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A Day In The Life Of: An Advertisement Sales Executive

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What does a day in your life look like?

8:00 am: Arrive at the office grabbing a cup of coffee and a croissant on my way from the vendor downstairs. Spend the next hour morning at my desk sifting through leading magazines and websites I follow to see who is advertising and monitoring new ads by clients/prospects I follow.

9:00 am: Morning meeting with the team. At this daily meeting we discuss existing clients portfolios, activities of previous day and day ahead and all outstanding issues.

9:30 am: Check emails and phone messages, respond to some immediately and make a ledger of all items I need to action later in the day on my invaluable indispensable ‘To-Do’ book which lives loyally on my desk.

10:00 am: Take a quick look through and analyze daily key data reports for advertisements of clients and make any necessary adjustments /recommendations accordingly.

10:45 am: Quick visit to the marketing department to brief them on a new section we need their help in.

11:00 am: Meeting with an ad agency I am trying to win over as a client. I have met with them several times before and made and amended several proposals but today’s meeting looks promising as they have called for it and asked for specific items to be discussed.

1:00 pm: Quick lunch with a client located very near the ad agency I just visited – I like to schedule my client service visits next to each other and often have lunch/dinner with clients I have built a close rapport with.

2:00 pm: Meeting with our in-house creative team as we are designing a creative campaign as part of our media proposal for a key client. We have already briefed them and brainstormed and are meeting today to look at suggested options.

3:30 pm: Very excited about the outcome of our creative efforts and in a hurry to show it to the client. I draft the proposal presentation myself including all elements of the creative campaign and send an email to schedule an appointment with the client.

4:30 pm: Troubleshooting phone call with a client who still doesn’t understand online advertising that much. Spend a lot of time familiarizing him once again with the metrics of his campaign and comparing them to industry benchmarks and historic metrics. I often have to spend a lot of time educating marketers at client companies about the benefits of online advertising and the metrics and options available to them.

5:00 pm: Interview with new client service candidate for my team. Has both online experience and sales experience and is trilingual so I’m very excited about this meeting.

6:00 pm: Complete a proposal I started for another key client which was pending some pieces of data I just received from our IT department.

7:00 pm:Head home. Haven’t made enough client calls today so I make a note to compensate for it the next day.

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