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Envoyez-nous votre histoire de réussite sur Bayt.com

Nous aimons avoir des nouvelles de membres qui ont été invités à un entretien ou qui ont trouvé un emploi à travers Bayt.com. Donnez-nous de vos nouvelles!

Si vous êtes parmi les personnes qui ont trouvé un emploi à travers Bayt.com, alors vous avez la chance d'aider d'autres chercheurs d'emploi dans leur recherche. Vous n'avez qu' à nous raconter votre histoire. La motivation et l'inspiration jouent un rôle important lorsqu'il s'agit d'aider les autres à accomplir leurs objectifs.

Prenez quelques minutes pour partager votre histoire de réussite avec nous et la communauté de Bayt.com

  • Comment est-ce que Bayt.com vous a aidé dans votre carrière?
  • Quelles stratégies avez-vous suivies pour obtenir un emploi?
  • Que représente pour vous Bayt.com?

Histoires de réussites avec Bayt.com


لقت تلقيت عرض عمل من شركة الشايع قبل سنتين عن طريق بيت دوت كوم وتعاقدت معهم لمدة سنتين كمدير مبيعات . كل الشكر لموقع بيت .كوم .. فقد جائني عدة عروض عمل من عدة شركات عن طريق بيت .كوم.

أسد برهان الجاموس

Asad Burhan Al Jamous
Nom de la société: Alshaya Trading Company
Fonction: Ventes
Date de publication: 2014-04-13

Soyez une inspiration aux autres


I would like to say thanks to Bayt.com for this opportunity to share my feelings.
I Love Bayt.com and it is the first place I considered looking at when I was searching for a job. I'm a 3D Artist, Photographer, I posted my CV on Bayt.com and i was selected for an interview by a leading architecture company in Kuwait Abyat. Thank you Bayt.com for this opportunity.

Raja sekhar
Nom de la société: Abyat
Fonction: Design/création
Date de publication: 2014-04-13

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Through Bayt.com I was able to show my qualification and experience to different companies. Because of Bayt.com my CV was available to all leading companies which gave be a great chance to find a better opportunity.
My story started when I received a phone call regarding an interview to work in one of the leading advertising companies in Sri Lanka Frontline Advertising. When my CV was chosen through Bayt.com, I was in fact overwhelmed with the fast response, thank you very much Bayt.com.

Rominold Jesuthasan
Nom de la société: Frontline Advertising
Fonction: Technologie
Date de publication: 2014-04-12

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My story is inspirational for all of those who are looking for a job abroad. Currently I am working in a Sarh Attaqnia as a autoCAD operator in Saudi Arabia. I got this job through Bayt.com. Since then I believed that Bayt.com is genuine and the only online recruiting site. In Pakistan for almost 6 years I was trying to find a job abroad, because of this I registered on so many online recruiting websites but with no success.Later a friend of mine advised me to register on Bayt.com. Through Bayt.com I applied to so many jobs and I got positive responses from 2 organizations with different locations, one of them was from Saudi Arabia and other from Dubai and the strange thing was that both offers came at the same time. I was so confused about my decision so I discussed it with my family and finally I accepted Saudi Arabia's organization. I am working in Saudi Arabia last 5 years now. I am very thankful to bayt.com for giving me a chance to work abroad. Advice for job seekers "Struggle is the meaning of life, So stick to your target and utilize your full efforts to achieve this target, Definitely you will succeed".

Muzammal Hussain

Muzammal Hussain
Nom de la société: Sarh Attaqnia Company - KSA
Fonction: Design/création
Date de publication: 2014-04-09

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Hayat Egypt has contacted me for an interview through my profile on Bayt.com, the assessment process was great, I received their offer and accepted it.

Emad Bakhit
Nom de la société: Hayat Egypt Hygienic Products S.A.E.
Fonction: Ressources humaines/Personnel
Date de publication: 2014-04-07

Soyez une inspiration aux autres


I have been hired by UMC through bayt.com. I went for two interviews before getting my job offer. I am looking forward to starting soon. Finding a good job, or career path nowadays in a well reputable company and to feel that your going to join a team not just a group of people to work with is exciting. Don't give up, keep applying!

Ranim Ourabi
Nom de la société: United Materials Company
Fonction: Ingénierie
Date de publication: 2014-04-07

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I was contacted by the Gulf Central company administration for a a job interview. It became possible through Bayt.com to find a job.
Thanks to Allah and a big thanks to Bayt.com too.

Hassan Ahmed
Nom de la société: Gulf Central Company Ltd.
Fonction: Ventes
Date de publication: 2014-04-07

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I got my job through Bayt.com

My current employer Abdulali Alajmi Company searched my CV through Bayt.com and then I was contacted for a job interview and I got the job.

thanks Bayt.com

Rashad Faiz
Nom de la société: Abdulali Alajmi Company
Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
Date de publication: 2014-04-04

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I just graduated, got engaged and overwhelmed with responsibilities and costs. I was told that Bayt.com is your gate for salvation and having the best future career, I didn't believe until I tried myself and the result was perfect and much more good than I thought. I applied for the website and for the job on the 7th of June. Tow days after that I had a phone interview from the HR and a face to face interview the next day. On the 10th of June I signed the contract with one of the biggest educational organizations the International School of Choueifat .
Thanks to God and thanks to "Bayt" you really saved me, "you taught me that there is nothing impossible ever".
Good luck everybody !

Musab Samaneh
Nom de la société: The International School of Choueifat "SABIS"
Fonction: Administration
Date de publication: 2014-03-28

Soyez une inspiration aux autres


It happens at a windy night in Sept-2011 as I was walking going back home, feeling so upset because I have been looking for a job for 3 months, a piece of news paper suddenly hit my face so I garbed it to see a page of Bayt.com advertisement. When I arrived back home I opened the site and created my profile and I was really shocked to receive a call from Schlumberger after 3 days of applying. My skills were qualified for the posted position. I joined the company in November 2011as an Asset Controller, and now its my 3rd year in the company. I am really thankful to God & Bayt.com.

Michael Silva
Nom de la société: Schlumberger-Kuwait
Fonction: Administration
Date de publication: 2014-03-19

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