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    ihorizons is a leading provider of business solutions and IT services in the Arab World. Founded in 1996, iHorizons has offices in Doha, Dubai, Amman and Riyadh, as well as two labs for research and development. The company has a roster of world-class clients in diverse sectors, which includes Al Jazeera Network, Qtel, Qatar Financial Center, and various government agencies in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    iHorizons provides advanced solutions in the areas of web-based content management, Intranet portals, business process automation, managed operations, IT program management, IT consulting, cloud computing services and arabic language technologies.

    IT outsourcing, web-based content management, managed operations, IT consulting, Arabic language technologies, business process automation


      Job SummaryThe Business Analyst identifies the requirements and feature set(s) for a solution. A goal of the Business Analyst is to make it easy for a Project Manager and the development team to understand a solution requirement in the least amount of time possible. This entails: understanding the current requirements of a solution completely, how customers will use it, what the support issues will be, and what alternatives are available. Critical Work Functions Requirement gathering. Requirement analysis and documentation. Use Cases CreationFunctional areas Gather, analyze, and prioritize system detailed and operational requirements. Provide Consultancy services by gathering, and analyzing customer and business requirements. Conduct a Vision/scope document that states business opportunities, scope, feature list, and solution design strategies. Conduct a Requirement document that states services requirements, usability requirements, acceptance criteria and system detailed requirements. Conduct a Usage Scenario document that states the system use cases Identify User Profiles, Access Privileges and Create Detailed use cases. Apply a full range of usability and accessibility evaluation methods to new and existing products (Designs, Services, Functionality, ...). Evangelize the use of UI standards and guidelines. Work closely with the project team specially the QA to develop and execute the solution final Acceptance Testing. Work closely with the clients and carry out meeting sessions when required.
    Fonction: Technologie Domaine de la société: Ressources humaines Niveau de carrière: Expérimenté
    Our client from the Retail Industry in Qatar is looking to hire a Paralegal Cum Executive Assistant. The role holder will be responsible in handling the following duties and responsibilities. The first point of contact at legal department for all transactions and activities pertaining to group legal department. (receiving transactions, validating the transaction, etc) Determines priorities and timetables, assign resources/ tasks, and provide performance feedback. Provides direct provision which includes objective setting, performance management, motivation as well as training and coaching. Checks data content received via email or in paper or through telephone inquiry and report deviations to the next level. Assigning inquiries of internal and external clients to in-house legal counsels according to the instructions of VP/GC and follows up on them accordingly and entering each and every transaction to a live and updated logbook for records purposes.
    Fonction: Administration Domaine de la société: Ressources humaines Niveau de carrière: Expérimenté
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    Muneera Al-Siksik

    Sr. Sales Assistance
    iHorizons Jordanie

    Majd Fakhoury

    Senior Database Developer
    iHorizons Jordanie - Amman

    Anas Rababah

    Systems Administrator
    iHorizons Jordanie - Zarqa

    Basel AbuZaid

    Project Manager
    iHorizons Jordanie - Amman
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