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Achieve More Happiness at Work in Six Easy Steps

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According to Bayt.com’s October 2011 MENA Employee Engagement Poll 77% of professionals in the MENA feel engaged in their jobs. Whether you have just landed your dream job on the Middle East’s #1 jobsite Bayt.com or are still checking in online every day to find that perfect opportunity, there are a myriad of very simple ways to make your current professional life even happier. Here are some top tips from the Bayt.com team.

1. Communicate More and Better: Open channels of communication are key to a functional workplace and to forming closer bonds with bosses, co-workers and clients. Keep the communication constructive and professional and calm and always listen at least as much as you speak. You will be seen as much more co-operative and friendly if you engage with those around you more and express your thoughts and feelings better. The majority group (35%) of professionals polled by Bayt.com in Q4 2011 say what they want most from their managers is open respectful communications while 18% in a separate Q4 2011 poll indicate what they need most for higher engagement at work is a better relationship with managers or colleagues. So start improving your relationships today and watch your job satisfaction soar.

2. Lend a Helping Hand: Every one is swamped on a typical day in a typical workplace but try to make time to lend a hand or offer friendly advice to those in need whether it is the new kid on the block or the group flailing in a project you can lend a nugget of advice on. Remember you are all working for the same goals and what goes around typically comes around and you will inevitably see the good vibes and intentions you send out benefiting you as much as those you help. This will be especially productive if you can immerse yourself in projects or tasks you particularly enjoy by which you are both helping the organisation and increasing your own job satisfaction. Remember to only help where you help is wanted or needed though and not to create a situation where extra unsolicited hands spoil the broth or where you are seen as intrusive.

3. Customize Your Workspace: Whether you work from a cubicle, a car or the corner office, extra steps you make to customize and organize your workspace will help you relax and feel comfortable in the workplace. Whether it is a plant, a filing cabinet from your parent’s study at home, customized fuchsia stationary with your initials, photos of loved ones, special art and artifacts arranged to your taste, favorite books, or simply plain clean white space, make an effort to make your space your very own very special comfort zone – without distressing or alienating those around you.

4. Stay Healthy: Bayt.com’s 2012 Healthy Habits in the MENA Workplace poll indicated that 18% of the regions’ professionals don’t exercise at all and most of those who do exercise only occasionally. Moreover 32% consider their eating habits to be unhealthy! Remember that the key to a healthy happy mind is a healthy body so pick up a few guidelines on healthy eating habits in the workplace and start substituting an unhealthy diet for a nutritious one that will energize and perk you up for the day and supplement that with an exercise regimen that agrees with your lifestyle. Remember it needn’t be difficult – perhaps you can start by swapping that candy bar or bag of chips on your desk for a fresh fruit or some chopped vegetables or dates and walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator; perhaps you can come in an hour earlier and use the office gym; every small step towards a healthier lifestyle adds up.

5. Learn Something New: There is nothing like the power of learning to empower and rejuvenate particularly when it means you can approach your job in a fresh manner armed with valuable new tools and know-how. Aim to stay abreast of developments in your industry always through whatever means are available to you whether it is conferences, seminars, exhibitions, online courses or simply a strict reading routine in your own time. In a 2011 Bayt.com poll professionals were asked if they think reading relevant literature regularly is important for advancing their careers and 97% agreed that it was, with 70% saying it was ‘’extremely important’’. Of professionals polled by Bayt.com 78% indicated they did in fact already read industry literature regularly. When asked in a separate poll what is most needed to succeed in one’s career the overwhelming majority of Bayt.com’s respondents said ‘’willingness to learn’’. If you embrace the lifelong learning route not only will you be able to continuously improve your job performance but you should also become increasingly regarded as an expert in your field and this should greatly add value to your personal brand, professional reputation and sense of personal satisfaction and achievement.

6. Smile: You’ve all heard it takes less effort to smile than to frown and it certainly makes you look that much more successful and approachable and appealing so start smiling today in good times and in adversity and watch your mood pick right up and your happy hormones come to the fore. A positive attitude will go very far in making you a more valued, respected and popular peer, boss and co-worker. Always remember you are in control of your career destiny and that you can shape your career in different ways with the right attitude and approach. In a Bayt.com poll professionals were asked to what extent they are responsible for reaching the career level they aspire to. The overwhelming majority said “Fully. Hard work and good decisions pay off.”

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1. Agatha JenyeIt's really helpful for you. If you occur in somewhere place, which you don't like way out next. Firstly, start speaking, than customize your workplace, mandatory using vices/. Hope, you have positive results. Thanks for article.
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2. عبدالعزيز أل خلفياهلا وسهلا <br />تشكرن نضيف معلومات ممكن تنفع في المستقبل القريب
Sun 06-Dec-2015 12:03 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
3. هبه عبدالله حسين عطالله عبدالوهاب عبدالوهابنصائح مفيده جدا من شأنها ان تحول الظروف السيئه او الضغوط في العمل الي جو مريح وتقوية للدافعية للعمل
Sun 01-Jun-2014 18:02 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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