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      Husam Mustafa Mansour Success Story de Husam
    Husam Mustafa Mansour

    would like to thank Bayt.com for the various jobs offered to job seekers and the continuous updates and services!

    As for my job applications on Bayt.com, I have been contacted by most of the companies for interviews!

    I started my career in Educational technology arabia LTD. after applying to a job offer on Bayt.com, and now after 4 years I am working as a supervisor in my department. For me and my team members this is a big victory!

    I really do believe in Bayt.com and their honesty in dealing with users. I advice all my friends to use Bayt.com for the best job opportunities!

    Thank you Bayt.com, thank you from my deep heart!

    Husam Mustafa Mansour
    Nom de la société: EDUTech
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 08 July 2014

    Shaneela Success Story de Shaneela

    I came to know Bayt.com through online career fairs and I’ve learned a lot from their representatives. I got the chance to be interviewed in several companies but unfortunately I didn’t get the job till I was contacted by the HR department of AKU hospital who found my CV on bayt.com. I was interviewed and got the job. You should take the initiative to search for jobs and don't hesitate if the job doesn't sound as attractive as you may want, because it may open other doors. I would like to thank Bayt.com for providing me the perfect opportunity, to learn, practice and acquire practical knowledge, and start my career.

    Nom de la société: AKU
    Fonction: Santé
    Date de publication: 31 January 2013

    User Here Satyabrat Dash Success Story de Satyabrat
    Satyabrat Dash

    Searching & getting the right job is not an easy task even if you have the expertise, but with Bayt.com, definitely it's mush easier. Bayt.com helps in enhancing your profile and they always stay in contact with you, sending new job offers, and all of these services are free of charge.
    I'm a retail merchandising professional, I have 6 years of experience in fashion retail. I wanted to work with FMCG market from the very beginning of my career. I registered on Bayt.com & believe me I got an interview call from a premium Super Market in Kuwait, The Sultan Center, and I was successfully accepted in the job. Bayt.com is the premium choice used by employers when choosing the right candidate. I will start my job with The Sultan Center on Feb 2013.
    Thank you Bayt.com and good luck to all job seekers.

    Satyabrat Dash
    Nom de la société: The Sultan Center
    Fonction: Achats
    Date de publication: 25 December 2012

    صهيب عبد العظيم محمد عبد الله Success Story de صهيب
    صهيب عبد العظيم محمد عبد الله

    Thank God, my friend recommended that I register on Bayt.com to look for a job and I did because I saw how convenient jobs were presented with all required information.
    After registering on Bayt.com I browsed through the job sites' sections and I felt like I was browsing on a social website like Facebook.
    I visit Bayt.com on daily basis to refresh my CV and read the visibility charts and recommended jobs.
    After few months of registering I got my dream job, now I am working in a leading educational organization for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, KFUPM.
    I thank and appreciate Bayt.com for their great efforts and I recommended this great job site to all my friends and relatives.

    صهيب عبد العظيم محمد عبد الله
    Nom de la société: جامعة الملك فهد للبترول والمعادن - KFUPM
    Fonction: Recherche
    Date de publication: 04 August 2012

    Shakeer Hussain Shaik Success Story de Shakeer
    Shakeer Hussain Shaik

    I got very good experience and also a great job opportunity from Bayt.com in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company.

    Thank you very much Bayt.com.

    Shakeer Hussain Shaik
    Nom de la société: ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 04 February 2014

    Walid Sousa Ibrahim Sousa Success Story de Walid
    Walid Sousa Ibrahim Sousa

    Hi I'm Waleed a 23-year year old Saudi-Egyptian, graduated from the faculty of Commerce at Menoufia University in 2010. After my graduation I moved to the Gulf region in search for better job opportunities and registered on Bayt.com. Right after this the unexpected happened - I modified my job-search on Bayt.com from Egypt to Qatar and continued looking for a job. I also looked and applied for jobs through newspapers until one day I received a call from New Horizons. When I went to the interview, they told me that they had found my CV through Bayt.com. Thank God I passed the interview successfully. I am now an accountant with the company. Thanks Bayt.com!

    Walid Sousa Ibrahim Sousa
    Nom de la société: New Horizons Qatar
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 25 January 2012

    Ehsan Al Rifai Success Story de Ehsan
    Ehsan Al Rifai

    When I first signed up to Bayt.com 4 years ago, I haven't yet been holding the belief that I would find my way as a freshly graduated job seeker through a "website. However, I was truly amazed by Bayt.com's features, and I particularly admired with the notifications tab that tells you all about your profile when you're away, visibility charts featuring how many times your CV and public profile were viewed and what potential market sectors interested in your skills. Once I had published my completed profile, I started receiving emails and phone calls for vacancies. Thereafter, I was gladly employed in a full time position as a translator, copy editor, proofreader and translation supervisor in Orient Legal Translation who found me through Bayt.com and later they promoted me to more senior levels. I believe that Bayt.com will always again help me build my career.

    Ehsan Al Rifai
    Nom de la société: Orient Legal Translation
    Fonction: Rédaction/Révision
    Date de publication: 19 March 2013

    Adeel Alvi Success Story de Adeel
    Adeel Alvi

    My name is Adeel Alvi, and I live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It has always been a dream of mine to work in Hoshanco holding company, an international company with the best reputation in the country. I tried to apply in so many ways, but I was unlucky. At that time I had posted my CV on bayt.com hoping that it would help me find my dream job . One day, I got a call from the company inviting me for an interview, when I asked how they got my CV, they said from bayt.com, I was totally surprised. Now, I'm working with them, and happy as I will ever be, thanks to Allah, and to bayt.com.

    Adeel Alvi
    Nom de la société: Hoshan Pan gulf
    Fonction: Gestion
    Date de publication: 15 February 2013


    Thanks to Bayt for making my application available to win the job in Al Jomaih Pepsicola Co. the best PEPSI bottler in 2012.

    I was working in construction business but now I'm the projects manager in with more contribution in business management.

    Thanks Bayt and thanks to Al Jomaih.

    Nom de la société: Al Jomaih
    Fonction: Ingénierie
    Date de publication: 03 February 2014

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