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Bayt.com announces two upcoming events: the Bayt.com Middle East Virtual Job Fair and the Bayt.com Hospitality Virtual Job Fair

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May 19, 2013

Hundreds of job opportunities at two upcoming Bayt.com Virtual Job Fairs, accessible online

Middle East Virtual Job Fair accessible from May 26-30 on http://virtualjobfair.bayt.com/
Hospitality Virtual Job Fair accessible from June 2-6 on http://hospitality.bayt.com

Adding to the success of the Bayt.com Virtual Job Fair series, Bayt.com, the region’s number one job site, has announced two upcoming fairs: the Bayt.com Middle East Virtual Job Fair which will be accessible online from May 26 to May 30, and the Bayt.com Hospitality Virtual Job Fair, which will be accessible online from June 9 to June 13. Employers and job seekers from across the region are invited to participate in the innovative online fair, which allows both professionals and companies to interact live, explore various opportunities, and access Bayt.com’s HR tools all from the convenience of their personal computers, without needing to travel or commute.

The Bayt.com Middle East Virtual Job Fair will be held for the third time and will target the site’s community of over 11.5 million members as well as all other professionals interested in finding a job in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the Bayt.com Hospitality Job Fair is the second one to be launched and will target the jobsite’s community of over 500,000 hospitality-industry professionals, whose talents and experience spans all career levels and job roles as well as any other professionals interested in a hospitality job in the region. Media sponsors for the fairs are Snob Publishing, Business Benchmark Middle East, Arab Hardware, Al Faridah and HR Review and current Official Sponsor for the Bayt.com Virtual Hospitality Fair is IHG Group. The last Bayt.com MENA Job Fair received 139,000+ visits and the last Bayt,com Hospitality Job Fair received 75,000+ visits.

“The Bayt.com Virtual Job Fair concept is the evolution of the traditional job fair; it provides the ultimate level of convenience for today’s busy professionals. Through the fair, employers and job seekers can achieve results quickly and cost-effectively, from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office,” said Suhail Masri, VP of Sales, Bayt.com. “The exciting virtual fair concept is unique, in that it allows employers to fully interact with job seekers through an immersive, interactive virtual environment. The platform mimics a traditional job fair setting but eliminates the inconveniences and physical logistics required to participate in them. It presents numerous advantages, not least of which is easy accessibility from anywhere in the world, less planning, no need for costly stand and branding manufacturing and far more flexible timing parameters. This goes in line with our mission at Bayt.com to empower people with the tools and information to build their lifestyle of choice. The convenience, effectiveness and Employer ROI afforded by the Bayt.com Virtual Job Fair, targeting the entire regional spectrum and the industry-specific hospitality industry are unparalleled.”

Employers and job seekers can use a range of digital tools, such as chat rooms, webcasts and webinars, to exchange vital job-related information. Jobseekers can search for available jobs and submit their CVs, while employers can interact with jobseekers through virtual ‘booths’.

Jobseekers wishing to participate in either virtual fair can register for free at virtualjobfair.bayt.com or hospitality.bayt.com. Once logged in to the fair, candidates are able to apply for jobs 24/7, at their own convenience and from the privacy and comfort of their own home or office environment. Employers interested in participating or learning more can log on to virtualjobfair.bayt.com or email at .

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