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    Masaood John Brown

    United Arab Emirates
    Employer (Private Sector)
    100-499 Employees


    MJB International (MJBI) are total service providers to owners and operators of industrial gas turbines through the world, offering an employee skill base that equates to over 1,500 man years of OEM experience in industrial turbine maintenance solutions, with particular specialization in the frame range of turbines designed by GE and their former business and manufacturing associates.


    1. Ensuring company compliance with Permit to Work and Energy Isolation procedures.  2. Acting as Coordinator for control of permits issued within the affected areas. 3. Liaising closely with the other companies and staff when planning permits; to ensure that the appropriate risk assessments, hazards and controls have been identified for that task. 4. Confirming that all personnel understand the scope and controls relevant to the task. 5. Ensuring that necessary precautions and isolation checks have been performed for any task. 6. Ensuring all pre-requisite control measures have been put in place prior to a permit being issued. 7. Review coordination of isolation implementation, control of isolation and ensuring isolation is properly removed after completion of work. 8. Ensure inspections are performed: before, during and after completion of each task.  9. Ensuring that permits are closed and filed appropriately on completion of a task.  10. Active participation in the PTW auditing system. 11. Validating audit findings and implement audit actions. 12. Ensuring Permit to Work / Control of Work takes place during shift handovers and outside of normal working hours/days. 13. Recording any lessons learned during the operation of the PTW System in a Lessons Learned Register.                                                 14. Supporting HSE Manager
    Job Role: Safety Company Industry: Engineering Career Level: Mid Career
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    Vrinda Padinjare Muttiyil

    Senior HR Officer
    Masaood John Brown United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Jerome De Mesa

    Customer Service Officer/Sales Coordinator
    Masaood John Brown United Arab Emirates - Dubai

    Satheesh Babu Cheram Veettil Puthen Veettil

    Senior Production Controller
    Masaood John Brown United Arab Emirates - Dubai


    MASAOOD JOHN BROWN United Arab Emirates - Dubai
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