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    Qatar - Doha
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    ihorizons is a leading provider of business solutions and IT services in the Arab World. Founded in 1996, iHorizons has offices in Doha, Dubai, Amman and Riyadh, as well as two labs for research and development. The company has a roster of world-class clients in diverse sectors, which includes Al Jazeera Network, Qtel, Qatar Financial Center, and various government agencies in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    iHorizons provides advanced solutions in the areas of web-based content management, Intranet portals, business process automation, managed operations, IT program management, IT consulting, cloud computing services and arabic language technologies.

    IT outsourcing, web-based content management, managed operations, IT consulting, Arabic language technologies, business process automation


    Job SummaryTo be in charge of planning, implementing and administering heterogeneous systems in a large Internet project setting as well as to manage a team of systems administrators (Assistants). The specific duties of the senior systems administrator vary depending on the projects he will be in charge of. The senior systems administrator's main task is to maintain the computer systems. The senior systems administrator researches and decides on the new systems, upgrades and deals with any of the problems associated with projects under his supervision. Functions and Responsibilities Administration and enhancement of IT systems including Middleware technologies, with core competency on Web Application servers (IIS, CMS, Tomcat and Apache) Coordinate, manage assign, review and evaluate system administrators (assistants) tasks Oversee the IT infrastructure for the projects, that under his supervision, availability, reliability, capacity and changes strong relationships with teams responsible for developing business applications and participate in design sessions and make sure the designs are adequate for operation phase Design and implement an international-scale Internet websites hosting setup using up to date technologies and tools, based on Microsoft Technologies and/or Unix/Linux operating systems. Plan, implement and maintain high security measures to guarantee site integrity, authenticity and protection against possible security threats. Carry out day-to-day system administration tasks, including system tuning and optimization, to assure best server performance and availability. Plan and execute a comprehensive backup strategy, guaranteeing fast disaster recovery with zero data loss. Design and implement quality control measures for Internet site’s overall performance and reliability. Help in training staff on system administration concepts and tasks.    
    Fonction: Technologie Domaine de la société: Ressources humaines Niveau de carrière: Expérimenté
    we are looking to hire a freelance Software tester at our office "on site" after the working hour. The Software Quality Assurance is responsible for verifying and validating the developed project/product by creating test scripts based on the functional requirements, and identifying the bugs and tracks these bugs using our bug tracking tool.   Functional Areas: Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).Knowledge of Bug Life Cycle.Knowledge of creating test scripts that will cover all test cases based on the requirment document.Knowledge regarding testing terminologies, Verification, Validation, Levels of Testing, Testing Principles and Testing Techniques.Responsible for coordinating full end to end test activities considering testing impact on timeline.Knowledge of testing web application domain considering system structure and workflows.Knowledge of Testing Types such as Build Acceptance Testing, Functional Testing, GUI Testing, Usability Testing, Compatibility Testing and User Acceptance Testing.Knowledge of integration testing to validate the integration between the modules in the system.Knowledge of creating build reports, release notes, and comprehensive status reports.Good Analytical skills to comprehend business requirements and prepare Acceptance Build Checklist accordingly.
    Fonction: Technologie Domaine de la société: Ressources humaines Niveau de carrière: Débutant
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    Muneera Al-Siksik

    Sr. Sales Assistance
    iHorizons Jordanie

    Majd Fakhoury

    Senior Database Architect
    iHorizons Jordanie

    Anas Rababah

    Systems Administrator
    iHorizons Jordanie - Zarqa

    Basel AbuZaid

    Project Manager
    iHorizons Jordanie - Amman
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