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Bayt.com awarded prestigious rank in ‘Top Ten Places to Work in the UAE’ for second consecutive year

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February 08, 2012

Middle East’s number one jobsite wins third award in just six months

Bayt.com, the Middle East’s number one jobsite, placed 8th for the second consecutive year in the ‘Top Ten Places to Work in the UAE’ award, held on February 7 at the Monarch Hotel Dubai.

The rankings were compiled by The Great Place to Work Institute, a global research and management consultancy that recognizes the best workplaces in more than 45 countries across the world. Bayt.com also ranked 8th in the inaugural UAE Top Ten listing, released in 2011.

"Bayt.com is a people's business and we place great pride in ensuring our pan-regional teams are receiving ongoing state-of-the-art training and support and working in an ideal environment where teamwork and creativity can flourish and ideas can be shared freely,” said Rabea Ataya, Bayt.com Chairman and CEO. “This emphasis on ensuring continuous sophisticated training, development, coaching and mentoring opportunities are available to our teams and the culture of kindness and innovation that permeates the organisation have allowed Bayt.com to remain at the vanguard of its industry both in terms of cutting-edge technology as well as in terms of client service and support."

Employees at Bayt.com, affectionately called ‘baytheads’, benefit from a bright, cheerful work environment across the MENA-wide network of offices. They enjoy, among other perks, a diligent, systematic approach to training and development, including monthly internal training schedules and generous external training allowances; regular team-building activities; flexible working hours for mothers; a ‘kind culture’, where values are centered around earning the admiration and respect of internal and external communities, and an emphasis on regularly celebrating achievements large and small as highlighted in the widely celebrated and lauded bayt.com monthly ‘’fiestas’’ where all achievements are publicly recognized and rewarded.

"At Bayt.com we are all entrepreneurs and as such all free to dream, innovate, excel and create. What this has meant over the past 12 years is that our platform has proactively anticipated the needs of our communities rather than reacted to them,” added Ataya. “This can be seen in the number of product and service enhancements we have introduced to serve our communities better, including Bayt.com Salaries, Bayt.com Communities, Bayt.com Career Watch and the enhanced jobseeker and employer Workspaces and Search tools which remain the most sophisticated tools in our industry today."

There is a strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and improving the communities that baytheads live in as highlighted in Bayt.com’s University Outreach Program as well as its numerous charitable endeavours. The overall feeling throughout the offices is that employees are involved in something much bigger and better than merely a job; they are involved in making the region a better, richer, more prosperous place through CSR initiatives and the industry-leading jobsite that is Bayt.com. An emphasis on strong, sophisticated and regular internal and external communications permeates the organization so that all stakeholders are regularly reminded of Bayt.com’s vision (‘To be a Middle Eastern institution that is a globally recognized, respected and admired indispensable extension of people's lives’) and mission (‘Lifestyle Engineering: To empower people with the tools and knowledge to build their lifestyles of choice’), while keeping everyone in touch with news, enhancements and developments.

Bayt.com is the Middle East’s number one jobsite and has a decade of experience in supporting the MENA HR community, with the largest and most relevant community of professionals registered on the site. In December 2011, Bayt.com won twice at the prestigious SME Advisor Stars of Business Awards, being named best in the Technology and Online category and as Business Star of the Year.

This article and all other intellectual property on Bayt.com is the property of Bayt.com. Reproduction of this article in any form is only permissible with written permission from Bayt.com.


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1. Christos KouloumbriGREAT
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2. RAIDA AbdulkarimThank 😊you
Sun 14-Aug-2016 05:37 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
3. Achmad RuchiyatGreat
Thu 14-Jul-2016 03:17 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
4. mohamad shamseldeencongratulations
Mon 04-Jul-2016 01:43 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
5. nour-elhouda zinebi الزينبيالشكر موصول لكل الفعاليات الساهرة على تقديم يد العون لصلح كل الباحثين عن فرص الشغل عبر هذا الموقع المتميز والفريد بعطائه،أتمنى لكم التوفيق والمزيد من المردودية في هذا المجال الإنساني بامتياز
Sun 24-Apr-2016 19:08 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
6. Zelmat M'hamedاشكر هذا الموقع الذي يعمل على تحقيق الفرص العمل للجميع انشاء الله يارب اني اكون انا الي نصيب في فرصه عمل في احدى الشركات العالمية
Mon 22-Feb-2016 19:35 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
7. Ali mohammed Almontaserتهانينا للموقع المميز والفريد بالشرق الاوسط ومزيدا من النجاحات الباهرة ، <br />وفقكم الله ، وسدد خطاكم ، على هذا الموقع المفيد والسلاسة في التعامل <br /> والذي تعلمت فيه مالم اتعلمه في حياتي. <br />تهانينا مرة اخرى <br />بهذا النجاح والفوز والتالق،،،
Mon 22-Feb-2016 15:20 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
8. Hanane Medakenecongratulations.
Thu 20-Aug-2015 12:25 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
9. Devaraj ChandrakumarVery nice to find a job..
Mon 27-Jul-2015 11:03 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
10. janith hettiarachchibayt is the place where provide good jobs to talented people
Fri 02-Jan-2015 05:58 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
11. Aprillyn AbarquezI wanted to try this jobsite eagerly, i want to grow up my career before 30
Fri 12-Dec-2014 21:58 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
12. azhar Nazrul islamI am agree.
Mon 10-Nov-2014 04:40 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
13. mahmood azamBayt doesn't PROVIDE JOBS BUT OFFERS WINGS TO OUR CAREERS. Go ahead &amp; take boarding pass to take off a long journey.
Fri 07-Mar-2014 02:49 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
14. Mohamed Ibrahim Saeed Abu Shamis Abu Shamisانا اشكر على هذا الموقع الذي يعمل على تحقيق الفرص العمل للجمع انشاء الله يارب اني اكون انا الي نصيب في فرصه عمل ف
Sun 10-Feb-2013 22:24 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
15. essaber abdelouahabانها سنة جديدة مع أهداف جديدة ومعظم أصحاب العمل قد حددوا ميزانية العام 2013. ماذا عنك؟ وما هو موقفك مقارنة بأصحاب عمل آخرين في منطقة الشرق الأوسط؟
Sun 13-Jan-2013 11:54 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
16. fatima chkayrivery nice site to find a job
Thu 10-Jan-2013 09:39 AM - Report Inappropriate Comment
17. Ismail Ahmed Musa Ibrahim IbrahimIt's a great feelings to see this company got what it deserved,because this company helped the millions to get what they wants and needs. So we look forward to see you there all the time,well done and keep it up. Ismail Finance Biz Partner Sayga Flour Mills Sudan
Sun 30-Dec-2012 12:38 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
Fri 18-May-2012 16:01 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
19. احمد محمدشكرااا
Tue 15-May-2012 14:12 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
20. said laachikinaho jamil
Sun 29-Apr-2012 22:34 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
21. أبو مؤمن الدلوعقبال عندنا
Fri 27-Apr-2012 17:56 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
22. ayoub fakirniإنه لخبر سار أن يحوذ هذا الموقع المتميز و المفيد على كل التقدير لإنجازاته العظيمة ... و يسعدني أكثر أن أنجح في عثوري على فرصة توظيف و نجاحي هذا هو دليل على نجاح و فعالية و كفاءة موقع بيت . كوم . مع تحياتي و تقديري
Mon 02-Apr-2012 19:56 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment
23. باحثة عن وظيفةإنه لخبر سار أن يحوذ هذا الموقع المتميز و المفيد على كل التقدير لإنجازاته العظيمة ... و يسعدني أكثر أن أنجح في عثوري على فرصة توظيف و نجاحي هذا هو دليل على نجاح و فعالية و كفاءة موقع بيت . كوم . مع تحياتي و تقديري
Wed 22-Feb-2012 14:32 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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