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Career Articles and Guides: Continuing Education

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Changing Times
By David Williams MBA programs have traditionally had two benefits in a recession. They provide an opportunity for graduates to avoid the worst of the downturn in the employment market while simultaneously enabling them to invest in new skills that will give an advantage when the upturn comes. This time is different, however, and there is a third benefit. .
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How to Choose an MBA
By Nunzio Quacquarelli, Editor of QS TopMBA.com and Director of the QS World MBA Tour How do people decide whether to take an MBA and which school to attend? One good strategy is to adopt the following five steps in making a decision. These steps encourage candidates to take their time, assess their own personal strengths and objectives, and do their research to ensure they make the right choice.
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First steps for choosing the right business school
Over 100,000 people a year choose to study for an MBA worldwide. With young professionals recognizing that there are no “jobs for life”, an MBA can provide skills to make an individual more marketable and to provide greater career choice. In particular, an MBA develops technical and interpersonal skills which are particularly important in a recession.
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The MBA world according to head-hunters
In any employment market the people who can see both sides of the situation are the intermediaries – the recruitment agencies and head-hunters. They know the quality of candidates available, the number and type of employment opportunities their clients have on offer, and can judge the market value of qualifications and experience.
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How to make a really effective business school application
MBA expert Matt Symonds on where, when and how to get that application in on time and, more importantly, how to make it stand out above the rest.
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E-MBAs in the Middle East
The Middle East is fast becoming a key part of top business school recruitment strategies. We look at what this region has to offer Executive MBAs.
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What is the credit crunch impact on MBA employers and applicants?
The author Mark Twain, noticing an obituary to him in a newspaper in 1897, famously wired to the editor, “The report of my death was an exaggeration,” and went on to live for another thirteen productive years.
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All Change?
If Bill Gates had got bored with software in his twenties and decided to try his luck as a rock guitarist, would the world be the same today? Would technology have evolved in a significantly different direction? Would ‘Microsoft-Rock’ have been a new genre of music? And, most importantly, would it have been any good?
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Distance learning MBAs on the rise as MBA candidates consider work-life balance
By Ross Geraghty Distance learning has been a feature in the world of education for a long time and older readers may remember the association with ‘correspondence courses’ featuring boxes packed with books and valuable essays left at the mercy of the postal service.
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Developing your soft skills for that harder edge
By Ross Geraghty Traditionally, an MBA’s most valuable skills included leadership, strategic thinking and finance, and nobody disputes that those core elements will remain bastions of the business school education system. However, a 2007 study shows that ‘soft’ skills rank highest with recruiters, and yet this is a key area where MBAs are falling short.
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MBA Admission Interviews: How to answer in winning style
Being selected for an MBA interview is your one chance to show the MBA admissions committee who you are beyond your essay, GMAT and personal references. In many cases, it’s a step closer to getting in. You might be nervous, but you don’t want to freeze up; you also shouldn’t walk in overly confident and turn off your interviewer.
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Career Focus
According to a recent survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council(GMAC),choosing the right internship can make all the difference to your future career.The survey of nearly700 companies around the world found that 62% of them took on MBA students as interns over the summer. Of this group,almost three-quarters considered their interns before looking at external candidates for full-time roles.The typical company reported that half of its new MBA hires would come from the internship pool.
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Distance Learning Needn’t be a Lonely Experience
The distance-learning MBA, sometimes incorrectly called the online MBA, is becoming increasingly sought after and top business schools are responding by incorporating them into their programs. For some, networking and team-building on the campus-based MBA are among the most important reason to attend a top business school, and suggest that a distance-learning MBA cannot offer that deep level of personal contact. However this needn’t be the case at all.
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The MBA and International Experience: Are they becoming pre-requisites for the world’s CEOs?
By Ross Geraghty It’s taking less time to get to the top and the MBA is making reaching the boardroom even more likely than ever before,according to exclusive research released in May 2008.
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Distance Learning MBA and employment
By James Donald Distance learning as a mode of study is becoming more popular, particularly among MBA candidates. But does an MBA received via distance learning impact on your chances of employment? QS TopMBA finds out.
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Top European Business Schools Hold Their Own Against Strong Competition
By Ross Geraghty Under pressure European business schools are still holding a strong position in the MBA market, particularly in core specializations such as Entrepreneurship and International Management, a 2007 report says.
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MBA Study Destinations overseas
With the numbers of MBAs booming, the world’s key MBA destinations are seeing numbers and quality of courses increase. Many Indians are considering studying overseas either to bring their business skills back to the nations’ developing economy, or to remain working for experience in their host country. Ross Geraghty and Marie Field take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of studying in the major MBA-providing regions of the world
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The Executive MBA Alternative
By Spencer Matheson The continued growth and popularity of the Executive MBA across the globe reflects the attractive rewards for both participants and their employers, ensuring both accelerated professional development and enhanced corporate performance.
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Demand for MBAs by Region
More and more companies are global in their operations without ties to any one region, according to the QS TopMBA.com Recruiter Survey 2007. In total, 58 of the 489 recruiters responding to our survey had global responsibility for MBA hiring from top business schools. These global recruiters include strategy consulting firms, investment banks, and pharmaceutical companies, supplemented by a small number of companies in most other sectors.
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An interview with Wharton Dean, Thomas S. Robertson
QS TopMBA newsletter talks to Thomas S. Robertson, Dean and Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise, The Wharton School on how MBA programs are tackling the big issues.
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What’s the difference between an EMBA and an MBA?
It’s a matter of experience, convenience and career planning. The MBA is a business school program designed to take graduates into the next stage of their career. It provides a general background to the entire range of business skills that are required, though students can take electives that are geared to their interests, whether in finance, entrepreneurship, marketing or other core specializations.
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A day in the life
IT strategy consultant
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Atypical careers
MBA career options beyond Banking and Consulting
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The art of getting the right business school recommendations
Recommendations are a vital part of any application to business school and it is important you get them right. QS, the organizers behind the QS World MBA Tour spoke to The Princeton Review about who candidates should approach for recommendations.
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Evaluating a job offer: 6 steps to consider
After spending a year or two tied to your books, case studies, and presentation notes, you’ve finally earned that MBA you’ve been striving for. So what next?
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Swiss business schools offer international students a great range of programs
A recent study conducted by QS, the education and career network that organizes the QS World MBA Tour, revealed that 16% of potential MBA students from countries across the globe are considering Switzerland as their MBA destination. 24% of Europeans considered studying for their MBA in Switzerland.
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Careers Focus: Oil and Gas
How can we safely secure our energy demands in a time of political polarization? How can the trade of energy be regulated to ensure a stable economy? And, as gas and oil resources run low and the environment suffers degradation, how can we diversify into renewable sources? The world’s top oil and gas companies, in countries including Russia and Kazakhstan, are increasingly turning to MBA talent to answer these tough questions.
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Regional Focus: Asia
Despite the 2002-3 downturn in MBA salaries and hiring, recent years have seen a significant upswing in the number business schools offering places, in worldwide MBA salaries and in job availability for MBA graduates.
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Careers Focus - Retail and Consumer Products
Where would we be without the Retail and Consumer Products industry? Everything from food to tobacco to furniture and cars categorizes this massive business and accordingly, MBAs are always in demand. Knowing this, many MBA students intend to work in this sector after graduation – 31% according to a recent survey conducted by QS TopMBA.com. Further, an astonishing 37% of women surveyed expect to work in the Retail and Consumer Products field following graduation.
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Green MBAs - And We're Not Talking About Experience
It's no longer just about saving the planet, but about using environmental sustainability to maximize profits, particularly in the long run.
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All About Loans: MBA Financing Is Easier Than You Think
A remarkable 86% of aspiring MBAs around the world report that one of the sources of funding they expect to obtain is a loan.
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Financing Your Executive MBA
Choosing to do an Executive MBA is an investment in learning and personal development, with a cost in both time and money. The program costs are modest in comparison to the benefits for both the individual and the company.
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