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Bayt.com Infographic : How Do Companies Hire Management in the Middle East & North Africa?

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August 27, 2012

Hiring for management positions is a challenging task. Senior candidates need to have the right talent, skillset, experience and work ethic to hit the ground running.

Bayt.com's August infographic reveals interesting statistics from Bayt.com's ' Hiring Management in the MENA’ poll (August 2012):

Highlights from the infographic:

  • • Six out of 10 employers (62%) are unhappy with their company’s process for hiring top level employees.
  • • 50.5% professionals say online is the best medium to look for senior professionals.
  • • According to 63.2% of professionals, senior executives are less likely to jump jobs and are more stable compared to junior executives.
  • • 57.1% of professionals agree that when it comes to hiring senior-level candidates they are always screened online.

Data for the Bayt.com's ' Hiring Management in the MENA’ was collected online from June 21 – August 22 2012, with 6,665 respondents covering more than 12 countries in the MENA region.

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Reader's Comments

1. emad awadI disagree with these figures as it depends only on sample of members already decided to use Internet in their searches either frequently or rarely which might lead to unfair results
Wed 24-Jul-2013 18:03 PM - Report Inappropriate Comment

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