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A Day In The Life Of: An Administrative Assistant

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What does a day in your life look like?

7:00 am: Wake up, take a shower, and prepare for work.

7:30 am: Head to my workplace. The distance requires a fifteen minute drive but it takes me longer because I pass by a Drive Thru coffee shop to buy my favorite cup of mocha.

7:55 am: Sign in on the attendance sheet at the office. The Time in/Time Out area is just behind my cubicle. I see some colleagues nearby and say a quick hello to them.

8:00 am: At my desk. Turn on my PC. Log on to network and check my Outlook Calendar for today's meetings and appointments. Check my To-Do-List. I put a number opposite each item to mark according to priority.

8:35 am: Make phone calls to the members of hospital information management committee to remind them of their meeting at 9:00. Most physicians are not on their offices, so I have to notify them through their pagers and wait for their response.

8:55 am: Go to the Conference Room where the Committee meeting will be held. I brought copies of the previous Minutes of Meeting and today's Meeting Agenda. Inside the conference room, I prepare the laptop, projector and arrange the copies of the MOM and Agenda at the center of the table so that the attendees may easily get a copy each. I place the voice recorder at the center of the table to capture the minutes.

9:05 am: The Chairman of the Committee calls the meeting to order. I sit next to him to take notes of the minutes of meeting.

10:00 am: The meeting is adjourned. After everyone has left the conference room, I turn off the laptop and the projector, making sure that I leave the conference room the way it was when I came in.

10:10 am: Back to my desk. Check my phone calls and emails, answering the urgent messages. I make a call to remind my boss of his appointment with the General Executive Director at 10:30. In my To-Do List, I have 2 memos to prepare. In addition, I have another one which was dictated to me by my boss on the phone. It takes at least 15 minutes for me to prepare one draft- depending on the message my boss asks me to write and to whom it is addressed.

11:30 am: I finish all the memo drafts. I forward the soft copies to my boss for his approval. While waiting for his approval, I do some admin tasks. I send follow up emails to employees who have not replied to my previous messages. I completed an RFP which was pending from yesterday.

12:30 am: Head to the hospital cafeteria for lunch. I bring some files/ requests with me, so I can drop them to the departments they are addressed to, which are located along the way towards the cafeteria.

1:30 am: Back at my desk. Check and respond to calls and emails. My boss has approved the drafts of the memos I made. I print them out for his signature and distributed them to all recipients and cc's.

2:00 am: HIMS Project Steering Committee meeting at the hospital boardroom. I give copies of Meeting Agenda and previous MOM. I take the minutes of this meeting where hospital executives and HIMS project vendors discuss the project status.

4:00 am: At my desk, I do other tasks on my To-Do List including a follow up call to the Travel Agent to confirm my boss' flight and hotel booking for his out of town seminar next week. I also write the minutes of the two meetings I had today.

6:00 am: I finish the initial drafts of the minutes. I completed my To Do list for the next day.

6:30 am: I sign out at the Attendance Sheet and head for home bringing with me a printed copy of the rough draft of the minutes of the two meetings to proofread.

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