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Emploi | Guide de Qatar - Bayt.com

Things you should know

  • Salaries in Qatar are earned on a monthly basis, no weekly, daily pays are usually applicable
  • Qatar has one of the highest, if not THE highest GDP around the world and people working in Qatar do NOT have to pay income taxes.
  • Women can work in Qatar and the fields are many. However, the ratio of men vs. women is quite imbalanced (almost 75% percent of the population is men vs. 25% of women, mostly because expats who come to Qatar for work are mainly men)
  • Employment: Your employer is usually your sponsor. As an expat working in Qatar, you will need your residency and work permit so that you are legally residing in the country.

How can one find jobs in Qatar?

  • Direct Company Career Sites: Company Career Sites are free of charge with no middle man required but positions might not be kept up-to-date at all times and many companies still rely largely if not exclusively on the leading regional jobsites such as www.bayt.com to source talent.
  • Career Fairs: Plenty of Qatar career fairs take place, especially as part of Qatar university events. These provide job seekers with good exposure (often to many of Qatar’s top employers and companies) but would require physical presence and could therefore become both time consuming and costly.
  • Referrals or Word of mouth: Making efficient and professional use of your social networks is one of the methods that are widely used to find jobs worldwide including jobs in Qatar. Of course, this avenue is free of charge but is not completely reliable at all times nor as comprehensive and effective as the leading regional and local jobsites such as www.bayt.com in uncovering a broad spectrum of opportunity in a timely manner.
  • Newspapers: Most local newspapers (such as Gulf Times and Al Watan Newspaper) have daily appointment sections that are classified according to region and industry: jobs in Qatar, jobs in Doha, banking jobs in Qatar, marketing jobs in Qatar, engineering jobs in Qatar, finance jobs in Qatar, management jobs in Qatar etc…
  • Traditional Recruitment companies: The concept of traditional recruitment in Qatar as elsewhere is that you visit the Qatar recruitment company’s office, tell them what you’re looking for and they try to find a convenient, desirable and relevant placement/ job in Qatar for you. A few recruitment companies charge job seekers (a small proportion of their first salary or so), but most recruitment companies don’t. However bear in mind that the presence of an intermediary here might potentially prolong your successful recruitment in Qatar. There are many highly reputable traditional recruitment companies and executive search firms in Qatar . Many of them work directly with the top online recruitment companies in Qatar, such as Bayt.com, to source and screen and shortlist top talent for top jobs in Qatar.
  • Online Recruitment Companies: Online recruitment has become in Qatar as elsewhere in the Middle East and the world an indispensable tool in every Employer and JobSeeker’s arsenal and the fastest easiest and most effective way for Jobseekers to find top jobs and Employers to find top talent respectively. What better Platform than Bayt.com is there to make your life as a Jobseeker easier and assist you in landing your dream job right from the comfort and convenience and confidentiality of your own home or office? The Middle East’s #1 job site, Bayt.com has the highest number of Jobseekers, employers and active jobs in the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to award-winning advanced Search tools and personalized, localized customer care! Don’t expect us to lead you anywhere else! Bayt.com are the leaders in online recruitment in Qatar and elsewhere in the region! You can count on the Bayt.com job site entirely for all your recruitment needs in Qatar and Bayt.com’s unparalleled 9 year track record of leadership and success and impeccable pedigree speak for themself!