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    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance. It directs and coordinates the international relief activities conducted by the Movement in situations of conflict. It also endeavours to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles.
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    Purpose of the Job: The facilitator is an active member of the Humanitarian Leadership and Management School (HLMS) team working to meet its objectives. S/he facilitates the HLMS Modules and contributes to the design and modification of the learning content. The HLMS Facilitator actively supports and assists the participants in their learning process via the Reflective Practice and learning model aiming to root adapted behaviors within the participant’s working environment. Standard function description: Facilitate HLMS modules.Contribute to the design of different sessions. Facilitate the participants’ learning journey and support them during the Distance Learning as well the Work-based learning phases. Contribute in the evolution of the content.Ensure the discretion and confidentiality of the learning process (and outcomes) for participants. At the same time ensure sharing the specific information that is of relevance and added value to the institution. Manage and coordinate organisation with HLMS assistants Deal with Hotels management to secure the learning of participants   JOB DESCRIPTION: Nature of the Job: Requires very good collaboration skills and willingness and ability to work in a team. Is self-activating, self-directed and works independently with little supervision. Able to handle big groups of experienced participants. Prepared to use non-standard approaches to resolving issues and solving problems. Suggests improvements, proposes solutions and is able to implement them. Seeks opportunities for innovation. Facilitation and delivery: During the Distance Learning phase Initiate and animate the online discussions amongst cohort members of each Module on the HLMS platform. During the Face-to-Face Learning phase Deliver all the sessions/lectures of the HLMS Modules 1 and 2. Facilitate group work, discussions, exercises and reflection of the cohorts around any of the topics within a Module and around the key messages of each session. Ensure the engagement of all participants in the above and manage wisely the diversity of the group. Make sure participants understand the Work-based Assignment (why and how) and what is expected from them in the next phase. Ensure the learning of the group through the week and the links between the main themes of the days and different sessions During the Work-based Learning phase Review the participants’ chosen work situation and the “Framework of Reflective Writing” with them as well as assist them through the process in this phase. Guide the participants through the process of integrating relevant learning highlights within their working situation when needed. Discuss and give feedback on the assignments upon completion by the participants. Coach and give support when needed. Ensure a final group discussions/sharing. Save completed assignments on a repository DB for the purpose in the concerned Regional LnD Unit. Qualitative analysis of the assignments and share specific assignment with significant added value with the HLMS team in Geneva. Share significant learning outcomes (and/or process) and lessons learnt with other HLMS team members. When needed and requested, take part in the design of some of the sessions with the HLMS Constant, proactive, update and modification of the sessions, respecting the key messages, to ensure a better understanding for participants. And share their experience with other facilitators. Active participation in the HLMS Global meetings and other forums when requested. Whenever needed and requested, provide or adapt specific content. General Duties:  Interacts with all ICRC LnD functions, uses their expertise and solicits their support when necessary. Develop and maintain relevant contact internally and externally. Be aware of the delegations objectives and activities. Understand the three components of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement. Apply the security rules at all times. Respect and observe the staff regulations of the ICRC in Jordan. The employee may be asked to perform other duties not covered in this job description as well as to provide support to LnD/ other departments when and if necessary. Requires travelling.        
    Job Role: Training and Development Company Industry: Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit Career Level: Mid Career
    Job Context: General Practitioner (GP) provides Primary Health Care (PHC) services to the sick and wounded Syrian asylum seekers, mainly at transit sites on the Eastern Jordanian / Syrian border, at Ruwayshid (RWE) transit site and Ruwayshid Hospital emergency department. The GP is part of an ICRC mobile health team, composed of Field Officers, GPs, and Nurses.   Main Tasks (Duties &Responsibilities):   Clinical functions: Provides quality, clinical services to asylum seekers, in line with national MOH guidelines and ICRC standards, taking into account physical, emotional and social factors when diagnosing illness and recommending the required treatment. Ensures appropriate PHC and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury in the transit camp and in the hospital. Provides appropriate health promotion and preventative health care advice to patients attending the clinic Screens and documents patients at high risk in order to advocate to relevant authorities, in collaboration with management, for priority entry. Responds to emergency and chronic medical/ health problems presented by patients of all ages including history taking, diagnosis, treatment and referral as appropriate. Participates in emergency evacuation of seriously ill or injured patients in collaboration with RMS, if deemed necessary Monitors condition of very ill patients and re-evaluates treatments as necessary. Participates in preparation of medical and non-medical items required for clinic sessions. Respects the universal precautions, infection control measures, the principles of anti- sepsis and asepsis. To support the emergency department in RWA hospital, and to re organised the emergency department in coordination with the MOH staff working in the emergency. Data collection and analysis: Collects records and maintains patients’ information, such as medical history, reports, and examination results, respecting the medical confidentiality of each patients. Cooperates with ICRC health colleagues in data entry, analysis and reporting.   Other Duties:  Contributes towards field trip if needed, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reporting throw the Senior health officer Participates in activities needed to keep the clinics in the transit camp and the emergency department clean and in orderCould be deployed to RAS sub- delegation to support the team there, for short periods Performs other duties not within the scope of a GP or covered in this job description, when and if necessary   General Duties Is aware of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement structure and the mandates of the three components and understands ICRC's mandate Is aware of the sub-delegation's objectives and activities Is aware of the socio-political situationAdvises the ICRC in various fields such as politics, economics, religion, culture, etc.Respects and applies the security rules at all times Respects and observes the staff regulations of the ICRC in Jordan
    Job Role: Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing Company Industry: Community/Social Services/and Nonprofit Career Level: Mid Career
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    Hisham TAHA

    Head of IT Unit
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Sudan - Khartoum

    Haider Wazir

    Biomedical Consultant
    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Jordan - Amman
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