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Career Articles and Guides: Career Management

Are you a professional working in the Middle East?

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The Ultimate Guide to Professional Email Etiquette
In today’s fast-paced world, professionals tend to simply scan emails, hit reply, write what they feel is appropriate, and send. The entire process has become incredibly short and, at times, even careless. What professionals don’t realize is that email etiquette can make or break your reputation and can hamper your image. This is why you should always take email etiquette seriously. You don’t want to be known as the person who writes harsh or rude emails.
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How to Deal With Stress at Work
Stress at work is inevitable. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to minimize and cope with stress. In this article we give you ways for handling stress effectively.
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Twelve Ways to Be a Lifelong Learner
Alvin Toffler said “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”.
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Achieve More Happiness at Work in Six Easy Steps
According to Bayt.com’s October 2011 MENA Employee Engagement Poll 77% of professionals in the MENA feel engaged in their jobs. Whether you have just landed your dream job on the Middle East’s #1 jobsite Bayt.com or are still checking in online every day to find that perfect opportunity, there are a myriad of very simple ways to make your current professional life even happier. Here are some top tips from the Bayt.com team.
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Staying Relevant in the Workplace
If you want that raise and that corner office, in fact if you want any modicum of long-term career progression and success, an essential nugget of advice to you from your trusted team at Bayt.com is to channel a great deal of energy into ensuring you stay “relevant”.
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Seven Great Alternatives to a Salary Raise
In light of the current economic situation and with the global economy still feeling the after-effects of the recession, is this the right time to ask for a pay raise? How can you negotiate your raise with your employer especially if you feel that you clearly deserve it?
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Eight Ways to Boost Your Future Salary
Everyone looks for a higher income. However, most people ignore some of the basic factors that influence salary growth, and thus lose out on potential increased salary levels. To help you out, the career experts at Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 Job Site, offer you top steps to follow in order to boost your future salary:
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Making a Long Distance Relationship with “Job Search” Work
One effect of the global downswing has been the overwhelming surge of working professionals attempting to migrate towards countries that are economically stable in their hunt for job security, competitive packages and quality of life.
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How to Deal With the Resignation of a Coworker
Reasons for professionals in the Middle East leaving work are manifold: pursuit of better salaries, hunger for better working conditions, ambition to launch a personal business, going back to college, getting married are just some of them. Having to suddenly say "Adieu" to a coworker whom you are used to working with closely and for a large part of your day can be quite distressing.
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Managing Older Subordinates
Maintaining a steep career climb is often a challenge for newly appointed young managers and their managerial success boils down to their ability to not only manage, but lead team members as well as ensure everyone is working towards the same strategic common goals. The fact that young managers may become responsible for older employees can lead to distress and unrest, but the truth is that there is no need to stress!
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Mid-Career Transition
Planning to switch from one career to another? Don't be discouraged - people do it every day. Bayt.com has a few tips for you.
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Going Green at Work
Green offices are favored by 88% of professionals in the Middle East , according to a recent poll conducted by Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 jobsite, which shed light on the importance of going green in the office and its impact on preserving the environment, boosting staff morale and productivity.
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Boost Your Productivity in the Workplace
You still want to be the master of doing things right, handing in assignments by their deadline, exceeding customers’ expectations and maximizing organizational profits…but you are suddenly wrestling with the systematic process of getting the most basic job tasks done, a process which once brought a smile to your face but which leaves you with shivers down your spine today.
Views: 34,699 - Comments: 1
How Can Women Boost Their Home-based Business
You have long been contemplating an improved quality of life, more valuable time with your children and working in an environment you are more comfortable with. And what better environment than the comfort and privacy of your own home? The time has come for you to invest your time, you expertise, your knowledge (and possibly your savings) in doing what you do best!
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From “Stay-at-Home Mom” to “Working Mom”? Yes, You Can!
The transition from a full-time seasoned Middle Eastern female professional to a full-time dedicated stay-at-home mom is never easy. The complete shift from meetings, strategic planning, career development and promotional activities to toys, bottles, nurseries then schools requires time, effort and a certain selective amnesia vis-à-vis the notion of a “career” - at least for a certain period of time.
Views: 33,814 - Comments: 2
Work-Life Balance for Working Mothers in the Middle East
Far from being a luxury, the notion of achieving an optimal work life balance has become a key goal for working professionals worldwide, men and women alike. A recent Bayt.com survey about employee motivation in the Middle East workplace showed that 91% of working professionals in the region consider work- life balance a vital factor which directly impacts their motivation levels at the workplace.
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Ten Steps to Professional Fulfillment
Some key tips to help you along the road to achieving your career ambitions
Views: 51,112 - Comments: 10
How to Best Promote Yourself at the Workplace
You’ve been happily overworking yourself all year, you’ve been putting your every effort into your “dream-turned-reality” job and you have modestly assumed that the Top- Notch quality of your work. You think that your utmost devotion to the job and the organization, the voluntary overtime you have been indulging in are enough reasons to “magically” earn you a long awaited and much deserved promotion/raise etc.? Think again!
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Difficult Co-Worker? Deal with it!
We are surrounded by diverse types of people in all facets of our lives, the workplace is naturally no exception. Some co-workers can be agreeable, cooperative and responsive while others can fall under the “Difficult People” umbrella. Difficult can vary from being too picky, to failing to keep commitments, to over criticizing, etc…
Views: 29,677 - Comments: 1
When a Positive No is OK
“I am utterly over-worked but cannot possibly mention it to my boss! I have so many things on my plate but still cannot get myself to say no to my colleagues! My to-do list for this week has exceeded all expectations, and is still getting longer by the minute! So many things to do, so few resources and so little time! I am stressed out but I just cannot get myself to say NO! What if I lose my job? What if my boss gets infuriated with me? My colleagues will never ask for my help again!”
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Top Tips to Stay Healthy at the Workplace
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the workplace represents one of the biggest dilemmas that working professionals are faced with around the globe today. Clinging to a computer screen 8 to 10 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week naturally drains one’s energy levels and affects one’s health over time.
Views: 40,660 - Comments: 5
Ten Reasons it May Be Time to Quit
Has your work routine become a permanent nightmare and your weekend become a lengthy game of worrying about the advent of a new work week? Are you consistently overlooked for a well-deserved raise or promotion? Bayt.com looks at ten reasons that indicate it may be time to quit.
Views: 82,527 - Comments: 14
Seven Ways to Stay Motivated at Work
Even the most motivated of employees occasionally experience a slump and need a boost to regain their normal motivation levels. This article presents seven methods to stay motivated at work and enhance performance when you are going through a period of low motivation.
Views: 151,019 - Comments: 17
Putting Leaders on the Couch
When INSEAD Professor Manfred Kets de Vries coaches leadership teams, he effectively puts them on the couch – treating them not so much as rational actors but as emotional ones. A clinical professor of leadership development, Kets de Vries says “the autocratic leadership style doesn’t work so well any more in a knowledge society.” Organisations are made up of people, he says, and he believes there’s a great deal of truth in the saying, “Fish start to smell from the head.”
Views: 25,961 - Comments: 3
Women and the Corporate Ladder
Traditionally, women have faced more obstacles than men when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder.
Views: 29,062 - Comments: 5
The Leadership Circle
“Leaders get the best out of followers and followers get the best out of leaders,” says Manfred Kets De Vries, Clinical Professor of Leadership Development at INSEAD. The connection between leaders and their staff is only one of many circular connections he sees.
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How to Optimize Your Relationship with Your Boss
Make your relationship with your manager a winning one!
Views: 46,774 - Comments: 6
The New Deal at the Top
Most companies have managers reporting directly to the CEO on a one-to-one basis, with responsibility for their units or regions,” says Yves Doz, who holds the Timken chair in Global Technology and Innovation at INSEAD. The Professor of Business Policy says the result is that “the businesses or regions tend to behave in an autonomous fashion similar to the way a baron would manage his fiefdom.”
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Cross-cultural Negotiations: Avoiding the Pitfalls
When entering into negotiations, we should always take into account cultural factors such as the educational or religious background of the person sitting across the table, but, says INSEAD professor Horacio Falcao, many people both underestimate and overestimate the cross-cultural aspects.
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The Experience Trap
When companies look for a manager, they should look for experience, right? Well, maybe not. INSEAD professors Kishore Sengupta and Luk Van Wassenhove say their research has revealed what they call the ‘experience trap.’ “Conventional wisdom holds that as we do more things more often, we learn from experience and get better and better, and what we found in our research was that actually some of it may not be the case,” Sengupta says.
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How To Adapt To Change At The workplace
In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace, it is crucial for organizations to be flexible enough to change, in order to remain profitable and up-to-speed. Change management has always been an issue of debate amongst scholars: how can employers create suitable conditions for a successful change process? And what can employees do to get through it?
Views: 133,739 - Comments: 1
Boost Your Creativity at the Workplace
Are you often stuck in a rut when trying to be creative? Do you always find yourself looking for that idea that will grant you the long awaited promotion at work? Employees, more often than not, are struggling with creativity. Is this key trait innate? Or is it developed?
Views: 27,779 - Comments: 3
Top Tips to Control Your Work E-mails
key guidelines to stay on top of your e-mails at work and get the best results out of them.
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The Employee Value Proposition: How to Be an Employer of Choice
A lot of companies talk about being an employer of choice, but as competition for talent heats to a boil, Stewart Black, INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, says executives have to do more than give the concept lip service.
Views: 24,173 - Comments: 0
It Starts with One: Changing Individuals Changes Organisations
Small and large businesses have been searching for decades for the holy grail of organisational change: the perfect way to motivate employees to change their old ways for what management (or consultants!) deem to be better, new ones.
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Absenteeism in the Workplace
Controlling absenteeism has become a big concern for companies all over the globe today. Its causes are many but corrective measures can be implemented.
Views: 62,610 - Comments: 4
How to Delegate Properly
Delegation skills are essential to effective management. Bayt.com offers tips on how to delegate effectively.
Views: 28,010 - Comments: 1
Developing Teamwork in the Workplace
Effective teamwork can take an organization a long way towards meeting its objectives. In this article, the Career Experts at Bayt.com explore the building blocks of effective teams.
Views: 58,919 - Comments: 4
Transferable Skills in the Workplace
Do you have the transferable skills that ensure your employment resilience?
Views: 95,818 - Comments: 1
Effective Time Management Skills
Why is it that some people continuously succeed at managing their time in an efficient and streamlined fashion while others barely prod by and struggle frantically to stay on top of projects and deadlines?
Views: 46,404 - Comments: 2
The Drivers of Employee Loyalty in Today’s Workplace
What is it exactly that makes job loyalty such a powerful and critical topic in today’s ever-changing business environment?
Views: 33,218 - Comments: 2
Ten Signs You May Be Damaging Your Career
Ten career-damaging behaviors to avoid.
Views: 62,439 - Comments: 31
How to Maximize Employee Engagement
Is your workforce impassioned, enthusiastic, committed and inspired? Is their morale and level of corporate citizenship high? Employee engagement is the most challenging topic in HR circles today.
Views: 38,121 - Comments: 1
Ten Values Every Great Manager Needs to Have
The 12 traits of a successful leader from the career experts at Bayt.com
Views: 167,250 - Comments: 12
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home
Working from home is a dream for many but it has its pitfalls. Bayt.com highlights the advantages and disadvantages of working from home.
Views: 308,287 - Comments: 8
Key Tips for Motivating Staff
The key question is how to transform a lukewarm workforce into an impassioned motivated one and truly reap the rewards of a successful selection process
Views: 32,256 - Comments: 4
How to Resign Gracefully
Time to quit? Make sure you resign gracefully and professionally with these top ten tips from Bayt.com.
Views: 57,281 - Comments: 13
Twenty Tips to Career Success
Optimize your career with these twenty sure-fire career boosters.
Views: 79,819 - Comments: 10
How to Deliver Great Client Servicing
Your ultimate success in business will be determined by the extent to which you are able to keep your customers happy, satisfied and coming back for more. Read Bayt.com's top ten tips for effective client servicing.
Views: 36,711 - Comments: 5
How to Maximize Your Employee Loyalty
What do you do when your most important assets walk out the door at 6 pm every day? Make sure they come back!
Views: 29,797 - Comments: 2
Working from Home
Working from home can be a treat or trap depending on the discipline, dedication and self-control you exercise and your commitment to making the arrangement work. Read Bayt.com's tips on how to make working from home work for you.
Views: 31,975 - Comments: 5
To Network or Not to Work
Networking is a skill well worth learning to advance your job search as well as to succeed in your chosen career. Avoid the main networking blunders and you will find that most people are only too willing to help.
Views: 28,414 - Comments: 2
Performance Appraisals - Make Yours Glow
Does the prospect of receiving formal feedback from your boss, peers and subordinates in the form of a professional performance appraisal have your petrified to the core? Here are some tips from Bayt.com on how to make the most of your performance appraisal and turn it to your advantage.
Views: 32,032 - Comments: 1
How to Negotiate a Salary Raise
Does your salary accurately reflect your responsibilities, experience level and recent performance? If it doesn’t here are some key tips on how to negotiate the raise you deserve.
Views: 74,293 - Comments: 8
Salary Negotiations: Avoid the Common Pitfalls
Don’t jeopardize your salary negotiations with an unnecessary bluff, an ultimatum, poor preparation or any of the following common negotiating missteps.
Views: 33,250 - Comments: 2
How to Deal with Difficult Coworkers
Difficult coworkers interfering with your ability to perform? Some tips to cope.
Views: 184,706 - Comments: 2
Cutting into the Company Culture
Beyond the salary and the perks, how can you determine if a company will be a mismatch or a perfect fit?
Views: 28,885 - Comments: 2
Twelve Steps to a Better Life
There are a multitude of ways to succeed in your personal and professional life.
Views: 62,529 - Comments: 14
Tips to Succeeding as a Team Player
Bayt.com identifies thirteen key attributes that help single out effective team players.
Views: 63,143 - Comments: 4
Display the Winner's Traits
Bayt.com defines fifteen character traits that the pros agree are your tickets to long-term career success.
Views: 57,762 - Comments: 4
Be the Employee Everyone Wants on Their Team
Bayt.com's tips on becoming the employee everyone wants on their team.
Views: 31,893 - Comments: 6
Management Traps and How to Avoid Them
Don't fall prey to the following management traps.
Views: 32,654 - Comments: 6
Ask to Win
The thin divide between good and great business performance is often traversed with no more than a simple, logical and pertinent line of questioning asked in the right manner at the right time.
Views: 27,059 - Comments: 1
Six Steps to a Successful Hire
Here are six steps to help streamline the recruiting process and avoid common pitfalls.
Views: 40,123 - Comments: 1
Engage and Win
Having employees who are thoroughly motivated and truly engaged with what they are doing is the most powerful competitive weapon and organization can enjoy. Dr. Charles Woodruffe explains why.
Views: 29,533 - Comments: 0
On Sale Now with a Lemon-Fresh Scent
Are you under-appreciated at work, while some of your coworkers seem to reap the glory, promotions, and praise from the boss? Learn how advertising and self-promotion can be smart strategies to use on the job in order to get the cool project or deserved raise
Views: 27,302 - Comments: 1
Down with Networking!
Networking is probably one of the toughest and most important aspects of the job search. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most hated, misunderstood and, consequently, poorly practiced areas of the job search. Still, like it or not, we simply must do it. These days, it's too important to overlook.
Views: 26,101 - Comments: 0
How to improve your memory: 5 simple tips
Scott Bornstein, founder of Bornstein Knowledge Management Systems and a leading international lecturer in the field of memory training, highlights 5 simple memory enhancement tips.
Views: 48,807 - Comments: 8
Five Effective Powers of Success
Robert Benninga, Founder of Mind Power International, highlights 5 powers that will help you achieve true success.
Views: 30,174 - Comments: 5
Career Resources
Recommended reading and resources for different stages of your job-hunt/career provided by the Middle East's #1 job site www.Bayt.com.
Views: 27,262 - Comments: 0
Twenty Businesses You Can Start at Home
Want to start a home business but not sure what to do? Here are just some of the ideas you may want to consider.
Views: 5,514 - Comments: 0
Maximize Your Marketability
Maximize your growth and earning potential by using these effective career management tactics.
Views: 29,916 - Comments: 3
Promotion to Management
So now you're the boss? Here are some tactics to start off on the right foot.
Views: 29,432 - Comments: 1
Six Steps To Getting Ahead in Your Career
Bayt's guide to vaulting up the career ladder.
Views: 35,070 - Comments: 5
Motherhood to Workforce
Planning to restart your career after taking time-off to have children? Bayt.com has some pointers.
Views: 26,588 - Comments: 0
Job Stressbusters
Winning techniques to alleviate stress on and off the job.
Views: 33,247 - Comments: 1
Stress and the Workplace
Long hours, tough deadlines and difficult peers getting you down? Here are some tips on how to cope with stress in the workplace.
Views: 29,206 - Comments: 5
Recharge Your Career
Six surefire ways to inject some momentum into your career and get back on the right track.
Views: 30,000 - Comments: 1
Starting a New Job
Your first weeks on the job are your time to really establish who you are and set your career off on the right trajectory. Aim to shine and set off on the right foot.
Views: 29,909 - Comments: 3
Ten Secrets of Effective Management
Ten secrets of effective management from the pros.
Views: 37,861 - Comments: 10