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    Emirates Airline & Group

    Compagnies aériennes/Aviation
    Émirats Arabes Unis - Dubaï
    Employeur (secteur privé)
    500 employés ou plus
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    Tomorrow you could be living in dynamic Dubai and earning a tax-free salary with global benefits. Starting with two aircraft and a handful of enthusiastic people, we have grown at a phenomenal rate. We are now one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, flying to over 125 destinations across 6 continents.

    We are looking for people to join our global family of over 54,000 people from 160 nationalities across a diverse range of disciplines. If you are a high performer, seeking unparalleled career opportunities, join the Emirates team and help us create the future of travel.


    A strong and stable leadership team, ambitious yet calculated decision-making and ground-breaking ideas all contribute to the creation of great companies. Of course, these have played a major part in our development, but we believe our business ethics are the foundation on which our success has been built. Caring for our employees and stakeholders, as well as the environment and the communities we serve, have played a huge part in our past and will continue to shape our future.

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    Fonction: Service clientèle Domaine de la société: Compagnies aériennes/Aviation Niveau de carrière: Débutant
    Fonction: Autre Domaine de la société: Compagnies aériennes/Aviation Niveau de carrière: Débutant
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    Betsy D'souza

    Recruitment Coordinator
    EMIRATES AIRLINE & GROUP Émirats Arabes Unis

    Alfred Mairura

    Senior Technical Engineer Asst.
    emirates airline & group Émirats Arabes Unis - Dubaï

    Qais Farooq

    Manager HR (Remuneration)
    Emirates airline & group Émirats Arabes Unis - Dubaï

    Abdelkader Benbrahim

    Senior Customer Svcs / Airport Svcs
    Emirates Airline & Group Émirats Arabes Unis - Dubaï
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