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Train The Trainer “TOT”

Course Type: Training Course
Date: 20/02/17
Certification: Two Certificates: One from UK One from UAE
Study Mode: Classroom
Location: Dubai
Fees: $953
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About This Course

The course objectives:
1. Conduct effective training programs keeping in mind individual & group learning needs
2. Identify the key principles of adult learning
3. Differentiate between teaching and facilitation
4. State the meaning of facilitation
5. Identify the 4 different learning styles (Honey & Mumford’s Learning Style Inventory)
6. Address the learning styles while facilitating a session
7. Identify the common characteristics of adult learners
8. State the relevance of learning outcome in facilitation
9. Select the appropriate presentation method
10. Use relevant support media while facilitating a training session
11. Prepare for facilitation
12. Project the appropriate trainer persona
13. Ask and respond to questions
14. Provide feedback
15. Handle difficult participants

The course outlines:
1) The following topics would covered during the program:
2) Introduction to Facilitation
3) Adults as Learners – Andragogy vs. Pedagogy
4) Your role as a trainer
5) Adult learner motivators and de-motivators
6) Teaching vs. Facilitation
7) The Facilitation Triad
8) 4 Learning Styles – The Activist, the Reflector, the Theorist, the Pragmatist
9) Understanding your Learner
10) General Learning Outcomes
11) Knowledge, Skills and Attitude – Learning Styles
12) Presentation Methods – Demonstration, Case Study, Group Discussion, Game, Simulations, Role Play, Trainee Presentation
13) Preparation for Facilitation
14) The Facilitator’s Persona
15) In the Classroom – Body Language
16) The Presentation: Opening, the Middle and the Closure
17) Asking Questions
18) Fielding Questions
19) Feedback – Types and Importance
20) Difficult Trainees – 8 common kinds and strategies to manage them
21) Key Takeaways

Career Advancement Areas:

Develop your training skills and certify you internationally as a trainer and facilitator from UK & UAE.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain a foundation in conducting a needs assessment, developing learning objectives, and evaluating the impact of your training initiatives
  • Learn and apply effective training techniques for managing participants, engaging a variety of learning styles, creating an effective positive learning environment, and managing classroom challenges
  • Develop engaging training solutions that are learner-centered

Course Details

Prerequisites None
Duration 4 Days , 5 Hours per day
Who Should Register?
  • Trainer
  • Training Manager
  • HR Manager