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CV Evaluation

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Our consultants will give you a detailed evaluation of your CV and the changes that are recommended in it.

How is a CV Evaluation Different from a CV Writing:

In a CV evaluation our experts will mark comments on your CV, and highlight key areas that you should restructure or rephrase. You will also receive a detailed report commenting on the overall look and feel of your CV; with examples of how certain key fields should be drafted.

The report will also provide important guidelines on standard practices and globally accepted guidelines about drafting the ideal CV.

What If I decide to upgrade to a CV Writing package after reviewing the evaluation report?

If, after having your CV evaluated done from one of our experts, you decide to upgrade to any of our CV Writing packages, the evaluation charges will be discounted from the total charges of a CV writing package. This discount will be applicable if you upgrade within 1 month of the purchase of the original evaluation package.

Note: This is a onetime service and sections of the CV may be redrafted for illustrative purposes, however it is not a mandatory part of the service.

What you can also buy as upgrades:

Express Delivery
Have an urgent opening you need to apply to? Need your new CV in a hurry?

This product can be purchased as an upgrade to all packages. Our Express service guarantees delivery of your first draft in 3 business days. An additional fee of 20% of the basic package will be added to your total payment. Any information sent in Arabic may cause additional delays of 2 to 3 working days.

Cover Letter Writing
Cover Letter is a very important accessory to your CV

  • It allows you to provide an interesting summary of your profile, as well as highlight your key achievements and core competencies.
  • Clarify critical issues (gaps in work experience, quick job changes etc) that you may feel is likely to impact the hiring manager’s decision.
  • It is like the “teaser summary” on the back cover of a book that you always read before deciding whether it is worth buying.

Salary Search
Want to know your market value?

Find companies offering top salaries with Power Salary Search. Basic Salary Search does not display the names of companies offering top salaries. With Power Salary Search, target your job search to those companies offering your expected salary.

Note: You can buy these upgrades as part of CV Evaluation package.

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