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    Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE) is a Joint Stock Company established by virtue of Law 95/1983. The Bank’s main mission is to encourage and develop Egyptian exports, as well as to assist in creating export sectors in the fields of agriculture, industry, commerce and services.
    (EDBE) is governed by the regulations of the Central Bank of Egypt and the Banking and Monetary system Law 88/2003.
    As an Egyptian Joint Stock Company, (EDBE) is subject to the regulations of Law 159/1981 governing the Joint Stock companies, partnerships limited by shares and limited liability companies in such matters that are not specially provided for in the EDBE’s incorporation act and without prejudice to any of the provisions thereof.
    As the role of exports in developing the national economy has been magnified the state has adopted the slogan “Export OR Die”. This in turn increased the burden on export development bank of Egypt as the main financing institution which has been assigned since its inception the role of encouraging and developing the Egyptian exports. This is in addition to establishing agricultural, industrial and trade export sectors as indicated in the articles of association of the bank.
    Therefore, and in order to perform such role, EDBE basically extends financing to all projects that develop exports or provide import substitution. This is performed through participating in syndicated loans or equity participation in capital. The bank services also include financing of fixed assets, working capital, as well as providing all other types of financing and other banking services.
    EDBE provides an integrated wide range of banking services. This includes short term as well as medium and long term finance.
    The bank mission is to grow our status as one of the Best EXIM Banks in the world providing the best financial services and state of the art financial solutions to our customers while creating outstanding value for both our shareholders and people.


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    Credit Risk Team Leader
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    Credit Admin
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    chief credit risk analyst
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    vice branch manager
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