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Contact People Credits

Purchase Contact Credits to directly message and receive responses from people on


3 Contact Credits

Expire in 90 days


10 Contact Credits

Expire in 90 days


50 Contact Credits

Expire in 90 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Contact People Credits?

You now have the opportunity to instantly contact all professionals on with activated Public Profiles. The possibilities for collaboration are endless. Purchasing Contact People Credits allows you to directly correspond with a candidate, a potential business partner or even your future employer.

How does it work?

Once you purchase your Contact Credits, you will receive credits. If you purchase the 100 Contact Credits, you will be given 100 credits, 1 credit for each contact. You may now contact professionals on by visiting their Public Profiles. You will find a contact button at the top of their Public Profile pages. Click the button and send your message instantly and privately. The recipient will have up to one week to respond to you.

How are Contact People Credits different from the CV Search package?

Contact Credits offer a quick and easy alternative to the more detailed CV Search package for contacting professionals on Contact Credits are especially convenient for those who wish to send a message to professionals instantly upon landing on their Public Profiles.

Can I contact absolutely anybody?

You can contact any professional on with a Public Profile as long as they have adjusted their settings to allow others to contact them. If they have chosen to disallow others from contacting them, you may not send them a message even if you have purchased a Contact Credits.

What are Contact Credits?

Credits reflect the number of contacts you can contact with your package. Each credit can be used to contact one person.

What if I don't get a response?

Not to worry. If a recipient doesn't reply to your message within one week, the credit you used to contact him or her will be refunded to you.