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Career Articles and Guides: The Job Search

Are you a professional working in the Middle East?

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Building Your Personal Brand on Bayt.com
Similar to marketing a product, a necessity in today’s world is marketing yourself. A brand is all about creating trust in the eyes of your audience. In your case, the audience could be your employer or future client. Either way, keeping yourself relevant, unique and important will ensure employability and workplace success.
Views: 4,027 - Comments: 1
How to Find a Job You Love
Confucius said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
Views: 28,640 - Comments: 18
How can career fairs work for you?
Career fairs are one of many great resources when exploring career options and looking for employment/internship opportunities.
Views: 20,844 - Comments: 10
Ten Reasons You Weren’t Hired
Here from the career experts at the Middle East's #1 job site www.Bayt.com are the top ten reasons candidates often fail to secure the job of their dreams.
Views: 139,067 - Comments: 98
Are You an A-Player? Target an A-Employer!
The number of employers looking for A-Players is once again on the rise after a worldwide financial crisis which forced many top employers to lay off key staff. Employers today are demanding top credentials and are well positioned to source top candidates given the number of unemployed and under-employed A-players in the marketplace today.
Views: 55,923 - Comments: 2
Work-Laid Off in 2009, Now What?
The negative effects of the current economic slump have touched the lives of many top working professionals in the Middle East as well as their families throughout the past year.
Views: 57,347 - Comments: 27
Finding Your First Job
To help you out with your first job, here are a few steps that are essential for success.
Views: 99,709 - Comments: 85
Ten Ways to Stay Upbeat During the Job Search
Job hunting getting you down? Don't lose confidence! Bayt.com presents you with 10 ways to avoid the job search doldrums and stay motivated and upbeat.
Views: 83,531 - Comments: 56
Starting a New Job
Starting a new job can be a daunting task. The Career Experts at Bayt.com outline how to start off on the right foot.
Views: 81,380 - Comments: 24
How Do You Choose the Right Career Path for You?
Choosing the right career eludes some of us right up until retirement. Be one of the lucky ones who have truly found their calling. The following tips from Bayt.com should help.
Views: 73,531 - Comments: 39
What Are You Doing to Jeopardize Your Online Job Search?
So you have been a registered job seeker with Bayt.com for a while now, but where is that call? You’ve been waiting for the call that will change your destiny, the call that will offer you the career opportunity of your life. Instead of sitting around and wondering why you have not yet been contacted, you might start digging deep into your daily practices on Bayt.com.
Views: 28,156 - Comments: 5
Tips to optimize your Bayt CV
Five tips to supercharge your Bayt CV and get hired faster.
Views: 75,212 - Comments: 46
The Cover Letter
Your cover letter personalizes your CV and summarizes who you are, what you are interested in and why you are very suitable for the job. No CV should leave without one! Read on for Bayt's guide on how to write an attention grabbing cover letter.
Views: 101,897 - Comments: 47
Top CV Mistakes to Avoid
Make sure your CV is your springboard to the next stage of the job search. Here, from the career experts at the Middle East's #1 job site, Bayt.com, are some key CV mistakes to avoid.
Views: 105,095 - Comments: 72
What Employers Are Looking For
There are 6 key areas an employer will evaluate you on. Aim to outshine in every one of them.
Views: 66,347 - Comments: 63
The Power CV
Tips and tools to creating a winning CV that will get you noticed.
Views: 92,612 - Comments: 48
Job Hunting During an Economic Downturn?
Are the daunting shadows of an economic downturn wearing you down and derailing all your best professional efforts? Are you finding that job hunting is a demoralizing and frustrating task during an economic slowdown?
Views: 27,587 - Comments: 6
Choosing the Right Company for You
Bayt.com explores some angles to consider when choosing which companies to work for.
Views: 39,546 - Comments: 20
Job Search Readiness Quiz
Are you ready to tackle a job search effectively and successfully? Take this quiz to find out.
Views: 61,993 - Comments: 90
Forty Things to Do When You're Fired
Who said being fired was the end of the road. Your life may well have just begun! In 40 points, the career experts at the Middle East's #1 job site www.Bayt.com count the ways...
Views: 50,618 - Comments: 27
The Benefits of Online Recruitment
Online job sites have revolutionized the recruitment landscape for both employers and job seekers and largely increased the efficiency with which hiring decisions can take place. Read how employers and in turn jobseekers have benefited from online recruitment.
Views: 85,600 - Comments: 7
Cover Letters That Count
When trying to land a job, a strong, succinct cover letter is one of the best tools you can use to get noticed. And unlike other first impressions, the cover letter puts the opportunity to succeed largely in your hands. Read on to learn how to avoid wince-worthy moments and create a terrific first impression with your cover letters.
Views: 72,941 - Comments: 34
Common Job Search Mistakes
Learn how to avoid a few common mistakes while approaching your job search.
Views: 56,485 - Comments: 39
Self-Assessment Tests
Standing at the career crossroads with no idea what direction to take? Why not start by taking a few self-assessment tests to aid you in mapping out your strengths and weaknesses.
Views: 80,318 - Comments: 9
The Job Search - Layman's Manual
Bayt.com's road map for planning a successful job search. An indispensable guide for the job-hunter.
Views: 48,109 - Comments: 18