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    Royal Jordanian Airlines

    Jordan - Amman
    Employer (Private Sector)
    500 Employees or more
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    The National Carrier and Jordan's Ambassador to the World

    “I want our national carrier to be the ambassador of goodwill and the bridge across which we exchange culture, civilization, trade, technology, friendship and better understanding with the rest of the world.”
    King Hussein Bin Talal, 1963

    Growth in Size and Reputation

    Royal Jordanian’s role as Jordan’s national carrier has now long been established since 1963. Now under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II, we have ascended from humble beginnings with three aircraft and four regional destinations, to become one of the elite members of a global alliance, a fleet comprising more than 30 aircraft, and a destination network of 60 global stops. Not only have we grown in size, our reputation has been cemented in the public eye through our full membership in oneworld since 2007.

    Centrally Located

    Strategically located in Amman, Royal Jordanian's central hub provides the ideal location through which Europe, Asia, Africa, and anywhere in the Middle East can be easily reached. Our Amman City Terminal at 7th Circle provides a central locale for sales and early boarding services. We are proud to fly in and out of our main airport, Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA), conveniently situated just outside the city.

    A Family of Services

    In order to ensure quality in all areas of service and operations, RJ owns shares in a number of sister companies related to providing the utmost in air travel services.


    المهام و الواجبات الرئيسية: 1. استلام المواد حسب طلب الشراء 2. القيام بجرد المواد والتأكد من الكمية حسب طلب الشراء 3. مطابقة المواد المستلمة مع المواد المخزنة داخل المستودع 4. الاتصال مع لجنة الاستلام لمعاينة المواد 5. رفع المواد على الرفوف 6. ادخال المواد على النظام 7. صرف المواد 8. المجافظة على أمن وسلامة المستودعات 9. المحافظة على المواد من الضياع والتلف 10. المراقبة والاشراف على عملية تخزين المواد الكافية من العمل بكفائة 11. المراقبة والاشراف على أنظمة التخزين والحركة وتحديد أفضل الطرق للتخزين والتأكد من تنفيذها 12. المراقبة والاشراف على تطبيق الانظمة والصحة المهنية ضمن المستودعات 13. إعداد التقارير الخاصة بتحسين اسلوب العمل والمحافظة على موجودات المستودعات عن كل ضرر يقع عليها. 14. المساهمة في عملية الجرد.
    Job Role: Purchasing and Procurement Company Industry: Airlines/Aviation Career Level: Entry Level
    Duties: 1. Ensures he/she is available at the check-in counter at least three hours prior to the estimated departure time and checks that each passenger has paid for the ticket that entitles him/her to use the designated air transportation, the ticket’s validity for the flight concerned, and the ticket’s fraud status (through the Arnic Fraud Prevention System). 2. Inspects the counters’ preparation and ensures the availability of the following: • Check-in signs per destination and class. • Adequate quantity of types of baggage tags. • Name labels and stickers. • Boarding cards. • Immigration departure cards. 3. Meets the flight upon arrival either at the gate or at the remote stand. 4. Handles the arriving Rush Bags from RJ flights, ensures that the owners are contacted to advise them of the delivery arrangements, and then makes those arrangements with the transport company to deliver the bags on a cost effective basis after liaising with the concerned customs. 5. Announces the flight arrival, departure, boarding and delays according to the procedure as specified in the Traffic Manual Section 6. Coordinates with all departments in order to get all information related to the aircraft's load, registration, crew names and sky-marshals’ names. 7. Assists Special Handling Agent in handling passengers who require special services whenever necessary. 8. Assists and escorts the Unaccompanied Minor(s) to the aircraft until he/she is under custody of the IFS on-board. 9. Ensures senior managers are briefed on key issues that occurred during the shift. 10. Checks the Boarding Cards and Tickets of the passengers after the security check within the gate and collects bulky hand-baggage that are against the Limited Release Tag in order for them to be sent with the luggage. 11. Compares total passengers obtained from the scanning with the Passenger Manifest totals and passes the right number to the concerned. 12. Performs other duties as assigned.
    Job Role: Customer Service and Call Center Company Industry: Airlines/Aviation Career Level: Mid Career
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    Yamen Taha

    Royal Jordanian airlines Jordan - Amman

    Salem Ammari


    Mohammad Ma'ayta

    Cost Control Manager
    Royal Jordanian Airlines Jordan - Amman

    Bilal Bushnaq

    Financial Controller
    Royal Jordanian Airlines Jordan - Amman
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