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Making a Long Distance Relationship with “Job Search” Work

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One effect of the global downswing has been the overwhelming surge of working professionals attempting to migrate towards countries that are economically stable in their hunt for job security, competitive packages and quality of life.

In a recent Bayt.com poll about expatriate pay packages in the Middle East, 35% of professionals stated that their companies are still offering special expatriate packages across the region. What then is the right way to go about finding a job and relocating to your preferred country in the MENA? Here are 5 top tips from Bayt.com’s career experts.

1. Take the time to identify countries you should target: The Middle East comprises of over 20 countries with different climates, socio-political structures, rules and regulations. Allot the time to look closely at the values, background and culture of countries and pick the ones that you think you would best acclimate to in the short as well as long run. Bear in mind your relocation purposes should not only be centered on your professional growth and development, but also your personal development and well-being.

2. Target the right industry: Economic situations differ from country-to-country. The Bayt.com Middle East Salary Survey 2011 shows that professionals working in Qatar are amongst the highest paid in the region but that does not necessarily apply to all industries in Qatar. The Bayt.com Middle East Job Index Survey- January 2011- shows for example that industries that are managing to attract and retain the best talents in Qatar today are Banking & Finance, Oil& Gas and Construction. The bottom line is: make sure you are on top of regional HR news and all happenings in the Middle Eastern job market by consulting relevant HR Research Surveys regularly. Bayt.com offers a plethora of detailed HR Surveys on a regular basis.

3. Network wisely: Not being in your desired country of employment does not imply you cannot network with professionals who are living and working there, online. Bayt.com’s recently launched Public Profile function is the perfect tool which will not only help boost your professional status, but will also help you network and share information with an online community of over 5.5 million job seekers and 40,000 employers (many of whom could be based in your targeted country of employment). Get online, optimize your professional brand and let the networking begin!

4. Opt for a smart follow up strategy: You’ve applied for the job and fired away your CV and cover letter, and the waiting game has started. Now what? Ensure you do your bit: Call your targeted employer and ask the operator very politely about the contact details of the HR executive/ manager concerned and then invest in the effort to call/ e-mail the executive/manager to follow-up on your application and express your interest in a telephonic/ video interview. Also mention you would be happy to make a short trip to meet them face-to-face should they wish you to (assuming your finances permit).

5. Prepare for your telephonic/ video interview: A telephonic/ video Interview is no different than a face-to-face interview. Once your interview date and time are set, make sure you take the time to research the company, its products and the job role. Chances are you’ll probably get asked why your prospective employer would want to hire you internationally. So make sure you have a list of what differentiates you, and what you could immediately and uniquely bring on-board that someone else can’t. Be on time, be truthful and professional and do not shy away from asking questions that help you better understand the nature of the job and the employer’s expectations.

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1. Nawar Al-mackzoomyfor who interest with PMP course I think this URL is so good
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2. منير المنيرthank you
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3. soumitra DasThis is funtastic stuff and extremely motivating.....
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4. Ahmad Saleh Salmangreat 1 :))
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