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How to answer salary questions in interview?

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In answering a question about your salary expectation, don’t make an irreversible mistake by quoting a number without knowing what the interviewer has in mind.

“What is your salary expectation?”

Although a great opportunity and valuable experience is what a true professional looks for, a fair compensation is a must. In answering a question about your salary expectation, don’t make an irreversible mistake by quoting a number without knowing what the interviewer has in mind. Try to give a diplomatic answer and throw the ball back into the interviewer’s court by saying that you would like to know more about the job responsibilities and the type of benefits that the company usually offers to a person with the same career and educational profile as yours.

If the interviewer is still persistent on extracting a salary range from you then answer in the form of a salary range based on what you were previously earning, what people in that job position generally receive. You can find this information going through salary portals such as Salaries by Bayt.com and what your education and experience is worth.

“What was your salary in your previous job?

Try not to give a quick answer on this one. Try to argue that it is not fair to make a comparison of what you were previously making to what your expectation is because the salary structure in your former company was very different and the position that you have applied for entails job functions that you did not handle in your previous job role. Try to make the interviewer drop hints about the package they are offering.

“How would you feel about settling for a lower pay than what you were getting in your last job?

Don’t get uneasy as soon as you hear the words “less pay”, talk about how salary isn’t the only aspect of a job that attracts you and that you are open to options but it depends on what those other factors are that make the job so appealing that you will be ready to forgo the salary. If the job is less stressful, offers more flexibility and higher career development and growth then it is probably worth a thought. However, in answering the question do establish your minimum range and then ask them for more details about the job and the compensation package.

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1. salah Obaiedthank you for the good information
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11. هبه عبدالله حسين عطالله عبدالوهاب عبدالوهاببارك الله فيكم وجعل ما تبذلونه من جهد للإيصال هذه المعلومات القيمة الينا في ميزان حسناتكم انشاءالله
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