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1. What best describes your company’s projected investment in training in 2015? Candidat 2014-12-19
2. How can employers reduce the skills gap in the Middle East? Candidat 2014-12-18
3. Select the statement that best describes availability of skills in your company: Candidat 2014-12-14
4. The best holiday perk for you would be: Candidat 2014-12-11
5. Your company organizes a year-end party to celebrate company success: Candidat 2014-12-08
6. Senior management in your company is expected to be contactable more than less senior employees while on leave: Candidat 2014-12-05
7. Your employer expects you to be contactable while on leave: Candidat 2014-12-04
8. You continue working even when you’re on holiday (checking/replying to emails, using company phone number, etc.): Candidat 2014-12-02
9. Employee morale at the end of the year is: Candidat 2014-11-29
10. Office productivity year end is: Candidat 2014-11-24
11. Creative thinking and related skill sets are extremely important for getting a job in today’s market Candidat 2014-11-23
12. My office has creative spaces where I can relax, unwind and innovate Candidat 2014-11-20
13. I am encouraged to think of new ideas at my work place Candidat 2014-11-19
14. People are increasingly being expected to think creatively at work Candidat 2014-11-16
15. Creative thinking is important for driving social and economic growth in my country Candidat 2014-11-13
16. Our creativity is being stifled by our educational system Candidat 2014-11-09
17. My country’s education system is innovative enough to adapt to changing times Candidat 2014-11-06
18. Standardized education testing systems reduce creative thinking Candidat 2014-11-03
19. Which of the following is your biggest challenge to being creative/innovative? Candidat 2014-10-31
20. How important is it for you to be creative and innovative in your life? Candidat 2014-10-29
21. Do you feel that you are living up to your potential to create and innovate? Candidat 2014-10-27
22. Which one of the following countries do you feel is most creative? Candidat 2014-10-26
23. What is most valuable to you day to day? Candidat 2014-10-22
24. I’d love to combine job search activity with: Candidat 2014-10-20
25. Social media proves to be a great employer branding platform Candidat 2014-10-18

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