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Questions to Ask the Interviewer

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A job interview isn't a one-way street. The most successful interviewees realize it is an intelligent conversation, a mutual give-and-take that should result in both parties communicating their relevant agenda and understanding the other better.

According to Career Experts form Bayt.com, the Middle East's No.1 job-site asking questions of the interviewer is not only expected but makes you look more interested (and interesting) to the interviewer. Provided of course the questions are intelligent and show you in a positive light. Moreover, beyond asking questions to demonstrate your proactivity and intellect, this is the time to ascertain whether the job really is suitable for you and to determine the actual nature of the role on offer. The following are just a few questions that can be asked to know what you're getting into.

  • Why is this position open?
  • What level of experience/ skill are you looking for in the person who fills this role?
  • What kind of training would be available?
  • What would my initial responsibilities on the job be?
  • What would a typical day look like in terms of projects, responsibilities, deadlines etc?
  • Can you tell me something about the team I would be working with?
  • What objectives would you like the person in this role to accomplish?
  • Is there a specific career progression path that I would have with your company?
  • What are some of the more difficult problems I might face in this role?
  • What resources would the person in this role have - in terms of support, budget etc.
  • What significant changes do you foresee in the company in the near future?
  • In what areas do you consider your company to have the greatest strength?
  • How would my performance be evaluated in this position?
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    Reader's Comments

    1. ayman mohamedشكرا
    Wed 23-Mar-2016 13:58 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    2. عبدالعزيز أل خلفتجربة عمل سابق كنت اسال تطوري والدورات وكان الانتاج ملحوظ من قدومي <br />للشركة وزيادة الانتاج وكان العكس لاشكر لا زيادة راتب لا لا لا <br />زادة المسؤلية علي وكانت الاستقالة هي الحل
    Sun 06-Dec-2015 10:19 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    3. هبه عبدالله حسين عطالله عبدالوهاب عبدالوهاببارك الله فيكم وجعله في ميزان حسناتك يارب يسر لنا كل عسير وألن لنا الحديد يا قادر يا كريم
    Sun 01-Jun-2014 17:53 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    4. محمد مهيوب محمد ثابت النويهيانتم امل الشباب
    Fri 31-May-2013 14:50 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    5. Abdulgader AbuhlegaGood points indeed .but there are some questions comes out during the interview in this case we should ready for it and knowing what we going for
    Wed 03-Apr-2013 09:22 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    6. فوزى خليفةجزاكم الله خيرا وبارك فيكم may ALLAH bless you all
    Mon 30-May-2011 10:18 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    7. Amany DandohGood advice,but whah if the advertisment of the job contains most ansewrs of those questions?
    Sun 27-Jun-2010 11:07 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    8. Muhammad khan khangood question....these question helps in future and makes your experience to achieve the high level.thank you
    Sun 13-Jun-2010 08:39 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    9. amina balazimerci pour vous conseil
    Sat 22-May-2010 12:30 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    10. تركية نوري المغربيالسلام عليكم ,أسئلة مهمة جداً , فمن الجيد أن يعرف طالب العمل كيف يوجه الأسئلة ويواجه صاحب العمل بكل أدب واحترام,شكراً جزيلاً لكل من ساهم في تطوير مهارات طالب العمل وتعريفه بصاحب العمل والطريقة المثلى لإيجاد وظيفة لائقة, أرجو من الله تعالى التوفيق لنفسي وللآخرين..جزاكم الله كل خير,, تركية نوري المغربي.(أخصائية اجتماعية,ومحاسبة وسكرتيرة جيدة جداً)
    Fri 30-Apr-2010 19:05 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    11. jamal baymainthis website is very good,thank you
    Tue 29-Sep-2009 07:39 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    12. Sami KhanAbsolutely to the point, polite and reasonable questions which can result in Confidence building, keep interested & healthy reflection to the interviewer.
    Wed 23-Sep-2009 03:29 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    13. ABDUS SAKUR TALUKDERThis is very fruitful. Really, we should wonder something to the interviewer. Traditionally especially for mid or entry level they do not want to listen anything from interviewee. But we need to make sure who is getting interview and we need to consider step of interview. We should not ask all questions at the first day. I appreciate to the Bayt.com to distinct diversification.
    Sun 19-Jul-2009 17:47 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    14. Nagaraja EmmadiVery good questions
    Wed 08-Jul-2009 15:58 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    15. Tamer YoussefIts Amazing Step I Was Lacking in Thanks For The Information.
    Sat 27-Jun-2009 06:23 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    16. Bai Fairuz BaraguirI agree that an interview is a two-way process, applicants should assert their right in knowing what job they are getting into otherwise i don't see the reason why he/she should spend years with a company in total oblivion
    Fri 12-Jun-2009 11:12 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    17. Mohammed alsifranThat is very very very good .
    Fri 29-May-2009 21:37 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    18. Mohammed Omar Shahvery accurate , precise & polite questions. Thank you
    Mon 25-May-2009 10:12 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    19. Ahmad Al-zoubivery very good bayt . go a head ...!
    Mon 18-May-2009 12:09 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    20. Tashfeen KhanGood Job
    Thu 14-May-2009 08:19 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    21. Moa'ath HammadThanks for the information.
    Thu 07-May-2009 13:44 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    22. rajae rajoje vous remercie infiniment pour vos informations qui sont vraiment importantes. merci.
    Wed 15-Apr-2009 10:12 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    23. waleed baiomyأشكر الموقع الجميل ده لمساعدة الأخرين ويارب لو خير لكل الناس يقدمه ربنا والحمد لله على كل شئ :)
    Thu 09-Apr-2009 12:25 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    24. Montaser Ebrahimthank you
    Wed 25-Feb-2009 21:50 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    25. Khalid Aziz KhanVery helpful
    Wed 31-Dec-2008 21:03 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    26. حسام عباسجزاكم الله خيرا الدال على الخير كفاعله
    Sat 13-Dec-2008 13:03 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    27. zahara ali rizvimarvellous,thanx a lot for such instructions,it really helped me in my success
    Wed 10-Dec-2008 22:25 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    28. Hussain Al Arajnaأسئلة مهمة جدا وهي خطوة نجاح في عالم المقابلات الشخصية وهي التقييم الأول لشخصيتك المعبرة من خلال هذه الإسئلة بارك الله فيكم جميعا من طرح الموضوع ومن علق عليه
    Wed 03-Dec-2008 16:47 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    29. ياسر علي عويشيرموضوع ممتاز يفيد كل موظف في معرفة متطلباته الوظيفية وحقوقه
    Mon 17-Nov-2008 04:26 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    30. Refaat Mohamed El Baheythanks for these efforts
    Tue 04-Nov-2008 11:41 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    31. nabil kamelاشكركم على هذ الموقع واتمنامن اللة عز وجل ان اجد فرصة عمل مناسبة
    Mon 03-Nov-2008 19:28 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    32. Aziz RehmanYou've disseminated a good questionnaire but reality is no any interviewer will reply all of these question at the time of interview.... :)
    Mon 27-Oct-2008 09:27 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    33. شاهيناز عزامجزاكم الله كل الخير على الموقع اللي اكتر من رائع ومساعدتكم للكثيرين والنصائح والبحث عن الوظيفه المناسبه
    Sun 26-Oct-2008 21:43 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    34. nabil aliنصائح مفيدة جداً وتهم كل شخص متقدم لوظيفة جديدة فعلاً أنتم دعم هائل ومهم جداً لكل العرب أثابكم الله ووفقكم جميعاً لما فيه الخير والفلاح والصلاح لنا جميعاً
    Sat 25-Oct-2008 22:30 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    35. يوسف الشيخالسلام عليكم اشكر جميع من ساهم بهذا الصرح الرائع والقيم كما اشير الى ان هناك سهوله بالتسجيل واتمام الاجرائات على اتم وجه شاكر ومقدر جهودكم اخوكم سالم
    Thu 16-Oct-2008 19:24 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    36. maria naderBayt this is great, but you should also have a list of questions one should NOT ask at a first interview. The first question a candidate asked me not too long ago was 'what are the work hours' - I didnt think that was very appropriate as we all work very hard in our company and very few adhere to the fixed company hours. Your questions are much more appropriate.
    Mon 29-Sep-2008 08:50 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    37. Asim KhanNice questions to be asked by the interviwee.
    Mon 29-Sep-2008 04:19 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    38. Ahmad Mujtaba HashmiThese are very helpful for the job seekers.
    Sun 28-Sep-2008 20:50 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    39. عبد العزيز سعدونشكرا جزيلا على هذه النقاط المهمة، باركـ الله فيكم اتمنى أن أوفق في ايجاد الوظيفة المناسبة لي...
    Sun 28-Sep-2008 11:39 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    40. samar siddiquegood side for both job provider / seeker.
    Thu 04-Sep-2008 07:57 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    41. MARK FIGUEIREDOthe questions are very inteligent ones i am very happy i came across these questions
    Wed 03-Sep-2008 15:42 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    42. Anwar Siddiquii have read all the comments and glad to know that all the members are satisfied with your questions but i want to something about the new comers. Thanks.
    Wed 27-Aug-2008 06:19 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    43. ahmed zienجزاكم الله عنا خير الجزاء
    Tue 12-Aug-2008 08:06 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    44. abdullah alkhodaryكل شي مميز في الموقع وانا متفاجئ جدا بالموقع ويارب يكون لينا نصيب ونشتغل من الموقع
    Fri 01-Aug-2008 07:44 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    45. Samer KassisiehIt`s really a v.good question`s thank`s a lot for your efforts.
    Thu 31-Jul-2008 06:49 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    46. Samer KassisiehIt`s really a v.good question`s thank`s a lot for your efforts.
    Thu 31-Jul-2008 06:48 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    47. ALI ALABIDThanks alot, they are arealy good questions you need to know their answers, but i would add (what an extra experiance i would add to mine if i work to you?)
    Thu 31-Jul-2008 03:51 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    48. Mariam Kaafaranithanks its a good questions
    Mon 21-Jul-2008 09:17 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    49. علاء نمرالف شكر لمجهودكم والله اسئله صحيحه شكرا على القائمه
    Sat 19-Jul-2008 19:17 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    50. carolina dayandanteThanks for the information. This will help me acquire in asking the interviewer. But is it also proper if we ask the interviewer to know how much is the specific salary that we will be receiving?
    Thu 17-Jul-2008 01:38 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    51. marwa fawzyشكرا على المعلومات القيمه ومنكم نستفيد وجزاكم الله عنا كل خير مروه فوزى
    Sat 12-Jul-2008 12:38 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    52. Radwan Barnawifuture will tell us
    Tue 08-Jul-2008 10:01 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    53. سماهر المهديأشكر أهتمامكم وتقديم أفضل ماعندكم لكم مني الشكرالجزيل
    Sat 05-Jul-2008 07:13 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    54. معاذ مبيضينالسلام عليكم شكرلكم
    Fri 04-Jul-2008 16:22 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    55. Ahmed omar mohammed mohammedاشكركم جزيلا
    Fri 04-Jul-2008 14:03 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    56. Carolyn AvenidoThanks a lot..This is the first time that I read article like this... This helps me a lot!!!Goodluck to all!!!!
    Wed 02-Jul-2008 14:32 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    57. MAISOON ABDEL-HADIشكرا جزيلا لكم
    Fri 20-Jun-2008 10:40 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    58. annaliza torresThanks so much..I never had any idea about the questions to ask. This article helps a lot.
    Sun 08-Jun-2008 13:44 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    59. Azam Ali MughalIt is good for all.
    Mon 02-Jun-2008 12:02 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    60. Gulrez Raza KhanWow!! Great.. This information is very useful to me. Appreciated & thanks Bay Team. Gulrez Raza Khan - Kuwait 01-June-2008
    Sun 01-Jun-2008 10:32 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    61. Ovie Victor Ogagbethank u very very much,ovie ogagbe.v.
    Tue 27-May-2008 10:03 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    62. ELFATIH Abdulmahmoud Mohammed CMA USAشاكرين لكم اهتمامكم وخدماتكم الجليلة والى الامام دائما يارب
    Sun 25-May-2008 03:58 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    63. driss tigeaاتوجه بالشكر الجزيل لكل المشرفين على هدا العمل الف شكر
    Wed 21-May-2008 17:31 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    64. joann jacintothanks a lot,,it helps me personally!!! Good luck!
    Tue 20-May-2008 20:30 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    65. Nasser AL ShamliGreat work. Thanks alot
    Fri 09-May-2008 03:21 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    66. مصطفى احمد مصطفى السالمThank you for these good questions
    Sat 03-May-2008 07:58 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    Mon 21-Apr-2008 12:30 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    68. Zeeshan Ali MalikThanks for such a friendly guidance.
    Sun 20-Apr-2008 19:56 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    69. rajaa haouithanx for every thing
    Tue 25-Mar-2008 14:03 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    70. Yehia Salamaاعتقد ان هذا الموقع مفيد جدا
    Tue 25-Mar-2008 10:42 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    Fri 14-Mar-2008 12:49 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    72. Sultan Mahmoodits good oppurtunity when someone give related information about your goal,your ideas,your suggestion.We should avail it.
    Wed 05-Mar-2008 12:04 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    73. mohamed bousmahaالله ينصركم على ما تقومون به من خير .
    Tue 19-Feb-2008 12:53 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    74. Mohammed Ibrahemthanx about this useful information really it's importat to us
    Wed 13-Feb-2008 09:27 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    75. yousef marabeehبارك الله فيكم على هذا المجهود الرائع
    Tue 05-Feb-2008 15:28 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    76. mohamed tanwahvery good valuable information. thanks alot
    Mon 21-Jan-2008 14:22 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    77. zeshan afzalnice questions and these question hellps in future and makes your experience to achieve the high level........thanks
    Fri 18-Jan-2008 09:46 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    78. eman mohamed shukry mohamedthis is avery good ALLAHyefeedak الله يكرم صاحب هذا العلم ويعطيه ويرزقه الرزق الواسع الحلال اللهم أأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأأمين
    Wed 09-Jan-2008 18:19 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    79. salwa fallatahشكرا لكم على مجهوداتكم الملحوظة في الموقع واتمنى لكم المزيد من التقدم سلوى فلاته
    Fri 28-Dec-2007 02:12 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    80. محمد عمر الغامديالف شكر على المعلومات القيمة
    Wed 26-Dec-2007 07:21 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    81. خالد التركمانيالشكر الجزيل للقائمين على كتابة هذه الاسئلة الرائعة التي ستوفر علينا الجهد و الوقت لمعرفة أهم مزايا عيوب الوظيفة المتوقعة وتحسن صورتنا أمام من يقابلنا
    Sun 23-Dec-2007 10:20 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    82. Shafi Ahmad Beg ShafiReally some good questions taking, i like it, good job. Shafi (Graphic Desinger) India
    Fri 14-Dec-2007 08:43 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    83. بلال خليفةنصائح غالية من بيت كوم
    Sun 25-Nov-2007 19:41 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    84. Abdul-Rahman Abugrayanبارك الله فيكم وفي جهودكم
    Wed 31-Oct-2007 07:03 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    85. mohammed talahشكرا على هذه المعلومات القيمه والمفيده
    Fri 26-Oct-2007 21:00 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    86. reem rashdanvery good questions hope I will get benefits from it ...... thank you
    Wed 24-Oct-2007 15:06 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    87. Salim Al-Wahaibiشكرا على هذه القائمة الممتازة وقد ساعدتني فعلا
    Fri 19-Oct-2007 20:30 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    88. Mohammed Zahid HossainThanks for such a list.
    Thu 18-Oct-2007 07:55 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
    89. ibrahim alawerdhyvery nice
    Sun 14-Oct-2007 21:40 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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