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Career Articles and Guides: The Job Interview

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Five Reasons Candidates Fail to Impress in Interviews
At Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 jobsite, over 12,000 jobs are posted on an average day and employers in the Middle East have their pick of cream candidates to screen, interview and select.
Views: 27,835 - Comments: 3
The Do’s And Don’ts of Salary Negotiation
Salary negotiation is a tough art; if you master it you can get a sneak peek into what your employer’s “reservation price” is and use it to your advantage. The career experts at Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 job site, have developed below a simple code of salary negotiation that is easy to follow, should the situation arise.
Views: 18,816 - Comments: 9
Evaluating Your Job Offer
You’ve wowed the interview panel, aced your assignments and a week down the line, in the midst of excitement and anticipation, your job offer letter is ready. Sigh of relief goes here . . . . So Long Job hunt! You are about to get employed... Actually, not quite yet!
Views: 16,471 - Comments: 0
How to answer salary questions in interview?
In answering a question about your salary expectation, don’t make an irreversible mistake by quoting a number without knowing what the interviewer has in mind.
Views: 79,362 - Comments: 23
Avoid Common Interview Mistakes
Your professional CV and attention-grabbing cover letter are landing you interviews with your target companies, yet somehow you are never able to make it past the interview stage. Make sure you are not suffering from the following career-blowing deficiencies.
Views: 132,658 - Comments: 42
How to Avoid Interview Stress
Do you experience severe interview stress? This article is for you.
Views: 107,835 - Comments: 49
How to Survive a Panel Interview?
“The Panel interview” is one of many job interview types reverted to by employers in the Middle East and employers worldwide when attempting to assess prospective candidates for an organizational position in order to determine whether they would or would not make a good fit.
Views: 77,803 - Comments: 11
12 Interview Answers that Will Not Get You the Job
Interview foibles are more common and easier to make than you imagine!
Views: 72,077 - Comments: 24
Interview Basics: The Twelve Commandments
Twelve key points to bear in mind in order to transform your hard-won job interview to a lucrative offer.
Views: 151,488 - Comments: 123
Questions to Ask the Interviewer
A job interview isn't a one-way street. The most successful interviewees realize it is an intelligent conversation, a mutual give-and-take that should result in both parties communicating their relevant agenda and understanding the other better.
Views: 133,270 - Comments: 89
What Happens After Your Job Interview?
Job interview Preparation? Done and over with! Job Interview Process? Done and over with as well! Is now the time to sit around and wait for the interviewer to contact you? Or should you jump right ahead and bombard him with phone calls, e-mails, greeting cards and thank you presents? Not really!
Views: 59,868 - Comments: 8
Job Interview Tips for Interviewers
Companies are in constant search for high-caliber, well grounded prospective candidates. Chasing competent and trustworthy talent has become an urge in today’s highly competitive job market. As a matter of fact, a recent study from Harvard University has recently reported that 80% of employee turnover is attributed to mistakes made during the hiring process, that is employing the wrong people to the wrong positions.
Views: 38,611 - Comments: 10
Tough Interview Questions:- How to Survive the Last Mile
Tips to survive some tough interview tactics in style
Views: 397,346 - Comments: 141
The Thank You Letter
The interview went well, but don’t forget the follow up! Some tips on writing thank you letters that show you are courteous, professional and well-suited for the job.
Views: 97,441 - Comments: 90
The Informational Interview: A Key Networking Event
The "informational interview" is an invaluable resource and a welcome addition to any job seeker's toolkit.
Views: 45,690 - Comments: 3
Salary Negotiations: the Basics
Bayt.com reveals some basic tools to use when you ask the employer to show you the money!
Views: 100,568 - Comments: 71
Job Interview Q and A
Some sample job interview questions and answers.
Views: 396,162 - Comments: 75
Job Interview Don'ts
Some job interview pitfalls to avoid.
Views: 66,356 - Comments: 56
Job Interview Tips
Interview skills are learnt. Do your pre-interview homework, learn what questions you can anticipate and how best to answer them. Practice and preparation are key for a successful interview.
Views: 81,587 - Comments: 49