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A Day in the life of Bhavishya Kanjhan, Senior Account Executive – Digital and Social Media at Clique Media

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About Clique Media: Clique Media is a digital solutions provider specializing in Mobile Marketing, Augmented Reality, Social Media. We are also media representation partner for many digital portals including LinkedIn and Anayou

6:55 AM: My phone beeps and buzzes in an effort to wake me up. Nuh, uh, not getting up yet. Not till I complete the dream. Snooze goes the alarm.

7:05 AM: More beeping and buzzing and I wake up begrudgingly. The only part of the morning where I’m grouchy. Quickly brush my teeth, take a glass of water and sit in the sun for a few minutes. I also check my emails on the phone to see if anything urgent has come in overnight. Now I’m completely awake.

8:45 AM: Arrive in the office after a full breakfast. Usually one of the first few so gather in the peace and quiet before the madness begins. Go through my email again, taking mental (and sometimes literal) notes on what is to be done.

9:00 AM: The real work begins; quick check on the status of the running campaigns on various digital platforms with the executives. All smooth? Excellent. Not smooth? Let’s optimize.

9:30 AM: Prepare a proposal for a Mobile Marketing brief that came in, got to make sure the structure is optimized for optimal delivery and in line with campaign objectives.

10:00 AM: Team Meeting to discuss anayou. It’s a product that means different things to different brands, but we understand and internalize the product first.

11:00 AM: Excellent start to the day. Next meeting, discuss an Augmented Reality execution with a digital planner. Looks like an award winning idea.

12:30 PM: Back in the office, high on a fantastic meeting. Push the idea to the Augmented Reality solution providers to give it the finishing touches and get costs around it. Prepare the proposal in the meantime to be sent out.

1:30PM: Time for lunch? Maybe squeeze in a quick one with the team.

1:45 PM: Back to the desk and working already. Time to check up on the status of the Facebook application development project. Check with the planner. Check with the developer. Everything is in control. It’s a good day today.

2:00 PM: Incoming Email. It’s a Booking Order for a LinkedIn Campaign. That should make everyone happy. Do a quick check of the order and the creatives and send it to the executive for the execution. More email to work through.

3:00 PM: Paperwork; these projects aren’t going to take care of themself. Proposals, Purchase Orders, Creative Testing, Campaign Reports and more. It all needs to be done and is perfect for the duller part of the day.

3:50 PM: Quick game of darts with the team to liven up again. Yes we have a dartboard in the office.

4:00 PM: Emails and follow ups: Got to check and follow up on all the proposals sent out. Call and setup meetings for the coming week. It’s a good quarter and follow ups will make it better.

4:30 PM: Another meeting with a client, this time to discuss Social Media Execution and Monitoring, doing the whole deal here. The best part about the job is working with different technologies and solutions that work in collaboration as well as individually.

5:30 PM: Conference Call with developers and client to discuss the scope of a new project. This will integrate Mobile, Social Media and Augmented Reality. This ought to be great.

6:00 PM: Time to go home? Not yet, still more paper work to do; proposal creation, email follow ups, meeting requests and more.

7:00 PM: Just about to leave for home but here’s an Incoming Email. Another Booking Order, quick check and forward it to the executives. Great end to the day.

The entire work day is sprinkled with slots of Tweeting, Facebooking and reading up on Technology and Digital news; all classified under “research” of course.

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