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Diyar United Company

Technologie de l'information
Koweït - Al Farawaniyah
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    Our mission at Diyar United Company is to provide a Total Solution to our valued customers with a diverse array of computing and data processing requirements. The Management and Staff of Diyar United Company are committed to the principles of quality customer support, service, and high standards of solutions and product offerings. Our total solution concept allows us to be your partners in technology.
    Established in 1980, Diyar United Company has been, since more than twenty seven years, managing large and complex technology projects. Its high caliber and professional work force of 650+ employees, its strategic alliances with leading technology companies, its focus on meeting client business objectives, its investment in technology initiatives that help the economy and society and its commitment to Total Quality Management make Diyar an ideal partner for our client technology requirements through its partnership with IBM, Dell, HP, SUN, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and VERITAS

    DUC is the largest IT Company in Kuwait providing outsourcing services. Our experience in outsourcing varies from strategic thinking, project management, business analysis and developing integrated service models suitable for any complex environment to ensure that the services are provided efficiently, professionally and within the service levels. The unique breadth of our outsourcing portfolio extends not just to technology, but also to internationally recognized process standards as a part of adopting the ITIL best practices



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