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Ten Ways to Stay Upbeat During the Job Search

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Job hunting getting you down? Don't lose confidence! Bayt.com presents you with 10 ways to avoid the job search doldrums and stay motivated and upbeat.

1. Recognize if you are in a slump

The first step to getting out of the doldrums is to recognize that you are indeed in a slump. If you are suffering from the jobseeker blues take the time out to re-energize and seek the focus, strength and inner peace you need to pursue your job search and get ahead with your career. Talk to people you trust and seek professional help if you need it.

2. Organize your day

Even if you are out of a job, structure your day with the same discipline as you would a work day. Lounging about the house being unproductive will not further your job search and will only feed your inertia and panic at being unemployed. Treat your job search as u would a full time job and approach it with the same vigor, organizational skills and discipline as you would a work day. Build into your day a multitude of tasks that will further your job search including networking activities, research activities, training activities, visits with your mentor, cold calls etc. Don't forget to document the results and make sure you stay on top of the follow-up. By organizing your week days in this strict disciplined manner you will maintain a feeling of control over the job search and lose the panic many jobseekers feel which is often directly attributed to the feeling of helplessness and loss of control over the course their life is taking.

3. Build a support network around you

Don't let negative types discourage or distract you from your job search. Instead, observe and learn from successful, happy professionals who are where you would like to be and enlist their support in getting there. Seek to surround yourself with encouraging upbeat people who will inspire and motivate you rather than bring you down. Enthusiasm is contagious and the more keen and confident those around you are, the more confident you will be in your strengths, abilities and marketability.

4. Stay motivated

Learn from the success stories of others and the advice of motivational experts how to stay motivated. Read motivational books and autobiographies from those who have made it in the industry or line of business you are targeting or those whose lives and successes have inspired you and motivated you to accomplish and succeed in the past. There are many best-selling highly effective motivational books that come with audiotapes and you can build into your daily routine listening to them even as you drive or engage in other important tasks.

5. Remind yourself of your past accomplishments

Often, it is easy to lose all confidence in yourself if your job search is extending itself indefinitely and there are no positive outcomes in sight. Whenever you think you have reached a dead end and your confidence in your abilities is waning, remind yourself of past successes even as you re-energize and rethink the strategy for your job search. Picture your last major success and remind yourself of how you got there and the feeling of euphoria that comes with a major accomplishment, then visualize yourself repeating that success in your new endeavors and outline a roadmap for getting there. You may want to keep a photo of yourself after that last accomplishment prominently displayed or on you at all times to remind yourself constantly of your capabilities.

6. Learn a new skill

Use this time in between jobs to learn a new skill. You may want to attend a course or read books that deal specifically with certain aspects of the job search such as interviewing skills, writing a CV, networking; or you may want to work on other areas you would like to develop whether it be confidence building, public speaking, sales, managing a team, getting along with peers, maintaining a work/life balance or just succeeding in life in general. You may also have technical skills related to your chosen industry that you need to fine-tune or have always wanted to acquire; use this time in between jobs to gain these skills and include them on your CV once you have.

7. Reward yourself for achieving short term goals

Don't dwell on the downside. Set realistic short-term goals that advance your long-term objectives and on a daily basis revisit and reward yourself for your positive accomplishments for the day. These goals may include a specific number of CVs sent out, interviews gained, cold calls made, new skills acquired, professional books completed etc. Make sure your goals are reasonable and focus on achieving them one goal at a time.

8. Do some volunteer work

Volunteering is one way to feel more useful, widen your all-important networking circle and in some cases, beef up your CV. You will enjoy the learning that comes with a new activity as well as the immense sense of satisfaction that comes with helping others if you are involved in charitable works.

9. Count your blessings

No matter how strenuous and uphill the job search may be remember your blessings in other areas of your life and be thankful. Keep things in perspective at all times and don't lose sight of your successes and accomplishments.

10. Don't lose balance

Include exercise and relaxation in your weekly schedule as well as other means to expend positive energy, let off steam and indulge in activities you enjoy. Whether it's a daily 30 minute walk around the block, an hour of power yoga, cycling with the kids after school or an hour looking after the daffodils and hydrangea in the kitchen garden, don't lose sight of the activities that you enjoy best and that maintain a critical balance in your life.

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Reader's Comments

1. Tarek Mohammed HamedIt was great article to read in this hard moment of life including a set of useful advises many thanks for
Sun 06-Sep-2015 20:46 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
2. Abdul Muiz MuizThis 10 ways are really useful to keep up to reach the daily life challenges thanks to the Bayt team.
Tue 06-May-2014 07:40 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
3. Nabeel AkhtarThank you for motivating engorging, Impressive tips.
Mon 03-Mar-2014 22:00 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
4. brahim ouanayaاشكر القائمين على موقع بيت كوم والذين فعلا حققو انجازات كبيره واعادات لكثير من الشباب الامل بعد ما فقدوه ونتمنى لهم دوم التوفيق والنجاح
Fri 24-Feb-2012 09:44 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
5. YOGEENDRAN NAIRbayt.com has provided me quite a number of job vacancies for me. but only a few employer contact back or send email or phone calls and later start bargaingn in the salary and terms and conditions thanks and best regards yogeendran nair damodharan
Sun 03-Jul-2011 05:29 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
6. khalid boutalibisalam .le site bayt .com c'est un site trés interessant pour les gens qui cherchent du travail egalement qui cherchent des employés car il leurs donne des conseils pour etre patient et ne pas perdre d'espoire car dans ces jours si c'est compliqué de trouver un travail que je souhaite de trouver hors de tout ca je dirai au gens qui s'occupent de se site bravo et bonne contunuation.
Fri 13-May-2011 16:36 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
7. محمد حاتماشكر القائمين على موقع بيت كوم والذين فعلا حققو انجازات كبيره واعادات لكثير من الشباب الامل بعد ما فقدوه ونتمنى لهم دوم التوفيق والنجاح
Mon 06-Dec-2010 13:26 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
8. samia chekiredthese 10 ways will help me in my actual situation , in fact our company is encountering real financial crisis, because of cost cut I will be on stand by for more than 5 months. I m looking for new job opportunities or try find an occupation, or looking for new professional orientation. I lost heart I decided to go through Bayt.com web site to look for articles that boost my enthusiasm
Thu 02-Dec-2010 11:15 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
9. Ahmed Ali Sayed Mohamed Saad Hashimتشكراتي من القلب على القائمين على هذا العمل القيم وموقع بايت افضل مرافق لنا في حياتنا المهنية
Sat 07-Aug-2010 06:36 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
10. Asim RasoolMarvelous ... !!!!! indeed boosted my spirit ... very well done (Y)
Wed 05-May-2010 19:29 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
11. Abdelkader El yaacoubiMerci infiniment à tous les membres de vos équipes pour les éfforts inlassables et les éclaircissements très importants que vous ne cessez d'apporter aux intéressés.
Sat 27-Feb-2010 10:46 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
12. احمد محمداحمد موسيوالله كلام زين والله اديكم العافية ويزيدكم خير
Tue 16-Feb-2010 10:55 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
13. Liyaqath Ali MohammedThanks, It helps people lot, very good article
Thu 04-Feb-2010 03:27 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
14. محمودقاسم صالح الغيثياشكركم الشكر الجزيل على هذا العمل الفضيل
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15. Arkam Ansarigood articles
Mon 07-Sep-2009 02:58 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
16. Fareed KhanVery Good Article!
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17. Hatim Ennimsإن هذه النصائح جيدة جداً و ثمينة و لكم اشكر على تذكيرنا بها
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18. amina tarmassiachkorokom 3la majhoudatikom aljabara
Wed 27-May-2009 15:05 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
19. SHAWKI ABDULLAHاشكركم جزيل الشكر على كل المعلومات المقدمة والتي بالفعل تبعث على التحلي بروح الصبر وعدم اليأس . لطالما بحثت عن موقع يعطيني الفائدة والحمد لله وجدته عندكم مع فائق احترامي لكل العاملين في هذا الموقع المميز
Thu 21-May-2009 10:09 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
20. Nickson Tomasthanks for great tips.
Mon 30-Mar-2009 13:13 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
21. maria el malikiاحمد الله العلي الكريم الذي جعلني اعثر عليكم واستفيد من مقالاتكم الرائعة النافعة.لقد ارجعتم فيا روح البحث و استرددت الثقة بنفسي بعد ان فقدتها .لكم جزيل الشكر
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23. ChinnappaReddy YeddulaWell said , these 10 ways boosted up my morales when I am in low spirits as an unemployed.
Mon 09-Mar-2009 14:47 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
24. هالة عصام الدين محمودشكرا انها نصائح هائلة
Sat 07-Mar-2009 13:09 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
25. Boutayna EL GHALABZOURIبارك الله فيكم , وحقا أشكركم على هذا المجهود الرائع , وتقبلوا مني أغلى التحيات....
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26. mohammed samakthank you for this high quality tips
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28. SUBAIR POTTAYIL POTTAYILWow! wonderful...tips!
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33. Maria Noella FloresThese tips are surely helpful in a lot of ways. Keep it up bayt.com. I will keep these handy. =)
Sun 28-Sep-2008 03:23 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
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36. Abood Ahmed Bawazergood stuff keep up the good work bayt thanks
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37. عيس بن شلابيmerci
Sat 21-Jun-2008 11:07 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
38. lyes dendaniسلام لكم جميعا واتمنى لكم التوفيق
Thu 12-Jun-2008 12:50 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
39. lyes dendaniسلام لكم جميعا واتمنى لكم التوفيق
Thu 12-Jun-2008 12:48 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
40. عطيه اكرم عطيه قنديلمشكوريين على هالنصائج الجيدة
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41. Samer Abu HummosGreat and kept my morale up
Sun 18-May-2008 15:36 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
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Fri 16-May-2008 16:57 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
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46. Tamer El GiundiVery useful. Keep on the good work
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47. ABDUL KHADAR MOHDgood steps 4 job seekers
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53. Alexander Arcalavery uplifting, thanks to Bayt team for coming up with tips like this. keep it up!!!!!!
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54. سهام بووردةالسلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته الشكر لكم على هاته النصائح المهمة
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55. Alaa Shinawithank you for the great tips!
Mon 31-Dec-2007 00:01 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
56. RAVEENDRA NADH DOKKAThese 10 ways are really appreciable and highly motivating. All working employees or unemployed must put them in practice on daily basis to achieve one's carrer goal... Hats off to Bayt team for publishing these tips and we expect such motivative tips more and more in future..
Mon 19-Nov-2007 14:33 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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