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A Day In The Life Of : An Executive Search Consultant

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What does a day in your life look like?

6:30 am: Wake up and over breakfast check the morning papers Appointments sections for new positions to stay abreast of the recruitment market

7:30 am: Head to the office – takes an hour to get there with the new roads and traffic

8:30 am: Morning meeting with the team. At this daily meeting we discuss new opportunities, leads, outstanding positions, deadlines and tasks for the day.

9:00 am: Start day by checking my email and phone messages and responding to all urgent matters by phone and email.

10:00 am: Interview with senior marketing executive for a retained assignment – my interviews at the senior executive level typically take the whole hour as the executives usually have a lot of questions about the company I represent, the industry, the reasons the position is open and the team they would be working with.

11:00 am: Interview with a GM looking for opportunities in the region.

12:15 pm: Lunch at my desk while I check my emails for the day, file any incoming CVs in the appropriate folders and return any morning calls.

2 pm: Business development meeting at client’s office. We are pitching for an assignment to hire a CFO and some other senior finance professionals for this firm. I go through our usual presentation slides with firm history and success metrics and references then talk about how we can add value with this particular assignment.

4 pm: Back in the office. Time for some admin work and invoicing for 2 completed assignments as well as to follow up on the previous meeting with a specific proposal which I promised to dispatch before the end of day.

5 pm: Pre-arranged telephonic interview with candidate from London for a senior Finance role in a Dubai financial institution.

5:30 pm: Return a call of another candidate from overseas we are in discussions with about the same assignment. Candidate has a lot of questions still about the role and about the merits of relocation in general. The client has still not shortlisted candidates and we are still in dialogue with a couple of key candidates for the position.

5:45 pm: Review CVs the research team has sent me for a couple of assignments I am working on. I call my Research Manager and ask for more information about one of them and arrange to interview 2 candidates telephonically the following day.

6:00 pm: I am late but I still submit to the Marketing Department detailed descriptions of a couple of new positions I would like advertised in the key industry journals and online jobsites.

6:15 pm: Complete my To-Do List for the next day and head home taking with me the phone number and CV of a candidate in New York I need to call at 11 am his time (which is quite late my time) for a quick chat about a job opportunity with a client of ours in Bahrain.

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