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      Nauman Abdul Hussain Success Story de Nauman
    Nauman Abdul Hussain

    I started my career in 2007 after Graduating. I applied for a few relevant jobs on the job site Bayt.com and amazingly, within a week, I started receiving interview calls from different employers and finally got a good opportunity in the Banking sector through Bayt.com. This job provided me an excellent platform for my career, from where I excelled efficiently into my professional life. As I had already made a great start of my professional life, I soon got a favorable opportunity in famous Software House in Pakistan as a Database Administrator. Being working with one of the biggest multinational companies of the world, my career has soared and I am gaining new experiences every day. Due to Bayt.com 's career guidance, I have recently been promoted to Deputy Assistant Director in a very short time span. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Bayt.com for providing me with a solid platform to enter into the corporate world and stand out from the rest.

    Nauman Abdul Hussain
    Nom de la société: STEVTA
    Fonction: Technologie
    Date de publication: 16 December 2011

    Sajid Akhtar Success Story de Sajid
    Sajid Akhtar

    I have been working for a company for over 4 years, and one day I felt that I needed a change. I started looking for another job everywhere and some of my seniors told me about their experience with Bayt.com and how they were very successful to get the right job through the website, so I decided to take this step and apply for jobs through Bayt.com. As soon as I registered and applied I started getting many job interviews until I got the appropriate job, I got a job in Sarco as an electronics and communications engineer and I've been working there for the past four and a half years. Thank you bayt.com

    Sajid Akhtar
    Nom de la société: Sarco
    Fonction: Ingénierie
    Date de publication: 25 February 2013

    User Here Dr. Shereef H Mohammed Success Story de Dr.
    Dr. Shereef H Mohammed

    I have started using Bayt.com from the very beginning in around year 2000 for recruitment purposes when I was working with Kanoo. I had the login privileges for the management and extensively used Bayt.com to find candidates seeking various positions. The excellent customer support provided by Bayt.com was always inspirational. I moved to Qatar in 2003 and was searching through Bayt.com to find out better opportunities. I managed to reach back to UAE in 2007 using Bayt.com. In 2008 I could move to a better job in Abudhabi when Royal Group contacted me through Bayt.com. I have updated my CV several times after acquiring higher educational degrees.
    Now also I am submitting applications through Bayt.com and the process continues.
    Wish Bayt.com all the success.

    Dr. Shereef H Mohammed
    Nom de la société: Hi-Tech Concrete
    Fonction: Ressources humaines/Personnel
    Date de publication: 24 October 2011

    Muhammad Omar Ahmad Khan Success Story de Muhammad
    Muhammad Omar Ahmad Khan

    I was desperately searching for a trade finance job in an international bank in 2005. My previous employer was a local bank which was soon to be taken over by some other bank so making many employees redundant. One morning on my drive to my office I experienced an advertisement about Bayt.com. After office that day I visited Bayt.com and posted my resume there. I kept searching for different roles and jobs. Finally after three months I got an e-mail from Standard Chartered Bank that they have short listed my resume from Bayt.com and want to interview me. After a couple of interviews I was finalized and got my dream job in trade finance with an excellent take home package. Eventually I have progressed today to a Senior Manager role in Standard Chartered Bank of Pakistan and now again visiting Bayt.com for my next move in Middle East. Thank you Bayt.com for providing me the breath through which I needed in my mid career. I am again relying on Bayt.com now for a similar breath through in my senior management career. Warm regards, Muhammad Omar Ahmad Khan

    Muhammad Omar Ahmad Khan
    Nom de la société: Standard Chartered Bank - Pakistan
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 24 November 2012

    Azif Vayalumkal Success Story de Azif
    Azif Vayalumkal

    After two years of career gap it was through Bayt.com that I got this job . One fine evening I got a call from bayt.com that they are going to forward my CV to one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia. Then very immediately I was interviewed and joined Rashed A. Al- Rashed & Sons Co.
    I wish bayt.com all the sucess.

    Azif Vayalumkal
    Nom de la société: Rashed A. Al- Rashed & Sons Co.
    Fonction: Contrôle qualité
    Date de publication: 14 September 2013

    Mohd Abdul Mubeen Success Story de Mohd
    Mohd Abdul Mubeen

    I would like to thank the great efforts offered by Bayt.com. I have found my current job in Ghantoot Group Abu Dhabi. I am sure with Bayt.com I'll always have great job opportunities which will develop my career. I thank with all my heart those who are behind this great job site Bayt.com.

    Mohd Abdul Mubeen
    Nom de la société: Ghantoot Group of Construction - UAE
    Fonction: Ingénierie
    Date de publication: 27 November 2014

    Waqas Khan Success Story de Waqas
    Waqas Khan

    I graduated from the University of Karachi and started looking for a job. I visited Bayt.com and directly registered, completed my CV and started applying to different job openings.
    After four days of applying I started receiving many calls from Bayt.com employers. I started working at Mz Computers(pvt)ltd through Bayt.com after 10 days of applying.
    I am still receiving calls from different employers through Bayt.com.
    Finally, I owe Bayt.com a debt of gratitude for the success it added to my career path.

    Waqas Khan
    Nom de la société: Mz Computers
    Fonction: Administration
    Date de publication: 02 February 2014

    Abdul Muthalib Jafarullah Success Story de Abdul
    Abdul Muthalib Jafarullah

    I thank and appreciate Bayt.com for giving me a chance to find a job from a reputed company in a short period. I actually I have not expected it will happen in few days. just I updated my CV within a few days I have Got a best offer.
    I work now as a Radio Operator at Red Sea Marine services Company.

    I thank once again Bayt.com and request all my friends to keep connection with Bayt.com.

    Abdul Muthalib Jafarullah
    Nom de la société: Master Marine UCC Sister Co
    Fonction: Autre
    Date de publication: 13 May 2015

    Syed Sadaqat Hussain Success Story de Syed
    Syed Sadaqat Hussain

    It was a sunny morning in the beginning of March, mid of spring when I received a phone call from a very reputable pharmaceutical company asking for an interview for a personal assistant to managing director position for their Human Resource Department. The interview day came and I was speculated with a great overwhelming spirit keeping in mind the formalities and priorities of the duties which I have to present. My initial practical tests of Shorthand + Typing + MS Office/Computer + Correspondence were successfully conducted and I was declared a successful candidate in all relevant tests of the related job. Finally I have been interviewed by the authorities concerned and Alhamdollilha it was also successful. I have been offered the same job with great remunerations and benefits. All this was happened due to a great Bayt.com, whom I was registered as a member and frequently received various jobs related to my field. I am really thankful to Bayt.com.

    Syed Sadaqat Hussain
    Nom de la société: KCI Pharma
    Fonction: Secrétariat
    Date de publication: 13 December 2011


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