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    Madi International

    Services personnels
    Émirats Arabes Unis - Dubaï
    Employeur (secteur privé)
    10-49 employés
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    Purpose: Work closely with management to meet all organization objectives with extremely highintegrity, loyalty and commitment to team building. Directly responsible for all sales activities toincrease profitability, business volume, collection targets and market share. Maintain businessbest practices and handle day to day operational activities in an efficient manner. Key responsibilities: Managerial Responsibility: 1- Develop a business plan and a sales strategy for the market; depending on local market-place of district and competitive factors, to ensure attainment of company sales goalsand profitability. 2- Understand the industry, market dynamics, district requirements, customers, external andinternal competitive aspects to guide opportunities for markets expansion and new tradechannels development as per the required standards, and execute accordingly. 3- Achieve the total consolidate annual budget by department / division of the district andmonitor expenditure budgets verifying the alignment with KSA Country target with overallaccountability in achieving the objectives. 4- Participate directly in setting Sales targets with the managers, supervisors and the salesteam based on the annual forecast; with daily achievement monitoring. 5- Monitor achievement the sales versus targets, and assumes full responsibility forachieving total targets by brand, on monthly / quarterly/ yearly basis. 6- Provide general oversight of all activities, manage the day-to- day operations across thedistrict, and assure smooth efficient functioning organization. 7- Assure quality and organizational stability through implementation of standards andcontrols, systems, policies and procedures, and regular evaluation. 8- Follow up on related matters to the trade and marketing side of the brands with thecorporate office. 9- Increase yearly turnover as per the set budget plan by operating district. 10- Assess the monthly P&L of the sales department / division and total district. 11- Responsible for the management of the sales team into different divisions / departmentsfor different trade channels into wholesale, Retail, Pharmacy & Salon Professional (HairCare, Skin Care, Nail Care, Make-Up , Beauty Project) & other new related expansion tothe operation the district. 12- Direct the sales / managers / supervisors / sales team and provide support towardsmaximum achievement of profitability and growth in line with company vision and values. 13- Approach VIP Clients for new business projects in any related different trade channel /department / division. 14- Monitor daily sales order movement through management of monthly / daily sales ordersfrom clients. 15- Prepare action plan by individuals as well as by team for effective search of sales leadsand prospects. 16- Initiate and coordinate the development of action plans to penetrate new potential doors. 17- Meet the challenges presented by new trends and developments in the market byreflecting the industry, utilizing a business orientation and marketing strategies in order tobring concepts and challenging business models to the marketplace that will meet themarket requirements. 18- Maintain contact with important clients in the market to ensure high level of clientsatisfaction in different areas across the Western District. 19- Responsible for maintaining high coordination with the marketing department for allaspects related to new products and other related marketing activities that meet MadiInternational strategy. 20- Hold the responsibility along with the sales team to deliver improved sales techniquestrainings and all related product knowledge, in order to prepare the sales team to meetthe monthly set targets. 21- Explore all existing opportunities or any potential opportunities in different geographicareas across the western district. 22- Participate directly in assisting the warehouse through enhancing policies andprocedures, improving and maintaining service level, delivery management, receivingmanagement and overall warehouse management aspects. 23- Manage all day to day area operational activities. Financial Responsibility: 1- Keep Focus on the bottom line and accountability to increase profitability achievementand maintain the net profit by district as per the set budget. 2- Maintain stock level by division / department. 3- Multiply / Increase the business volume in a recognized significant manner. 4- Increase market share in Madi International operating area district. 5- Ensure better cash flow. 6- Maintain accurate records of all pricings, sales, and department related reports. 7- Responsible for the monthly collection and ensure targets are met. 8- Participate directly in assisting Credit department in any conflict with clients andshares with them solving all pending collections.
    Fonction: Gestion Domaine de la société: Services personnels Niveau de carrière: Expérimenté
    Job purpose The Human Resources Executive will be responsible for executing all aspects of human resource functions,including recruitment, HR policy Development and implementation and staff care, ensuring that these follow existing MADI practice and guidelines and to a high standard The HR Executive will also work closely with corporate HR to ensure that the organisation’s HR priorities areimplemented in KSA. As well, provides advice and counsel to managers on arrange of personnel matters. Scope Human resource executive is responsible for effective designing and implementation of various policies,procedures andprograms. It is all about developing and managing knowledge, skills, creativity, aptitude and talent and using themoptimally. In other words, we can say that it’s about developing and managing harmonious relationships at workplace and striking a balance between organizational goals and individual goals.   Job Description  Management of a professional, modern HR function and to oversee all day to day activities of the HRTeam in KSA. Provide consultation to management on employee relations, and manage all disciplinary issues withinthe company as per KSA labour law. Manage all redundancy situations including calculations, financial guidance and communications toaffected employees. Work closely with senior management to identify, improve and implement training and developmentprograms in line with the business objectives and corporate HR manager. Responsible for the execution and delivery of the employee induction program. Execute strategic recruitment plan in collaboration with the corporate HR to hire senior, middle, and lowpositions. Replace low achievers with above average performers.. Develop new policies & procedures based on company vision & manage people accordingly.. Deliver a positive workplace environment through different activities, led to better relationships andcommunication between staff. Implement Job Description and smart objectives for all functions. implements policies and procedures and recommends new approaches for continual improvement in theHR department in KSA. Assist in the manpower planning and strategy development. Implement the HRMS across the country. Perform compensation and benefits survey on an annual basis in cooperation with corporate office. Maintain the employee handbook and organizational staffing chart.. Track employee performance evaluation. Carry out any other duties appropriate to the post as necessary or as requested.
    Fonction: Ressources humaines/Personnel Domaine de la société: Services personnels Niveau de carrière: Expérimenté
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