For the second time in a raw i get a job offer through my application on Bayt.com.

I got a job at Dabur Egypt as a Human Resources Executive since October 2015

Thank You

Mohab El Gazzar, HRBP
Nom de la société: Dabur Egypt Ltd
Fonction: Ressources humaines/Personnel
Date de publication: 2015-11-09

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I would like to thank Bayt.com for posting my CV and finally got an excellent offer.
I am truly thankful and greatly honored to be part of RMJM . As a new Office Administrator, I will do my best to help and assist the management as well as manage well the staff for the benefit of the company.

Hossam el-din Gebaly
Nom de la société: RMJM
Fonction: Administration
Date de publication: 2015-10-11

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Hello readers,

I am more than happy to share my success story, credit goes to www.bayt.com

I was experienced in the field of health and safety and been working in Pakistan for 4 years when I updated my profile on this success guaranteed website. Thanks to its multi-dimension profile option, I was able to update my achievements and experience in real spirit.

Then Oman's leading and the largest company in education and training field contacted me only because of Bayt.com CV platform. I haven not even applied to that job nor was I aware of the company in which I am currently working. So I received interview call in Pakistan and even without having any GCC experience I was successful and grabbed this job.

I will recommend every experienced person to share his/her profile properly so that Bayt.com team should be able to share you with thousands of employers desperately searching for professionals.

One thing I want to add is that some people feel bad when they do not receive any call even after uploading their profiles. I want to suggest them to review their profiles because sometime the real reason lies inside their profile as they have not shared their experience, education and achievements properly.

In the end, again I want to say thank you to Bayt.com team.

Best wishes,

Muhammad Ahsan

Muhammad Ahsan
Nom de la société: Rusayl Institute
Fonction: Sécurité
Date de publication: 2015-09-21

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الحمد لله من اصدق مواقع التوظيف في الوطن العربي وخاصة اذا كنت تملك
عضوية البريميم انصح كل شخص بشراء العضوية 19 دولار

HP توظفت في اقوي الشركات العالمية الدولية

شكرا بيت كوم

Nom de la société: HP KSA
Fonction: Technologie
Date de publication: 2015-09-09

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I didn't believe it when so many companies contacted me the first time and when I asked them about the way that how they got my CV so they said it was from ‘Bayt.com’. I was so disappointed of using all those employment sites that take so much of time to fill your information and of the useless emails I used to get, but Bayt.com and with the permission of Allah (thank God for everything ) you just know how to do your job effectively . I am so happy with my new career as a QA/QC Inspector and I would tell everyone to subscribe and register on your site and for sure with the help of Allah and you everybody will find his/her desired job. Thank you so much once again Bayt.com.

Muhammad Saleem
Company Name: Square General Contracting Company LLC
Job Role: QA/QC Inspector

Muhammad Saleem Afridi
Nom de la société: Sqaure General Contracting Company LLC
Fonction: Contrôle qualité
Date de publication: 2015-08-31

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I would like to thank Bayt.com for posting my CV and finally got an excellent offer.
I am truly thankful and greatly honored to be part of Al wazzan Regional. As a new supervisor, I will do my best to help and assist the management as well as manage well the staff for the benefit of the company.

nadeeshana jayathilake
Nom de la société: Al wazzan regional
Fonction: Autre
Date de publication: 2015-08-17

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Bayt.com is always my choice as job seeker. As a job seeker in 2013 after I left my previous job it was the right time to make the move for better job, so I updated my profile on Bayt.com and I got a phone call from CH2M with my dream job. I worked there for more than 1 year as an Administrative Assistant. As a professional Admin, I recommend Bayt.com for all.

Thank you Bayt.com team and keep it up.

Mahmoud Ahmed Aun
Nom de la société: CH2M
Fonction: Administration
Date de publication: 2015-08-10

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Bayt.com did very well to me and therefore I recommend it for everyone, well done. I got a job from South Africa to Middle East in Cinop - JCC, I started there 3 months ago as Technical Trainer in civil engineering and building construction and am so happy with this organization. Keep it up.

Chieyedza Maphosa
Nom de la société: JCC- Maharrat Cinop
Fonction: Enseignement/Formation
Date de publication: 2015-07-06

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