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    Sultan Center Food Products Co. K.S.C. (better known as The Sultan Center or TSC) is an established group of companies based in Kuwait, with operations also in Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Bahrain. With retail as its primary focus, TSC is Kuwait’s largest independent retailer and a leading supplier of supermarket items, fresh food, and general merchandise in the Middle East. With 13 stores in Kuwait, more outlets overseas, and further ambitious expansion plans, TSC has secured its position as Kuwait’s premier retailer and one of the Gulf’s leading businesses. The key to our successful growth lies in our unwavering commitment to offering all our customers value in terms of variety, quality and service providing the largest range of quality merchandise from around the world, unrivalled levels of customer service based on industry best practices, a clean and inviting family atmosphere and unique shopping experience. We provide our customers with innovative benefits and special offers through our loyalty program and direct marketing savings opportunities along with commitment to serving the communities in which we do business. With its well-established infrastructure, TSC is perfectly positioned for future expansion, both in Kuwait domestic market and abroad.


    Build and manage a profitable diversified portfolio of businesses aiming to increase shareholders’ value.


    To be the customer’s preferred choice through teamwork, collaboration, and excellent performance.


    We have an open, diverse culture where everyone is empowered, held accountable and treated with respect This is embodied in our core values of trust, commitment, integrity, innovation, collaboration and by recognizing and rewarding excellent performance.

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    Strategy Formulation  Develop strategic objectives and KPIs for the Sales Department in line with IR & Catering strategy and ensure that the Department’s employees are working towards the achievement of these objectives.  Review the operating results of the Sales Department and follow-up to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to correct insufficient results. Budget & Cost Control  Develop the Sales Department’s annual budget and ensure all employees are working within the assigned budget by setting the required targets and responsibilities. Policies & Processes  Develop and ensure implementation of the Sales Department’s policies and processes in order to achieve the Sales Department’s objectives. Sales Activities Manage and control the Sales Department activities and ensure that sales plans are being adhered to by the sales team in order to achieve the department’s objectives and the stated sales targets.  Monitor the Sales Department’s operating results (i.e. sales numbers in terms of value and volume, new customers, etc.) and compare them to the department’s goals and objectives, in order to ensure sales plans are properly implemented.  Manage all catering services’ activities within Good Food including but not limited to: Meeting with clients to discuss the food and service arrangements for the event, proposing different food menus, as well as providing ideas related to the arrangement of the event. Build and maintain effective relationships with customers to increase Good Food sales and communicate with suppliers, as needed. Manage the development of sales forecast, sales targets and monthly/ annual sales plans taking into consideration market trends, economic conditions and competitive environment.  Review reports received from the Sales Supervisor pertaining to any arising issues pertaining to sales, customer requirements, delivery of stock, inventory, etc. and take corrective actions, as required.  Review and approve the sales quotations developed by the Sales, in order to be communicated to the customers.  Review and approve the visibility agreements developed by the manager in order to ensure strategic allocation of the company’s products in all customers’ stores.  Approve Merchandisers visits schedule to ensure timely delivery of all the required items to the assigned stores/ warehouses.  Approve all sales driven promotions, events, campaigns submitted by the Sales Supervisor according to the Sales Department’s predefined budget.  Liaise with the Finance Department on financial matters related to price lists, sales activities and collection of due payments by customers. Customer Services Activities Manage the business relations with key customers and oversee the process of providing sales services in order to attain the company’s customers and increase retention levels. Oversee the processing of customers’ orders and supervise the sales services in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Oversee and manage the actions taken to resolve customers’ complaints in order to guarantee an efficient sales process while ensuring the achievement of the set sales targets. Competitor Analysis Maintain awareness of market trends by understanding forthcoming customer initiatives, competitive products, legislation and brand awareness. Build external networks to understand market trends & competitor activity that will allow the company to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Encourage the sales team to create new ideas by providing better growth opportunities, and other motivational tools to retain existing customers and attract new customers. Perform other duties related to the job as assigned by Company Manager. People Management  Conduct regular meetings with the sales team in order to follow up on the implementation of the department’s sales plan/ target.  Prepare the annual manpower plan and coordinate with the HR & Administration Affairs Department pertaining to the Department recruitment related activities. Conduct annual employee performance appraisals of employees. Identify the training needs of employees to ensure that all relevant experience and knowledge is transferred to employees to ensure a highly skilled and high performance workforce. Reports  Review and present reports on budget activity, including identification of potential problems and recommendations for corrective actions, forecast trends and make recommendations. Prepare and submit reports on a regular basis to the Top Management that cover all the Sales Department’s activities.
    الدور الوظيفي: المبيعات قطاع الشركة: البيع بالتجزئة/البيع بالجملة المستوى المهني: إدارة
    • To provide assistance and support to the Store Manager in managing the store operations and replacing him during periods of absence• Providing support to managing the store resources and coordinating with other departments ensuring cost effectiveness and adequate service level • Substituting for the Store Manager during his absent • Delivering In-Store Training to assigned personnel relating to standards and correspondent drivers of cost/service level • Ensuring effective implementation of loss prevention and shrink procedures, coordinating the store inventory counts, ensuring correct account for assets and cash, taking measures to minimize damages, loss, thefts and optimizing stock turnover • Ensuring proper implementation of hygiene, sanitation, and security and safety standards and all corporate processes at SMK • Reporting and discussing with the Store Manager operational issues and possible solutions • Monitoring, systematically all departmental costs and operational performance and alerts the Store Manager to issues and recommending appropriate actions • Supporting department managers in the planning, receiving/handling and replenishment operations with respect to the right level of stock on the shelves, periodic verification of expiration dates for Fresh Foods, Supermarket and Home Center, order and clea • Ensuring proper implementation of visual merchandising recommendations for SMK and as needed adopting refinements imposed by store layout/infrastructure constraints/other constraints maintaining high standards of visual display and customer experience • Reporting clients claims/requests to the Store Manager and taking steps to resolve them as directed • Participating actively in the sales effort to drive sales volume vs. last year and budget • Responding to employees problems and endeavoring to find appropriate resolutions
    الدور الوظيفي: الإدارة قطاع الشركة: البيع بالتجزئة/البيع بالجملة المستوى المهني: متوسط الخبرة
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