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      Jaimson Cruz Success Story de Jaimson
    Jaimson Cruz

    I kept hunting for a job even when I was working as a school teacher, I never stopped searching. In my opinion the internet is the most effective and practical way of searching for jobs. I registered on bayt.com and posted my CV, it kept me updated by sending me the latest English teaching jobs in the Middle East. In February 2010 I received an email from Prime time Solutions concerning an interview for prospective English teachers that are required to teach in Saudi Arabia. They told me that they got my CV from bayt.com. I went for the interview and luckily between 24 applicants, I was the one who got the job.
    Thank you bayt.com

    Jaimson Cruz
    Nom de la société: Al Jazeera International Academy
    Fonction: Enseignement/Formation
    Date de publication: 10 February 2013


    The whole world has been facing many economic problems lately, and I was one of those professionals who were influenced by that. At that time I was really depressed and bayt.com was the only job search website that helped me out. I registered and applied for some jobs which I found suitable for my experience and qualifications. Within 6 months I was employed at Pakistan Bureau of statistics, Lahore as an assistant census commissioner.
    Thank you bayt.com

    Nom de la société: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
    Fonction: Gestion
    Date de publication: 12 February 2013

    User Here Vigilia Erica Ruth Bernard Success Story de Vigilia
    Vigilia Erica Ruth Bernard

    I was working as an Executive Secretary for a company in Karachi (Pakistan) for over two years and was in search of a job in Dubai. While browsing through various job websites I came across Bayt.com and my life has changed dramatically ever since.

    Just after a week of posting my resume on Bayt.com I was contacted by an employer from Dubai. I went through a phone interview and got shortlisted further for the final in-person interview that was to be held in Dubai. The interview went well and I landed the job with quite a commendable salary.

    All the credit for my current job goes to Bayt.com. Thank you Bayt.com, I have already recommended you to others and will continue to do that in the future as well.

    Vigilia Erica Ruth Bernard
    Nom de la société: TWI Middle East FZ – LLC
    Fonction: Secrétariat
    Date de publication: 10 October 2011

    Abdul Salim Salim Success Story de Abdul
    Abdul Salim Salim

    I would like to say thanks to Bayt.com for this opportunity to share my success story.
    I love Bayt.com and it is the first place I considered looking at when I was searching for a job. Now I'm working in the logistics department in Jeddha KSA. I posted my CV on Bayt.com and I was selected for an interview by a leading furniture company IKEA. Thank you Bayt.com for this opportunity.

    Abdul Salim Salim
    Nom de la société: IKEA International
    Fonction: Logistique
    Date de publication: 14 April 2014

    Mohamed abdullah Hersi Success Story de Mohamed
    Mohamed abdullah Hersi

    One of the nights before 3 years, I was sitting on my laptop checking Bayt.com and I saw a job opening for KGL Company, after I checked the job requirements, I applied. In the next day morning, I got a call for an interview at 10 am. Later after 2 weeks I signed my contract with KGL.

    I hope my story inspires people to always have hope and never give up.
    I want to thank the creators of this site and all the people who keep it going
    I think what you are doing with your website is good and I hope that these stories continue to inspire.

    Warm Regards,
    Mohamed Hersi - KGL Company

    Mohamed abdullah Hersi
    Nom de la société: KGL
    Fonction: Technologie
    Date de publication: 09 February 2012

    Gasim Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Success Story de Gasim
    Gasim Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed

    In June 2006 I found Bayt.com job site during my web search and I started applying for jobs until I got my current position as Operation Superintendent in AlMajdouie Group, KSA through Bayt.com.
    Bayt.com helped me complete my CV, evaluate my performance and qualifications and rate my salary.
    I visit Bayt.com on daily basis to look for new jobs. Bayt.com is a trusted job site.

    Gasim Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed
    Nom de la société: AlMajdouie Group
    Fonction: Services d'assistance
    Date de publication: 04 August 2012

    Arnold Ponce Success Story de Arnold
    Arnold Ponce

    I worked in Saudi Arabia without my family for 5 years as the company declined a request for a family status. I posted my CV for once on Bayt.com though I am was not confident about online postings of CVs.
    After 2 weeks, I was surprised to get an email directly from the employer - Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation. I went to Qatar with full expenses covered and the company has also offered full family status!
    Currently I'm on my 8th year in the same company and happy together with my family.
    Thanks to Bayt.com, until now I'm a frequent visitor.

    Arnold Ponce
    Nom de la société: Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation
    Fonction: Achats
    Date de publication: 29 February 2012

    Givemore Tuhwe Success Story de Givemore
    Givemore Tuhwe

    I would like to thank Bayt.com for offering great opportunities through their site. I applied through Bayt.com in 2012 and in 2013 I was called and interviewed by Alshaya - Cheese Cake Factory .I got employed and now I'm working in Dubai as a senior server with a high salary . Thank you Bayt.com all the way from South Africa to Dubai.

    Givemore Tuhwe
    Nom de la société: alshaya cheese cake factory
    Fonction: Service clientèle
    Date de publication: 01 March 2014

    Mohammed Rudwan Success Story de Mohammed
    Mohammed Rudwan

    My story started when I received a phone call regarding an interview to work in one of the fastest growing companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - United Trading & Marketing Ltd. Co. after my CV was chosen through Bayt.com. I was in fact overwhelmed with the fast response, thank you very much Bayt.com.

    Mohammed Rudwan
    Nom de la société: United Trading & Marketing Ltd. Co.
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 26 May 2012

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