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    Bakhsh Hospital Group

    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
    Employer (Private Sector)
    500 Employees or more


    The ultimate goal for the existence of Dr. Bakhsh Hospitals Group is the provision of high standard of quality healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as envisioned magnificently by the wisdom of Dr. Abdulrahman Taha Bakhsh, the founder. He practises his medical service in London on 1966 in HAMMERSMITH Hospital and obtained the F.R.C.S. ( Fellowship of The Royal College of Surgeon ) in Urology in addition to his Master Degree in General Surgery from Ein Shams University, Egypt, the foremost university in the Middle East during that time.

    The demand for a healthy managed care services with the increased emphasis on ambulatory care / out-patient care services compelled Dr. Abdulrahman Bakhsh to systematize the Bakhsh Specialized Clinics in 1985 in order to accommodate international medical experts from Europe, America, China and some Arab Countries to share their expertise in the new clinics.

    In 2004, the Makkah Medical Center joined Dr. Bakhsh Hospitals Group on a rental basis for twenty (20) years to essentially provide standardized quality care to the populace of Makkah, a renowned place for Dr. Abdulrahman Bakhsh being his birthplace. With his sublime heart and fellowship he was one of the first medical care members who supported the medical health care services of the rapidly growing populace of Makkah. It provides the medical service all the year for Makkah residents beside the seasonal high peak population at Makkah which is during Al Hajj Days.

    The strategic plan of Dr. Bakhsh to provide a widespread quality health care service all over the western area of K.S.A. required him to acquire additional with complete amenities four (4) new branches and giving opportunity for DBHG to become the biggest and more efficient private medical network provider in Saudi Arabia .

    In the near future the Hospital Group Administration intending to establish a Medical college ( for female student ) in the holy Makkah City and a Nursing School in Jeddah city as well.