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      Ali Alshehri Success Story de Ali
    Ali Alshehri

    بفضل الله ثم بفضل موقع بيت كوم هذا الصرح الحضاري المعد بالطرق العلمية الحديثة الراقية ،تم اختياري في احدى الشركات العالمية وانه لشرف كبير ان احضى بهذه الشركة فلدي خبرة ثماني سنوات في احدى الشركات الوطنية من خلالها اكتسبت الخبره الكافية وايضا من خلالها حصلت على الشهادة الجامعية ثم بعد ذلك سجلت سيرتي الذاتية في أواخر سنة 2011 في موقع بيت كوم وبعد ذلك اتصل بي عدة شركات وبفضل الله انني وبعد الاستخارة والدعاء التحقت بأحد أكبر الشركات الغذائية العالمية ، ولا يسعني الا ان انتهز هذه الفرصة لتقديم الشكر للقائمين على هذا الموفق ، بالتوفيق للجميع.

    Ali Alshehri
    Nom de la société: Food Manufacturers Co. (Ulker International)
    Fonction: Ressources humaines/Personnel
    Date de publication: 23 July 2012

    Abdul Majeed Akbar Ali Success Story de Abdul
    Abdul Majeed Akbar Ali

    I've uploaded and submitted my Curriculum Vitae in Bayt.com 10 years ago. I have got many nice jobs through Bayt.com since then. Really I would like to thank Bayt.com and its team. Now, I'm in a good position and in well reputed company Saudi Arabian Mining Company due to the support of Bayt.com. I'm grateful to Bayt.com throughout my life.

    Abdul Majeed Akbar Ali
    Nom de la société: Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Maaden)
    Fonction: Administration
    Date de publication: 28 August 2014


    I was in India when I lost my job and returned back to Qatar as I knew I would have no trouble finding a job there.I was interviewed by a Trading Company and I got the job as an Accounts Assistant however once I came back to Qatar I decided to post my CV on what I knew was the most successful job site in the Middle East, Bayt.com. Within 4 weeks I had applied to an fmcg job through Bayt.com and been through 3 rounds of interviews with the company, needless to say I am happily employed there now even after all the downsizings of the past 3 years. Thank you Bayt.com! I will certainly use you for our own recruitment needs and recommend you to others!

    Nom de la société: ARIZONA TRADING CO.WLL
    Fonction: Comptabilité/Finance/Bancaires
    Date de publication: 21 June 2011

    Abdullah Sawan Success Story de Abdullah
    Abdullah Sawan

    In the name of Allah the most merciful.
    First I would like to thank Bayt .com. Bayt.com is a small word that is incomparable to the help it provides for job seekers and the help I personally got when I submitted my CV.
    I came to Saudi Arabia two years ago; they were very difficult days at the beginning, especially finding the job I wanted. Later a friend advised me to submit my CV on Bayt.com and I surely did it.
    Later on, I started to get calls from different companies maybe 2 months after submitting my CV. I made few interviews but in vain; most of these jobs didn’t satisfy me especially from the financial matters, but I didn’t give up and I used to refresh my CV every couple of days.
    Six months later,on one of the Wednesdays, I received a phone call from Human Resources of GIZ asking me If I’m intending to come to the interview they set in their e-mail to me which unfortunately I did not read until they paid my attention to check my email. I was flying to the moon then!
    Well! I remember the first question that came to my mind, where did you get my email and phone from? Simply the answer was! Your CV was found on Bayt.com!
    We were three people, one missed the interview and the other lost his battle in front of me, of course it was Allah's blessing and my mother's prayers! And also because I fought strongly not to loose this chance, nevertheless it was Bayt.com the sponsor of this victory! Thank you Bayt.com.
    Placing your CV on Bayt.com is your real chance; your real challenge and a future career back up plan.Do not miss it!

    Good luck for All
    Abdullah Sawan

    Abdullah Sawan
    Nom de la société: German International Corporation
    Fonction: Administration
    Date de publication: 14 February 2012

    Saud Ahmed Success Story de Saud
    Saud Ahmed

    My success story is different. I worked for Bayt.com in the year 2002 - 2003, when the company was transforming into a new leap. I learned tons of things from the COO 'Dany Farha' and our Country Sales Manager 'Suha'. My story begin's after I left Bayt.com in August 2003, after spending 11 months with them.
    I implemented many things that were taught to me back then, within the HR, sales and managerial domain. To me working for Bayt.com took me into a completely new dimension altogether. My attitude, approach, confidence, humility and professionalism took me places; all learned at Bayt.com.
    Today, I own more then 7 Companies in UAE and Africa, I am reckoned as one of the few successful Mineral Miners, and I'm making my way up the ladder steadily. My portfolio of companies also has a Printing Press, Interior Design Firm, Financial Consultancy, General Trading, Construction and HR Consultancy firm. All established over the last 5 years.
    To be honest, the electrifying environment of Bayt.com helped me be the person I am today.
    I believe in dreams coming true, and also believe a solid professional base will get on places!
    Thank you Bayt.com

    Saud Ahmed
    Nom de la société: Ambar Group
    Fonction: Autre
    Date de publication: 14 May 2012

    Arnold Ponce Success Story de Arnold
    Arnold Ponce

    I worked in Saudi Arabia without my family for 5 years as the company declined a request for a family status. I posted my CV for once on Bayt.com though I am was not confident about online postings of CVs.
    After 2 weeks, I was surprised to get an email directly from the employer - Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation. I went to Qatar with full expenses covered and the company has also offered full family status!
    Currently I'm on my 8th year in the same company and happy together with my family.
    Thanks to Bayt.com, until now I'm a frequent visitor.

    Arnold Ponce
    Nom de la société: Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation
    Fonction: Achats
    Date de publication: 29 February 2012

    Sajjad Ali Success Story de Sajjad
    Sajjad Ali

    Dear All, I am so happy and feeling glad to share my experience with Bayt.com, I was jobless since a month and living with sorrowful days, then one of my good friends told me about this website and after that I made a profile and started applying for suitable jobs on daily basis.
    Finally with the grace of Almighty Allah, I got good job with an attractive salary and benefits in B. United Trading.
    Thanks to Allah and this website Management..

    Sajjad Ali
    Nom de la société: B. United Trading
    Fonction: Gestion
    Date de publication: 01 November 2013

    Ahmed Abdel Tawab Thabet Hassan Shehab Success Story de Ahmed
    Ahmed Abdel Tawab Thabet Hassan Shehab

    I got my job in Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, KSA through Bayt.com. I'm now a senior dot net developer & system analyst in PSU.
    Thank you Bayt.com

    Ahmed Abdel Tawab Thabet Hassan Shehab
    Nom de la société: Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, KSA
    Fonction: Technologie
    Date de publication: 16 June 2014

    Jose Salvador Success Story de Jose
    Jose Salvador

    I just wanted to send a simple gratitude to let you know that I took a lot of benefits since the first time I signed up on Bayt.com. Many opportunities are openly coming just in-front of my footstep. Several and huge companies got in touch with me to inquire on my availability and the possibilities of joining their organization. Today I celebrate my 2 years of working for the company which contacted me through Bayt.com, Automak Automotive Company. I still cant believe and never in my dreams that I can pursue a career in the Automotive Industry wherein daily grind of challenges are brought my way making me more competent and readily enough to face future endeavors. My thanks to you and to the empowering staff of Bayt.com for setting-up our ambitions and dreams into reality, every single experience does count!

    Jose Salvador
    Nom de la société: Automak Automotive Company K.S.C.C. - Kuwait
    Fonction: Services d'assistance
    Date de publication: 26 April 2014

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