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Advanced Trading Strategy Course

Course Type: Certified Training Course
Date: ---
Certification: Savi Trading Certificate
Study Mode: Online
Location: Global (Online)
Fees: $595
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About This Course

Study at your own pace with 3 months access to the Savi Trading members area and over 12 hours of exclusive video content as well as Webinars, Research and analytics.

Why Savi Trading?

• The company has successfully attracted talented and exceptional traders from across the world who share the same idea of success as the company – strong and consistent returns

• We provide resources and backing for talented traders who demonstrate performance so they can fulfil their potential.

• The partners and the experienced traders all have extensive backgrounds within the industry and have excellent contacts with the main players that ultimately move the markets.

• We provide vast amounts of information similar to that available to the investment bank and hedge fund communities. Ranging from detailed economic analysis, market analysis and the ability to speak to other traders to share ideas and information.

• The company places emphasis on having a balance of experienced and entry level candidates creating an environment in which traders can develop their skillset and generate new ideas and strategies.

Career Advancement Areas:

Savi Trading has developed an exclusive trading course which will be presented over a series of webinars for traders who wish to begin or enhance further a career in Trading. This course will teach you how to predict the markets by using Fundamental and Technical Analysis, along with professional strategies used by leading banks and financial institutions. Risk Management and Psychology will also be demonstrated to ensure you have the correct tools to not only trade the markets but to trade the markets profitably.

This course will be taught by Investment Bank and Hedge Fund traders using technologically advanced webinar software, meaning you do not need to leave your house to receive market leading education. The syllabus has been put together by professional traders and is recognised across the industry. Upon completion of the course, active traders will also have access to weekly webinars

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction – Market Fundamentals
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Commodities
  • Fixed Income
  • Equities
  • Platform Tutorial
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Correlation Strategy
  • Moving Averages
  • Directional Market Strategies
  • Oscillators
  • Non-Directional Market Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology

Course Details

Prerequisites None
Duration 6 months
Who Should Register?
  • Anyone is interested in Financial Trading can do the course.