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    SOS HR Solutions

    Ressources humaines
    Koweït - Al Koweït
    Agence de recrutement
    50-99 employés
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    SOS HR Solutions is the premier provider of executive human capital solutions in the Middle East.

    One of our core business services is the executive search and placement, which is across all domains & disciplines, successfully serving the MENA region since 1975.


    Administer proper coding and manage invoices and document all processes and systems. Monitor all account payable checks, prepare invoices for all and prepare updates on all accounts. Maintain files on all account receivables and update records as required. Manage monthly journals, update entries and maintain sub ledger for fixed assests. Perform research, reconcile all bank accounts and resolves all issues in processes.Prepare reports of payrolls on monthly and fortnightly basis. Prepare and document all taxes and its filing. Ensure efficient client services and provide support to administration staff. Maintain all files and invoices and prepare records of minutes of meeting. Assist accountants and prepare all financial data and reports. Manage all petty cash and prepare cash flow reports.
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires Domaine de la société: Ressources humaines Niveau de carrière: Expérimenté
    Job Objective: Should provide oversight and direction to the management and administration on a variety of business development activities to include proposal development and client relations. Job Profile: 1. Execute the vision, objectives and utilize the resources of the company to understand and face the challenges in the special education field. 2. Interact with public, private and charity bodies to contribute their support and facilities for the improvement of company business. 3. Attract clients and sponsors for the various projects of the company and involve them for the business development. 4. Develop a complete understanding of the customer segment for development of company and services through market surveys and other methods of research. 5. Provide strategic inputs through proposals based on what the market demands. 6. Work on Tenders and Bidding projects.
    Fonction: Ventes Domaine de la société: Ressources humaines Niveau de carrière: Expérimenté
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