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      Mohammad Ghazwi Success Story de Mohammad
    Mohammad Ghazwi

    I would like to take this chance to thank Bayt.com as I am currently working in Qatar General Insurance through Bayt.com.

    It was a great experience to get this job easily through a job request while sitting at home.

    I am now searching for another job and I am sure I will get it through Bayt.com.

    Thanks again and I wish all the best to everyone using this website.

    Best Regards

    Mohammad Ghazwi
    Nom de la société: Qatar General Insurance
    Fonction: Administration
    Date de publication: 25 January 2012

    Khalid S. Barghouti Success Story de Khalid
    Khalid S. Barghouti

    I was looking for a job for six months and getting desperate as my financial position didn’t look very good when a friend of mine told me to register on Bayt.com, I didn’t have much faith back then in jobsites but I went ahead and registered on Bayt.com. I applied to jobs that matched my qualifications and experience, one month later; I received calls from two employers. Both the interviews went well, and I got job offers from both. Bayt.com has changed my life, and has given me the opportunity to expand my search, and get noticed by employers.

    My son, who recently graduated, also found his job through Bayt.com! I always advise job-seekers to register on Bayt.com, their chances of getting recruited through Bayt.com are much higher than any other job site.

    Thank you Bayt.com, you have made a big difference in life and career.

    Khalid S. Barghouti
    Nom de la société: Osool Capital
    Fonction: Gestion
    Date de publication: 06 October 2011

    User Here Khaled Kamal Success Story de Khaled
    Khaled Kamal

    In 2009 I was working as a senior software tester in a leading software company in Egypt and I was looking for a good vacancy in the Gulf. I submitted my CV on Bayt.com and applied to a posted vacancy in the Ministry of Interior, Qatar. I got an email on the same day from the Ministry of Interior and had a phone interview the next day. Later in the day I got the job offer which I took. I got married after one year of joining the Ministry of Interior and was blessed with a baby girl later.

    Thanks Bayt.com

    Khaled Kamal
    Nom de la société: Ministry of Interior - Qatar
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 23 October 2012

    Abdelrahman Kharboutli Success Story de Abdelrahman
    Abdelrahman Kharboutli

    My story is weird. I have never trusted such sites to upload a CV on and share my contact number so that people would contact me.
    Once I said to myself let me try and give it a shot and so I did and the funny thing is a gentleman called me from a respectful bank telling me that he needs to interview me at the earliest. He seemed pretty impressed with what the resume had in it.I had the guts to ask, sir excuse me, but I have never sent any CV to the bank and he replied by saying he saw my CV on Bayt.com!
    That was very impressive and motivated me to do my best and maybe more to always update my CV on Bayt.com.
    I really loved it when he said that and I I loved it more when I had my 1st and 2nd interviews with the HR department, and I got recruited all because and thanks to the one and only Bayt.com. I am still working in the same bank and I am having the best times of my career since I'm gaining the experience I really needed and because my aim was to be recruited in such respectful firm and if it wasn't for Bayt.com I wouldn't have done it.
    I am continuously updating and uploading my CV on Bayt.com and I recommend all people to keep on updating their profile. You wouldn't know, destiny will choose you with a big helping hand from Bayt.com.

    Abdelrahman Kharboutli
    Nom de la société: Qatar Islamic Bank
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 25 November 2012

    Saud Ahmed Success Story de Saud
    Saud Ahmed

    My success story is different. I worked for Bayt.com in the year 2002 - 2003, when the company was transforming into a new leap. I learned tons of things from the COO 'Dany Farha' and our Country Sales Manager 'Suha'. My story begin's after I left Bayt.com in August 2003, after spending 11 months with them.
    I implemented many things that were taught to me back then, within the HR, sales and managerial domain. To me working for Bayt.com took me into a completely new dimension altogether. My attitude, approach, confidence, humility and professionalism took me places; all learned at Bayt.com.
    Today, I own more then 7 Companies in UAE and Africa, I am reckoned as one of the few successful Mineral Miners, and I'm making my way up the ladder steadily. My portfolio of companies also has a Printing Press, Interior Design Firm, Financial Consultancy, General Trading, Construction and HR Consultancy firm. All established over the last 5 years.
    To be honest, the electrifying environment of Bayt.com helped me be the person I am today.
    I believe in dreams coming true, and also believe a solid professional base will get on places!
    Thank you Bayt.com

    Saud Ahmed
    Nom de la société: Ambar Group
    Fonction: Autre
    Date de publication: 14 May 2012

    Ahmad Raza Faruqi Success Story de Ahmad
    Ahmad Raza Faruqi

    I was well settled in India working with one of the country's most trusted & successful business conglomerates with a great salary package.

    It was a chilly winter in 2008 when I read somewhere that "It's not enough, until you know what's more than enough", which completely changed my philosophy towards the professional life.

    I realized that in order to earn more money in a short time span, I need to relocate to the GCC. So, I built a simple profile on Bayt.com through the recommendation of some of my friends and started searching for a suitable job.

    Within a few weeks of applying to jobs in the GCC on Bayt.com, I got 3 lucrative offers after having telephonic interviews, 1st was in Qatar, 2nd in the UAE & 3rd in Bahrain. I finalized the Qatar offer with a position of Contracts & Planning Engineer at the leading consulting firm of GCC, Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB).

    I am still happily working with AEB, and got promoted recently to Head of Contracts & Planning.

    Many thanks to Bayt.com for bringing a positive change in my personal & professional life!

    Even if I won't be looking for a job change, still browsing Bayt.com is a great opportunity for me which I do quite frequent just to keep an eye on the market trends.

    Ahmad Raza Faruqi
    Nom de la société: Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB)
    Fonction: Ingénierie
    Date de publication: 04 August 2012

    خميس محمد عزت Success Story de خميس
    خميس محمد عزت

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    كنت ابحث كل يوم فى وظايف بيت دوت كوم على الموقع على كل ما يناسبنى من والوظايف وكل ما هو جديد وانا الان بفضل من ربي وجدت عن طريق هذا الموقع الجميل على وظيفة وانا اعمل حاليا فى شركة كبرى للتكييف فى الكويت وانا الان بالكويت بفضل الله ثم بيت.كوم
    تقبلو فائق حبى واحترامى و شكري لكم

    خميس محمد عزت
    Nom de la société: شركة هندسة وصيانة التكييف داسكوو
    Fonction: Autre
    Date de publication: 05 August 2012

    Muhammad Shahrukh Anwar Success Story de Muhammad
    Muhammad Shahrukh Anwar

    This is Shahrukh a Pakistani national.
    There were some days when finding the right job was a tough task, first time I came to Dubai for job search was in June 2008, at that time I didn't know how to search for a job. I had no help from anyone and still I didn't loose hope but eventually I had to go back to Pakistan. After that I got to know that there are some recruitment agencies who forward candidates to employers. I started hunting for jobs again in June 2011 and this time I directly stroked Bayt.com & other recruitment sites. I didn't get any positive reply from other job sites but through Bayt.com I got a call from one of the best companies in the UAE, yes "AL Rostamani Group"
    When I asked them from where they got my CV they replied from "Bayt.com"
    at that time I realized in order to get the right job, we have to go to the right place & Bayt.com is the right place for all job hunters.
    I had been exposed to great experiences with my current employer and I am always thankful to ALLAH that I got a v.good job.
    Bayt.com is something very special.

    Muhammad Shahrukh Anwar
    Nom de la société: AL Rostamani Group
    Fonction: Ventes
    Date de publication: 25 January 2012

    Yousef Marie Success Story de Yousef
    Yousef Marie

    After graduating from university I applied for a job in Saudi Arabia and I got it as a sales engineer. Later I registered on Bayt.com and a major diversion occurred in my career life as I got a job opportunity in an international company, Cooper with whom I worked 2 years.

    My success with Bayt.com did not stop there but continued where I got another fantastic and more realistic job opportunity in another international company, Philips Electronics which satisfied all my hopes and expectations.

    I would like to thank Bayt.com from my heart for their continuous efforts and their great search mechanism from a wide selection of jobs and I advise all professionals to register on Bayt.com.

    Yousef Marie
    Nom de la société: Philips Electronics
    Fonction: Ventes
    Date de publication: 28 November 2012


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