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A Day In The Life Of A Customer Service Supervisor

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What does a day in your life look like?

8:00 am: It is 8 o’clock already and I am still fighting to get myself out of bed. This is due to the recent feelings of exhaustion that I’ve been experiencing in my job lately. It is not easy to go in every single day and face the customers’ problems that just keep on piling up with a smile on my face!

9:00 am: I am surprisingly on time. Take a seat at my desk praying to God the day passes by peacefully. Check my e-mails and respond to 10 customer complaints that I have received overnight. (This translates into 10 customer visits to be scheduled in the next 2 days)

10:00 am: Team meeting: my manager is on vacation this week so I am leading these morning meetings. We discuss our activities for the day: individual to-do lists, scheduled customer visits, and bottlenecks (for today, it’s deciding on the discount rate to be given to 2 customers who have insisted on keeping their not-so “damaged” goods after customer visit, even though we have brand new pieces in stock).

11:00 am: I need at least an hour of stillness to focus on the new Customer Service Tracker I am implementing. This tracker will hopefully save us time and trouble by identifying the major reasons behind our customer complaints (which will help us take measures to avoid them, once and for all, I hope)

1:00 pm: So, it takes me 2 hours instead of one but the whole project is evolving quite nicely and I am really excited about it. Lunch break. I am actually running to the bank instead to submit my car loan documents. I have been going crazy over the Toyota FJ cruiser and I am overjoyed that I will finally own it in my favorite burgundy color!

2:00 pm: Back to the office. Check my e-mails again, prep up and get ready for a busy afternoon of customer visits. I hope the traffic will be bearable as I really don’t want to miss my sister’s dinner invitation tonight.

2:30 pm: First visit: couch has a crack on its right lower leg (which is absolutely true). I call the office, stock is available. Replacement is scheduled for tomorrow and my customer is quite pleased. Invites me to stay for coffee, I apologize politely since my schedule is tight.

3:30 pm: Second visit: customer is not home. I wait in my car for 15 minutes. She’s apologetic as she got stuck in traffic on her way from Sharjah. I sympathize with her (and thank God I don’t have to drive to Sharjah everyday). Her bed is making creaking noises and has a small scratch on the left side. I schedule for the assembly team to come in along with the carpenter tomorrow morning and fix the issue for her. She offers me lemonade, I gladly say YES! (I love lemonade)

4:45 pm: Last visit for today. Call the customer on my way to inform her of my 10 minute delay. She is there and waiting. Her microfiber beige couch has scratches on its fabric. I have had this issue with 6 couches so far, within the same range (4 more couches and I’ll raise a Product Quality Ticket to the stock control department). Brief customer about the situation. She is not amused, and reluctantly agrees to take a voucher against it along with a 10% discount on her next purchase. The delivery team will pick up the couch from her house tomorrow night.

6:00 pm: Back in the office. Brief the team about my customer visits and update the assembly, delivery and carpenter schedule accordingly. Also update my daily customer service outstanding report.

6:30 pm: Call all customers (who have e-mailed me overnight) and schedule in visits at the time of their convenience.

7:30 pm: Literally run out of the office. I should be at my sister’s in exactly 30 minutes. Pass by Coco’s and get the 3 layer chocolate cake she adores (now, I know for a fact she will forgive me if I run late) and head to her place for a lovely gathering and scrumptious cuisine.

11:30 pm: Home at last, take a shower and head straight to bed! I honestly think I should register for STRESS management courses asap!!

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1. hisham sallehMany many thanks for that great work.
Thu 16-Jul-2009 11:25 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
2. Rema shakerسيدي الفاضل : اعلم انك شخص ينتمي الى اصول عربية ليس من خلال كلمة الشارقة التي ذكرتها ولكن من نمط حياتك التي تعيشها . ولكن اود ان انتقدك بشي انت تصرفك يشبه جدا تصرف اخي معي ولكن وظيفته مختلفة لا تنزعج مني ولكن من خلال يومياتك ارى انك شخص مرهق او متوتر و بداخلك قنبلة ارى ان تذهب الى رحلة استجمام وان تحب عملك كما هو وان تعشقه كي تبدع فيه لأنك مليئة بالشحن العصبي وبحاجة ان تفرغه فيما يرضي الله
Thu 11-Jun-2009 10:05 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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