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Recruitment done the smarter way

With Bayt tests you can select best talent using job focused assessments that make hiring faster, simpler, and cost effective

Choose from over 500+ tests to evaluate candidates on skills that matter to you most

Standardized Tests

Our tests are written and reviewed by experts and PhD holders in sync with ISO 9001:2008 (TUV, America) standards and mandated policies.

Automated Scoring

Test your candidates’ skills remotely or at your premises automatically through our online service. We manage assessment scoring so you always have dependable results.

Comprehensive Reports

We provide detailed candidate result reports with scores, test details, and rank achieved so you can select top talent with utmost precision.

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Bayt Tests Are Powerful And Easy To Use

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Choose Tests: Select from our diverse library of 500+ tests covering different job types and skill sets.

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Quiz Candidates: Send the test to the candidates you want to evaluate online, or invite them for the assessment at your office.

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Insightful Reports: After our fast automated grading, get objective, detailed and comparative result reports.

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Make Well Informed Decisions: With reliable test scores in hand, hire the right person for every position, every time.

Client Favorite Tests

Our tests cover a wide range of skill sets and expertise domains, here are some of the most popular tests employers are using:

IQ Test

Duration: 40 minutes
Questions: 40

Test Skills
Linguistic/Verbal Ability
Logical Ability
Numerical Skills
Perceptual Skills
Visual Spatial Skills

Personality Test

Duration: 60 minutes
Questions: 60

Test Description
This highly acclaimed personality test assesses your personality based upon the universally accepted methodology of measuring five personality traits - Openness to new Experiences, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

Basic English Test (US)

Duration: 40 minutes
Questions: 40

Test Skills
Articles and conjunctions
Prepositional phrases
Adjectives and adverbs
Verbs and verb tenses
Sentence structure

discover more test categories

Here are some of the other categories we cover:


Administration & Support

Banking & Finance



Social Services

Media & Creative

Sales & Marketing

Business & Management

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