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Providing the Middle East's #1 Range of Recruitment Solutions offers leading recruitment solutions that provide employers with broad exposure, empowering technology, and regional presence.

Job Postings

Promote your vacancies to the widest possible audience.

Free JobsLite Postings

Try Before You Buy!
We offer you a free option for advertising your job vacancies with a limited feature set. Try JobsLite for free to gauge the impact of your posting on applicants through
Compare JobsLite with Classic.

Classic Job Postings

Exposure to the greatest number of active job seekers interested in the region.
With over 274,000* daily visitors to there is no better place to expose your jobs for visibility and spread by word-of-mouth.
Job seekers can begin applying in minutes which decreases time-to-hire.
Post your job and job seekers are instantly aware of your vacancies through direct visits to the website and through job alerts.
Streamline your hiring process, communicate professionally and share information.
Engage in a collaborative hiring process sharing candidates and notes with recruitment colleagues in your company.
Enjoy the flexibility to post all current and prospective vacancies.
Choose 60-day job postings to advertise for current needs and gather a pool of interested talent for future needs so that you can react to market changes instantly.

* January 2016

Upgrade Your Jobs

Add your logo to job search results increasing your brand exposure and attention to your job.
Make your job stand out by adding a highlight that attracts attention – and top candidates.

CV Search

Become your own headhunter and zero in on Top Talent

Access the fastest growing database of job seekers in the region for freshness and choice.
With over 12,000* new registrants every day adding to the 27,000,000 current registrants from across the Region and around the globe, the database is the largest pool of talent of job seekers for the MENA Region.
Quickly target top candidates and use the database to headhunt passive talent.
Use 26 search criteria in combination to quickly and easily target and contact both active and passive talent – without the delay of using a go-between.
Manage all communications and information across users, offices and time periods.
Use the multi-seat option to empower a team of recruiters to source all of your headcount needs using the leading collaborative recruitment tools.
Prospect for current and future vacancies.
Find talent for today and for future needs while also conducting market intelligence.

* January 2016

Career Sites

Turn your website visitors into career talent

Let power your career site with the same market-leading tools that are used and trusted by over 27,000,000 jobseekers and over 40,000 employers.

Employer brand
Define your image as the modern employer of choice with a professional, easy to use career presence online.
Talent acquisition
Turn visitors into job candidates with tools to filter CVs and interact with candidates.
Save money and time
Deliver lowest cost per relevant CV.
...a strong Employer Brand - built from honest dialogue - is an important ingredient in the ability to attract, engage and retain top talent.
Dan Stuart, Head of Strategic Initiatives,

Recruitment Marketing

Reach Your Target Audience in the Most Effective Manner

Why Advertise Online?

  • A unique and unrivalled method of reaching your target audience in a very affordable, effective and engaging manner.
  • Unlike conventional media, online advertising is highly traceable and targeted.
  • Advertisers can very precisely monitor the performance of their advertisements.
  • Consumers who respond to online advertisements have the luxury of choosing the point in time at which they interact with the advertisement.
  • With a simple click of a button at their leisure consumers can better acquaint themselves with an advertised product.

Target your message to thousands of professionals per day.

With over 274,000* unique visitors per day, visitors to can be targeted by location, by section, and by time. An average of 58% of visitors to log in (over 116,000* daily unique logins), who in turn can be further targeted by 26 different user criteria: nationality, income, career level, age, language, residency, and more.

Banners are served through DoubleClick's Dart for Publisher (DFP) server where "real time tracking" of the campaigns is provided.

* January 2016

Email Shots

  • Talk to the best talent available directly through their email inbox.
  • Own the creative and the message of the email shot.
  • Don't wait for them to come to you… start the dialogue right now.

Global Sourcing

Reach the best talent for your business wherever they are in the world

Unparalleled global reach.
36 leading recruitment job boards from over 80 offices committed to online recruitment in more than 70 countries with access to a pool of over 82 million jobseekers.
Target leading local job sites in each market.
Deal with only the leading job sites in each market – all from one place.
Create your jobs once whilst posting to multiple sites.
Use the multi-posting tool and distribute your jobs to multiple sites with 1 click.
Benefit from local support in each market.
Local account management and single-point payment makes dealing with a wide variety of sites easy and personal.
Optimize the effectiveness of your recruitment process.
Direct all applicants back to your ATS and manage a geographically-distributed recruitment strategy through a central system.


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