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    Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development is a private, chartered, nonprofit organization, founded in 1995 by His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar. Guided by the principle that a nation's greatest resource is the potential of its people, Qatar Foundation aims to develop that potential through a network of centers devoted to progressive education, research and community welfare.


    Through education and research, Qatar Foundation leads human, social, and economic development of Qatar; making Qatar a nation that can be a vanguard for productive change in the region and a role model for the broader international community.


    Qatar Foundation's mission is to prepare the people of Qatar and the region to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world and to make Qatar a leader in innovative education and research.

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    • Perform routine veterinary laboratory testing under the directions of the laboratory Head.
    • Collect, evaluate and prepare biological samples for laboratory testing to support diagnosis of clinical conditions in the horses registered with Al Shaqab EVMC.
    • Perform laboratory tests on blood, urine, swab samples, biopsies and other biological fluids for the identification of bacteria and fungi that cause common diseases in horses and to perform antibiotic sensitivity tests.
    • Conduct laboratory tests on blood, urine and other biological fluids for biochemistry, serum protein electrophoresis, total and differential counts and urinalysis.
    • Familiar with microbiology sample collection and transport, selection and use of different culture media, preparation of slides, various staining methods
    • Familiar with optimum incubation condition for growing different type of bacteria and fungi, skills in manual and automatic methods of the identification of bacteria and fungi and skills of using various methods of antibiotic sensitivity test for the isolated bacteria or fungi.
    • Perform and monitor laboratory work ensuring compliance with standards that Al Shaqab EVMC set out.
    • Set up, run, calibrate the laboratory equipment, set up the assay, produce and report acceptable lab results and able to create inventories and record keeping.
    • Maintain the laboratory equipment in optimum working conditions, clean and sterilize the laboratory section and the equipment used in the line of duty.
    • Enlist, forecast and maintain the laboratory supplies stock.
    • Assist in conducting research approved by Al Shaqab EVMC research committee, analyzing laboratory result data using simple statistics techniques.
    • Attend to and supervise interns, externs, visiting veterinarians and veterinary students.
    • Manage documentations, reports and related records using available computing technology. Produce required documentations in a timely and efficient manner.
    Job Role: Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library Career Level: Mid Career
     Support the Veterinarians in providing veterinary care of horses admitted to EVMC Assisting the veterinarians all aspects of veterinary services. May include diagnosis, anesthesiology, medical treatment, imaging, lab tests etc.  Skills in handling horses for veterinary examinations and treatments. Respond to emergency calls to immediately attend to medical needs of the horse and provide necessary medical care.  Monitoring and treating horses before, during and after anesthesia, as well as for pain management as directed by veterinarians Performing basic in-house laboratory procedures at EVMC Performing, and keeping records of standard medical examinations and check-ups, injections, fluid administration, oral medications, and other medical procedures as directed by the veterinarian. Taking care of cleaning and maintenance of all instruments and equipment used in the line of duty.  Keeping track of stock levels and replenish when needed. Cross-training in other veterinary services, such as surgery, internal medicine, and reproduction to assist in these disciplines when needed. Supervising interns and visiting veterinarians and veterinary students. Efficient communication with veterinarians, nurses, technicians and grooms.
    Job Role: Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library Career Level: Mid Career
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    Nataly Tannous

    Acting Projects Account Manager
    Qatar Foundation Qatar - Doha

    Chidambaranathan Kumaresan

    Head Librarian
    Qatar Foundation Qatar - Doha

    Mousa Al Nahar

    Senior GL Accountant
    Qatar Foundation Qatar

    Mohammed Awad

    Quality Assurance Coordinator
    Qatar Foundation Qatar - Doha
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