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      Natalio Kebbe Success Story de Natalio
    Natalio Kebbe

    My name is Natalio Kebbe, I am a Syrian Mechanical Engineer living in Abu-Dhabi, UAE.
    I was looking for a job from around 1 year and a half when I submitted my CV on Bayt.com, and between time to time I used to log on to Bayt.com to check new job openings that matched my certificate and work experience in the UAE.
    One day, I received a call from a well recognized firm in the field of my experience asking me to meet them for an interview. After conducting the interview I asked them from where they got my CV, and I got to know that my CV was found on Bayt.com. I later remembered that I applied to this company earlier through Bayt.com and since the offer was great and suitable to me I accepted it.

    I really like Bayt.com, it is a very useful job site for people who are looking for jobs, because it user friendly as you can use various filtration tools to look for the job that matches your qualifications. The next step is to easily apply to the job and later you will get contacted by the company if your qualifications matched the requirements of the job role.
    In addition, Bayt.com has partnerships with leading firms as well as many job vacancies not only in UAE but all over the Middle East.
    Because I trust Bayt.com I am looking for a good job for my wife through this website and I am sure i will find a suitable one for her.

    Thanks to all people who are working in this company and responsible for it since they are spending their time helping others.

    Natalio Kebbe

    Natalio Kebbe
    Nom de la société: SKM Air Conditioning Equipment L.L.C.
    Fonction: Ingénierie
    Date de publication: 25 October 2011

    Arbina Ghansar Success Story de Arbina
    Arbina Ghansar

    I heard about Bayt.com in 2008 from my friend that its a good recruitment site. I registered myself without knowing much about all these recruitment sites, but later on I started regularly checking Bayt.com for appropriate vacancies as I already had a job at that time. But even when I was not regularly checking or applying for vacancies I still received calls for job offers through Bayt.com. Recently around 2 months ago I started to seriously view the vacancies offered on Bayt.com and I received calls from different companies and now I am hired in Industry Networks. Thanks to Bayt.com, its a great job site and I recommend everyone to register and make use of it.

    Arbina Ghansar
    Nom de la société: Industry Networks
    Fonction: Services d'assistance
    Date de publication: 26 June 2012

    User Here James Ivan Datan Success Story de James
    James Ivan Datan

    My name is James Ivan Datan, 26 years old from Manila, Philippines. I was an advanced customer service representative for a multinational company back home and I've worked for more than 3 years in the call center industry. It was not a problem for me to land a job in Manila since there are a lot of call center companies around. Then my sister, who's working here in Dubai for more than 4 years now, asked me if I would like to try my luck in the UAE. I quickly said yes to her because I have heard a lot of success stories from friends and former colleagues who have worked here. I arrived in Dubai last June 2012. From day 1, I have already started searching for jobs that would fit my qualifications. I must admit, it was not that easy to get a job here since the qualifications are a bit high. Also, the scorching heat outside limited my access to prospect companies.Then I realized, why don't I just search the internet to look for jobs. After typing the words "JOBS IN DUBAI" in the search field, the search engine gave me websites that could help. The very first website that was listed was BAYT.COM. I found a lot of jobs that fit my qualifications. I also tried other websites, but it didn't help me at all. The best part of it was the CV writing support wherein it helps you have a better chance of landing a job.Through Bayt.com I have already signed my offer letter with my company and I'm expecting to go on board by September this year. I am very thankful to Bayt.com for helping me reach my dream of having a better future. Definitely, I would tell my friends who are also trying their best to have a job in the UAE to visit this website. More power to Bayt.com and may you help more people in achieving their dreams.

    James Ivan Datan
    Nom de la société: M.H. Alshaya Co.
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 02 August 2012

    Jordan Asuncion Success Story de Jordan
    Jordan Asuncion

    Bayt.com helped me a lot!

    Allow me to share you my experience and what I have achieved from the job I found in Bayt.com.

    10 months ago I was hired as a receptionist in an exclusive-world-class gym in Kuwait;)

    In my current role as receptionist I gained a lot of skill experience from the training that I got from my company. I boosted 100% of my knowledge in customer service, my communication and listening skills, interpersonal skill, computer skills and telephonic skill. I have been a critical thinker who works well under pressure. I have been so confident and became more passionate in helping other people. I developed my attitude as a team player as I became more active, cooperative in helping my colleagues. I learned that when you work harder with your heart you will be better and better...

    My work now changed me a lot and that is because of Bayt.com, without you I am not here now. Please continue to help and change the lives of other... God bless you and more power Bayt.com;)

    Jordan A.

    Jordan Asuncion
    Nom de la société: Group Xen
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 22 March 2015

    Akram Wahid Success Story de Akram
    Akram Wahid

    My credit goes to Bayt.com for the support that takes my career to the next level. I just applied through Bayt, com and within a weeks of time I got a job in Network Advertising and Events as a Digital and Technology Officer.
    It was an incredible moment when I saw my offer letter, thanks Bayt.com, I need you forever and I love your services..

    Akram Wahid
    Nom de la société: Network Advertising & Event
    Fonction: Technologie
    Date de publication: 21 June 2015

    Walid Sousa Ibrahim Sousa Success Story de Walid
    Walid Sousa Ibrahim Sousa

    Hi I'm Waleed a 23-year year old Saudi-Egyptian, graduated from the faculty of Commerce at Menoufia University in 2010. After my graduation I moved to the Gulf region in search for better job opportunities and registered on Bayt.com. Right after this the unexpected happened - I modified my job-search on Bayt.com from Egypt to Qatar and continued looking for a job. I also looked and applied for jobs through newspapers until one day I received a call from New Horizons. When I went to the interview, they told me that they had found my CV through Bayt.com. Thank God I passed the interview successfully. I am now an accountant with the company. Thanks Bayt.com!

    Walid Sousa Ibrahim Sousa
    Nom de la société: New Horizons Qatar
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 25 January 2012

    Muhammad Sajjad Akram Success Story de Muhammad
    Muhammad Sajjad Akram

    Bayt.com is one of the most effective job-site in the region. I started looking for a job during the recession. It had been 11 months for me int5o my job-search when I came across Bayt.com.

    I like the fact that Bayt.com helps job-seekers with various tools such as the CV builder, the key skills search section, getting recommendation and much more. All this to help candidates get more noticed by employers, thereby increasing the chances of an interview, and for employers Bayt.com to search these candidates effectively.

    I always recommend Bayt.com to my friends and all job-seekers. I recommend that they spend some time working on their CV quality time to shape their future and reach their dream jobs.

    I thank the team at Bayt.com for providing us the platform where we can start a whole new career.

    Muhammad Sajjad Akram
    Nom de la société: Specialized Technical Equipment
    Fonction: Ventes
    Date de publication: 28 March 2012

    Givemore Tuhwe Success Story de Givemore
    Givemore Tuhwe

    I would like to thank Bayt.com for offering great opportunities through their site. I applied through Bayt.com in 2012 and in 2013 I was called and interviewed by Alshaya - Cheese Cake Factory .I got employed and now I'm working in Dubai as a senior server with a high salary . Thank you Bayt.com all the way from South Africa to Dubai.

    Givemore Tuhwe
    Nom de la société: alshaya cheese cake factory
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 01 March 2014

    Khalid S. Barghouti Success Story de Khalid
    Khalid S. Barghouti

    I was looking for a job for six months and getting desperate as my financial position didn’t look very good when a friend of mine told me to register on Bayt.com, I didn’t have much faith back then in jobsites but I went ahead and registered on Bayt.com. I applied to jobs that matched my qualifications and experience, one month later; I received calls from two employers. Both the interviews went well, and I got job offers from both. Bayt.com has changed my life, and has given me the opportunity to expand my search, and get noticed by employers.

    My son, who recently graduated, also found his job through Bayt.com! I always advise job-seekers to register on Bayt.com, their chances of getting recruited through Bayt.com are much higher than any other job site.

    Thank you Bayt.com, you have made a big difference in life and career.

    Khalid S. Barghouti
    Nom de la société: Osool Capital
    Fonction: Gestion
    Date de publication: 06 October 2011


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